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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Here’s what my clients and students have to say:
- Winifred Murray

I talked about my feelings for years and nothing changed. Then Rhonda told me in Change Your Life in 30 Days that feelings often lie to us about the truth of who we are. Learning to honor my feelings but ACT on my commitments has helped me move ahead and leave the past behind.

- Dee Stelton
A Loving Caregiver

Twelve years ago my life took a turn, when my oldest son had a serious accident at work, which left him completely disabled. I lost myself during these years. But when I read Fearless Living and Change Your Life in 30 Days, I was able to find and rebuild my life, these books gave me real tools. Thank you so much Rhonda. Forever grateful.

- Robin Rojas Ashbey
Management Consultant

My days are spent helping organizations and people maximize their effectiveness. After reading Change Your Life in 30 Days, I realize that I have been neglecting to invest daily in the most important resource I have to offer – myself. Rhonda’s book is a roadmap to personal effectiveness offered in manageable steps and supported with practical advice drawn from her life experiences. Buy this book, it truly will change your life.

- Sandy Goodwin

Change Your Life in 30 Days is phenomenal! What I've learned from Rhonda has had an impact on my relationships, especially the one with myself. No longer do I make decisions based on what everyone else thinks, but on what is true for me.

- Karen Broen
Software Engineer

When I picked up Change Your Life In 30 Days I was hoping it would help me, but to be honest I didn't see how one book could change my life. Boy, was I wrong. Change Your Life In 30 Days is a book that is written in short chapters and is written so that it is easily understood and therefore could be easily applied to my life. Thank-you so much Rhonda, for this incredibly powerful book!!!

- Kristina Gilman
Project Manager

When I first saw Change Your Life in 30 Days I was skeptical that I would fit it into my hectic schedule yet I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life. I immediately found it provided a variety of relevant and interesting topics that I looked forward to during my commute to work. I am happy to say that I made those and more changes in ways I never expected!

- Bj Garnaus
High School Employee - Clerical

For most of my life I believed "this is just the way life turned out for me." I had no hope that anything would ever change. Then I read Change Your Life in 30 Days, and what I found between those covers has changed my life forever. I'm so excited to wake up every morning! I have more confidence than ever before. I'm doing things I never thought I could do. I've found my purpose and passion, and I've never been so happy to be alive! Thank you so much, Rhonda!

- Barbara Sparhawk
Social Worker

Change Your Life in 30 Days helped me to become unstuck. It taught me to love myself and gave me the confidence to be proactive instead of waiting for my life to change. I even found my passion and am pursuing a new career.

- Daved Beck

Rhonda Britten has changed my life! Before I read Change Your Life in 30 Days, I had never finished reading a book in my life. I was so busy being afraid about how others might reject me, that I did not invest fully in my passions. CYL is the first book I have ever finished and I am no longer afraid to "Shine My Light"

- Noelle Blick
Administration and Operations
I considered myself productive, knowledgeable and successful. Then I read Change Your Life in 30 Days. Now I live on a whole NEW level! More love, more money, more happiness. Today, my heart is wide open and my life is overflowing with success.

Thanks very much Rhonda!
- Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse
Stepping outside my comfort zone allowed me to go back to a nursing career I had abandoned years ago. It also opened doors for me that I never thought possible. It changed my life in just 30 days and the effects last for a lifetime.
- Wendy French

I purchased a copy of Change Your Life in 30 Days less than a month ago. You'd laugh if I told you all the amazing changes that I've manifested in that time.. so let's just say that I've changed the school I'm attending, set a wedding date and have begun training for my first marathon to raise money for a charity that matters to me. I NEVER would have believed that I was capable of so much until I started working the program. I've become more disciplined, and correspondingly, more free than at any time in my life. What a tremendous blessing!

- Deb Sloan

I am a firewalk instructor and have personally fire walked over 300 times. So I have faced fear. However my life was not how I wanted it at all. The Change Your Life in 30 Days book, started me down the path to deflate everyday fear that kept me stuck. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, I am changed.

- Haley Webster

"...I love your books and tapes and find them to be one of my most frequently used 'advice manuals on life'."

- Beth

I bought Change Your Life in 30 days and I have only worked through the first few days of it, but it has helped me tremendously! Your book is a great tool.

I went through the acknowledgements, and what your mind filters through. WOW! I realized that I put others ahead of me, and don't take time for myself. For the first time in a very long time everything today was about me. I got my nails done, haircut, styled, highlighted. I feel really good.

Thank-you Rhonda for sharing your wisdom,

- Christine Bruneau

Your book, Change Your Life in 30 Days, is truly a life-saving piece of work. I used it to quit drinking but it did so much more. It made me aware of every moment of every day. It truly made me fearless. I find that I am truly listening to people when they talk to me. I have a lot of employees now coming into my office just to chat and I now know that I am important in their lives; someone that they feel comfortable with. How awesome can that be. Thank you.

- Michelle Scrushy

I am almost done with Change Your Life in 30 Days. It's such a great book and it has changed me so much. I have always said that a book can’t change you but my husband has told me that my attitude and the way I am with my children has changed.

- Connie Tuberville
I think that is my favorite Rhonda Book. I keep it handy. Sometimes I need to hit the reset button and this has been a big help to me.