Starting Over Graduate, Jessica, on 9/11 talks to her Life Coach, Rhonda Britten

And if you watched Starting Over, the Emmy Award-winning Daytime reality show that aired every day for three years from 2003 to 2006, you also watched one person's journey to heal from the death of her mother who was on one of the planes that hit the towers. It was her first time flying solo across the country to visit her sister.

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Defining and Busting Fear | Student Journey Series Part 1 of 9

This is a part of a special FLTP Blog Series,
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To the True Super Heroes

For many Americans, Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer.
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Mom and Me

I'm sure it's my mother who made me who I
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The One Gift I Always Wanted

Where was my chemistry set? I hadn't asked for a typewriter. It wasn't even on my list. My disappointment was palatable. The words that popped out of her mouth next just broke me... She said, with a slight apology in her voice, "Chemistry sets are for boys, Rhonda. You're a girl. You need to learn how to type." I didn't know what to say. Never in my short life had my mother pulled the gender card or implied in anyway I couldn't do everything boys could do. I felt betrayed. By my own mother.

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My Mother made this 40 years ago...

With Christmas Eve just one day away, I want to ask you: What's your intention? How do you want to move through the holidays? What do you want to practice?

When you live from intention, you immediately have a focus. When you have focus, you are able to stay centered regardless of the mess going on around you.

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Thank You.

I'm sitting here thinking of how you've taught me to
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Fearless Living Boot Camp Is Coming!

Join Fearless Living Boot Camp for FREE and get fearless in the month of fear! Build your confidence and ability to take risks in less than two minutes a day! For 28 days, you'll receive a tip on how to become more fearless in your life plus learn Rhonda Britten's top motivational 'get-your-butt-going' tool: Stretch, Risk or Die...

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Live Events: Full Throttle Experience 2014

There's nothing like being in a room full of folks
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The Gift of Connection: Aunt Alice

My Aunt Alice passed away last week. She went into
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The Positive Path of Jealousy

Have you ever felt so jealous you want to pull
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Life Coach Certification Program - Preview Call

If you want to make a difference in the world
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It's All About R-I-S-K

R - Release your attachment to the outcome. Taking a
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