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Rock Climbing

Having my body one hundred feet off the ground wasn't

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The Three of Us

For the past nine weeks, Mr. Love-A-Lot and I have

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Starting Over

I know its been confusing for so many folks, including

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Time Alone

There was a time that I was dating someone I

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Ups and Downs of Love

Everyday in my business I hear about folks falling in

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Putting Down Roots

It might be shocking for some while others will

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June 15, 2006 The 31st Anniversary of my parents deaths.

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Spinning Wheels

Being in love is bringing up my Wheel of Fear

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Recovery Rhonda

It has been two weeks since the marathon and I

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I did it with a lot of help!

Finally I have access to a computer. I have been

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Tick-Tock Tick-Tock....

Two days and counting until the release of my fourth

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Hurting, Sneezing and Waiting...

MARCH 18 * It's the night before the race -

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Thirty Years Later....

Since I was young, I have had a love-hate relationship

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I don't know where to start...

There is just so much to share with you I

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The Newest of New Years

I just got back from a six day meditation retreat

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Merry Christmas Everyone

It is Christmas Eve and I am so happy to

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I've discovered, quite by accident, one of the most important

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I Like Someone...a lot!

Four years ago I made a commitment that I would

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Happy Birthday to me....

I'm taking a deep breath right now as I face

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Here I go again...

Ever time I finish a book a mixture of feelings

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