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Thank You.

I'm sitting here thinking of how you've taught me to
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Starting Over Intensive Preview Call

Oh Geez's true. I needed help when I met
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A New Year's Eve Tradition

Dates matter to me. They just do.I like the imaginary
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Don't Answer the Phone. Don't do it!

Have you ended a relationship and he just keeps calling.
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Love Heals

Just received this and thought: what a great question. Here
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Another Passing

I feel like I have been fortunate. Fortunate that I
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The Truth of Friendship

Friends are only friends if they are willing to tell
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Emotional Abuse

Mr. Love-A-Lot made me feel loved for many months of
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I Couldn't Let My Wheel of Fear Keep Me Isolated For Another Minute

I know you might be scared to take a risk or two, but isn't it time you decided to live your life from freedom rather than fear?

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What Is Your Love Wake-Up Call?

I've realized wake-up calls are when I truly am my most loving. It is when I decide to love, not necessarily because I feel it. What's your love wake-up call?

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