Aurora Colorado happened.

I don't profess to know what was going on inside of him, (I refuse to say his name), but I have to believe..that he had to be in so much pain, needed so much attention, was overwhelmed with so many problems, (or had mental illness), that he couldn't contain his rage and unleashed it on innocent people.

The innocent ones who knew nothing of his pain or his problems or his unfulfilled needs. I bet if someone in that audience knew, they would have been able to comfort him. I bet there was more than one person in that audience who, at one point or another, had volunteered to support a stranger.

But he didn't ask for help or seek support. Instead, he growled at his neighbor and isolated himself. The WORST thing you can do when you are in pain.

I am not a therapist and I am not an expert on mass murder or violent crimes. What I do know though, is we need each other and we all need support. We need to be comforted through our pain and held during our darkest times. We need to know that we matter to someone, somewhere.

It is when we refuse to seek support, when we isolate ourselves, that our stories become skewed. When we start believing that the world is against us. That someone needs to be punished. That it's everyone else's fault, not ours.

It is during those times of isolation that we contemplate revenge, become bitter and victimize ourselves over and over again. It is when we forget we matter that we believe our worst thoughts and lose our way.

That is the moment we must overcome our fear. At all costs. And ask for help.

When we stay connected with others, when we give and receive love, when we stay open and ask for help...those are the moments that keep us truly protected from our own negative thoughts. Love is what keeps us sound and healthy. Love is what we must reach for in order to have the courage to turn away from fearful thoughts.

He is a murderer. At last count, twelve times over. We will see his face and hear his name a thousand times more than the faces and names of the innocent victims.

It horrifies me that he will become more well-known than the people who died by his hand.

Please stop wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and bless the loved ones left behind. Bless them with healing grace and abundant love and peace. Bless them to let them know their loved ones us.

And one last thing...reach out today. Connect with someone you love and care for. We need each other. The sooner we know it and live it, the more we will heal from the heartache that resides in our hearts.

For many, reaching out is a fearless act. I say it now, regardless of how scary it feels or how worried you are about rejection, the alternative - living your life in fear and isolated your heart - is far worse.

Love is the answer. Love does heal. Loving yourself and sharing love with others, some days, is the most fearless act of all.

Thank you for your big, huge, gigantic heart. Please share this post with others. And share yourself.

Sending you Fearless Love and heartfelt safety in this moment and always.

May we heal together...fearlessly,

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