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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Here’s what my clients and students have to say:
- Winifred Murray

Rhonda Britten's words entered my heart and wouldn't let go. I thought I would never learn how to be in a relationship. Fearless Loving taught me everything I need to know.

- Kristina Gilman
Project Manager

When I picked up Fearless Loving I thought I would learn about getting love from others. What I really learned was how to be loving to myself, others and in life. My life is so full of loving relationships now from family to friends to romance! Amazing!

- Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse
I wanted to improve my relationship with my husband and I just didn’t know how. By following these 8 Simple Truths we have recommitted to our relationship and fallen in love all over again.
- Sunny September
Small Business Owner

I am no longer the little girl with big fears of a relationship, wishing, waiting and expecting that one day I’d be ready. I was beginning to risk, step outside of my comfort zone, and become the love I feared; and love is finding me. With Rhonda’s wisdom, and the powerful self-exercises in Fearless Loving, I’m learning I am my own highest commitment and her words continue to guide me to honor, practice and step into the power and purpose my soul intended.

- John Patterson
Lakewood, CO
I understand now why that exceptional love has always eluded me. For the first time in a long time I can feel that fear start to slip away. And as it leaves, that wonderful vibrancy, magic, and hopefulness is filling me once again. I will never, ever hold back again, thanks to you. I am excited for the person that will be next in my life, and I am excited for me.
- Tama J. Kieves
Author of This Time I Dance!
Rhonda Britten boils down the great wisdom teachings into simple do-able practices that can flood your life with love and gratitude. Her tools are easy to use and take you past self-help jargon--into the heart of your own daily transformation."
- Cindee Ball
Dental Hygienist

Fearless Loving has given me the confidence and the tools to date for the first time in 8 years. More importantly, I have discovered who I am and I like me!

- Janelle

Reading your book, Fearless Loving has given me so much insight; I just cannot believe it. I am currently in a long distance relationship, which if I’m honest I saw very little hope of it surviving early last year. Thanks to your book I am now fully committed to this relationship and so very happy. Your book taught me to recognize the difference between fear and freedom, and that I have a choice. The best part is I am opening up and confessing my fears to my partner and it is bringing us closer. My fearless attitude also works with my sixteen year old daughter, who is going through a very rough stage at the moment and trying to drive me insane.

- Christine Silvey
Personal & Professional Coach
It is the simplicity of Rhonda's work that DAILY makes a difference for me. Her ability to get right to the heart of what's really going on that prevents us from living a life true to ourselves is nothing short of amazing.
- Christie Webb
office administrator

All of Rhonda's books are a must read for anyone who wants a change in their life but isn't sure how to start. They've given me the tools I needed and will continue to use again and again.  They have helped me in many different aspects of my life, including rebuilding my marriage and claiming the life my heart desires - when I didn't even know what that desire was!  Rhonda's writing is down to earth, wise, and witty all at the same time. Her books are definitely my manuals-for-life!.

- LeNor Barry
"It is amazing what you have been through. You have reached through the membrane of this world into the next realm and brought something solid back to us."
- Janina Serden Sebesky
Singer /Songwriter
Your work in the healing arts is a role model for the positive feminine spirit at work. Thanks for the inspiration.
- Paula West
I am in the process of reading Fearless Loving and I am learning so much from every single page.  I laugh and cry and find myself pondering some of the more personal issues that are at the core of everyone's heart.  I know every person can relate, on some level, to your personal story and be able to use the tools that you offer.