Want to be the Best Coach you can be?

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Yes, I Want It!

Want to be the Best Coach you can be?

Download my free Fearbuster CoachingTM Toolkit

Yes, I Want It!
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Here's how I do it...
Expand Your Mindset
Your mindset determines how you approach a client, how you see a client, how you treat a client and the WHY behind it all. If you're not attracting the clients of your dreams, or struggling to charge the money that you desire, or unsure of your ability to coach at the level you'd like, you need a coach mindset adjustment. You'll get that right here!
Uplevel Your Language
Do you know the difference between empowering language and disempowering language? Do you know that sympathy can be disempowering? Or if you cheerlead your client too much, you could actually lose their trust? What about the downside to positive thinking? Words matter. Your words. And HOW you use them. Each week we will tweak, refine and call out what works and what doesn't.
Deepen Your Coaching Skills
Most coaching programs don't teach how-to coaching skills, instead, they focus on niche content and hand you a list of questions implying that's all you need. That's just not true. Not if you want to be a Master Coach. If you find yourself frustrated with difficult or resistant clients, or wondering why your clients don't follow-through, you may be missing vital coaching skills. I will show you what to do and more important, how to do it.
This is the first time I'm sharing this information beyond my own Life Coach Certification Program.
On each episode you'll receive...
Thought provoking Topics
Taken straight out of my own 22+ coaching practice, each week I will be sharing the topics that are most important to help you be the best coach you can be.
Actionable Tips
I will be sharing the coaching tips I use in my own coaching practice as well as what I teach the Certified Fearless Living Coaches™ for over a decade, and now I'm going to share them with you! Listen for the Fearless Tip™ of the week and be sure to apply it to your practice, and your life, immediately.
Answers to YOUR Questions
I'm here to make you a Master Coach. In order to do that, you need your questions answered. Everyone needs a mentor, consider me yours!
Downloadable Worksheets
Each week, I will be creating a unique Fearbuster Coaching™ Worksheet - using my proprietary material - to help you embody the work. It could be a Reflection Sheet, a Checklist or a How-to Video. Apply it to your own life, and then apply it to your clients! All you have to do to access these deep dive goodies is become an MCM Member. These tools are invaluable!
This podcast is for you if...
  • You care about making a positive impact in every conversation
  • Showing up confident, clear and compassionate with your client's matters to you
  • You want your words to match your values, and you want the same for your clients
  • In a difficult conversation, you want to know what to say and how to say it
  • You want more tools in your toolbox to align your heart, head, body and soul
  • Growing, learning and becoming a more masterful communicator is important to you
  • You're devoted to empowering and inspiring everyone around you
  • You've received benefit from using coaching skills, and you want to uplevel yours!
  • You're committed to becoming your own best version of "Master Coach"

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