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do i look fat at this

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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Here’s what my clients and students have to say:
- Debra A Olsen
This powerful book helps to change the way you look at and feel about your body. This is not a diet and nutrition book. It is a book to help you love your body as it is, right now, TODAY!
- Denise Rolen
Holistic Health Practitioner
If you were to read Rhonda’s books alone, it would change your life. If you get to work with a coach from her Fearless Living Institute, you will be amazed at the progress you can make in your life. If you are fortunate enough to work with Rhonda, it will change your life forever. Her insight into what makes us tick is so deep and the ways she has developed to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter are amazing. Then she shows you how to bust through your barriers and get on a fearless path to your best life.
- Elisa Berger
Everyone I know says I'm a much less uptight person now. I have an inner peace that I never had before. I have tools for handling stressful/painful/frustrating situations that would they consumed me before. I feel free!!!
- Linda Sivertsen
Author of "Lives Charmed" and "Beautiful Writers"
"My life has catapulted since working with you. Things that I used to fear barely get my attention. You have freed me to succeed. I believe you are the answer to a lifetime of prayers."
- Kathleen Colbert
"I feel more alive than I have in quite some time, and I have learned some invaluable tools to assist me in feeling this way on a more consistent basis."
- Angie Crain
"Rhonda, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have let the past 10 years dictate my life. I want the long term "feel good" and you have coached me on getting started. You have changed my life!"
- Sherry Dawley
Business Owner
"Rhonda, your bright spirit and gifts shine through as an inspiration I intend to follow. The world needs your unique light!"
- Kathryn Wetzel
Business Owner
"Rhonda is my hero! She remains focused in truth and is a healing presence when I can't see the truth for myself."
- Sherry Blunt
County of San Bernadino
"Rhonda made making 3 'major' changes in thinking sound easily reasonable and do able. Very thought-provoking entertainment!"
- Delia D'Angelo
"Removes the shackles of bondage. Rhonda empowers and enlightens...provides a new paradigm for maximizing one's potential."
- Wendy Peddicord
Business Owner
"Powerful and empowering! Rhonda went to the core of my being!"
- Jennifer McNeil
Music Publishing
"When working with Rhonda, I see possibilities I have never seen before. She activates my potential."
- Lynda Matejka
Secretary, County of San Bernadino
"Rhonda gave me the motivation to toss my excuses away and just do it."
- Marcie Dresbaugh
Rhonda Britten’s work gave me not only insight into the situations in my life that were holding me back, but the tools necessary to allow me to move forward and change my life for the better. I still reach for those tools almost daily. She’s one of my longest standing gratitudes.
- Kelly Ford
Morning Show Host, KYGO 98.5 Denver
Rhonda is an inspiration! She has given me and my listeners tangible steps to seek out joy instead of being ruled by fear. Her approach has helped me hold my hands up high in the air and enjoy the ride on the roller coaster of life. Weeeeeee!
- Deirdre Van Nest
MOT, owner Fire Your Fear, LLC
Rhonda is a master at taking what others tout as theory and breaking it down into actionable steps that get results and change lives! Mine included!
- Erica Hochman Woods
You have allowed me to see that my life is MINE & think I am capable of having the life I want, if I am willing to do the work! =) Thanks Rhonda!
- Robyn Hartman
"Rhonda is a dynamo and completely thorough, entertaining, blunt no nonsense, screamingly totally herself, which keeps you awake and on your toes. Rhonda Britten is a force of nature-She comes in like a whirling dervish; she sucks us into her vortex, transforms us, then spins us out like a butterfly shooting out of a cocoon. She gives us our wings-it’s up to us whether we continue to fly. "
- Cynthia Kersey
Author of "Unstoppable"
"Rhonda Britten walks her talk - she IS fearless! There is no one better to share this powerful message and demonstrate how to move beyond fear and create success in every area of your life."
- Angela Leigh
"Rhonda's overcome obstacles I could never know but her strength gives incredible inspiration - it can be done!"
- Nancie Rooney
"You taught me many things this year but most of all, I learned to be free. Thank you!"
- Kimberly Truitt
Kent, WA.
"Thank you! You moved me to tears. You are an incredible speaker and very inspirational. I'll remember this hour for a lifetime."
- Inga Stanelum
Corporate Production
"Find your inner uniqueness and contribution without hours of dark analysis. Rhonda offers a quick definite set of tools to use and apply, not ponder."
- Celeste Chan-Wolfe
" I can use to clarify my decisions and empower my vision. Totally recommend it!"
- Sharon Adams
IRS Tax Consultant
"Mind clearing, life changing"
- Joan Turner
Talent Manager
"Concrete exercises that give you a new perspective. Rhonda is astute and entertaining!"
- Ron O'Brien
Quality Manager, Raytheon
"Rhonda gives great methods on how to help change my life."