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How to Forgive Even When It Feels Impossible

The process for how to forgive is layered, complex, and anything but easy. But it’s so valuable to go through. In this process, you heal your own wounds.

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I Was So Mad… Here's What to Do When You Feel This Way

Have you ever gotten mad at yourself for the things you're NOT doing that you KNOW would make you happy? Find out if your past is holding you back.

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Say Goodbye To The Past For Real

  Have I forgiven my father? Recently my former college
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Confronting the People in Your Life

  It’s time you start confronting the people in your
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The Positive Path of Jealousy

Have you ever felt so jealous you want to pull
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God and Fear

Sharing a piece of my spiritual journey with you definitely brings up fear of ridicule and judgement. My Wheel of Fear is on high alert. It wants me to question myself. "What if you don't want to hear about all that woo-woo stuff or what if you think it's plain ol' dumb? Or maybe you think it's blasphemy to talk this way."

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Aurora Colorado

Aurora Colorado happened. I don't profess to know what was
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Your Date is Coming

Here we are just days away from another opportunity to
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