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22 of the Best Rhonda Britten Quotes

These quotes helped me turn my life around and helped hundreds of people during coaching sessions. Read them, save them, and let them guide your path forward.

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How to Forgive Someone Who Isn't Sorry

Forgiveness saved my life. And I believe it can save yours too. Learn how to forgive so that you can finally move forward with your Fearless life.

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The Reminder You Need Every Day: Why No One Can Compare to You

You need to hear this! No matter where you are in your fearless journey, you will greatly benefit from this message from Rhonda.

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5 Myths About Self-Forgiveness

In this post, I continue to dissect self-forgiveness, focusing on common myths that prevent people from truly being able to forgive themselves.

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How to Be a Better Partner in 7 Steps

Could your relationship use a tune-up? Let’s dig into what makes a good life partner and how you can become a better partner to improve your relationship.

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How to Fix a Toxic Relationship — Is It Possible?

Is your relationship toxic? The first step to fixing or moving on from a toxic relationship is realizing you’re in one.

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5 Writing Prompts to Kickstart the New Year

Each new year brings so many possibilities. But only if you lead the year with intention. Here are 5 writing prompts to build a year of passion and purpose.

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50 Fearless Gratitude Affirmations to Start Using Today

If you haven’t started one already, a Gratitude Journal is a Fearless Living staple, and I invite you to start your own. Here are 50 gratitudes to inspire you.

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How to Move on From a Toxic Relationship (And How to Recognize One)

Learn how to recognize toxic relationships, including strategies you can use to break free from the toxic relationships that are holding you back.

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Spiritual Agility: Bridging the Gap Between Human Reality and Spiritual Truth

In order to live a life that is truly fearless, we must bridge the gap between Human Reality and Spiritual Truth with what I like to call Spiritual Agility.

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My Favorite Hashtag and Why I Continue to Use It

I created a handy hashtag to remind me that we are all human. It's shorthand for: I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. Forgive me for being human.

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Are You Willing to Admit What You Need?

Admitting we need each other is a fearless act. Let's devote time to admitting that we need each other more than we let on.

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The Day I Told My Story: How Keeping Secrets Perpetuates Shame

Keeping secrets perpetuates shame––and your story is nothing to be ashamed of. Here's how I finally found the courage to tell my own story.

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Living in the Grey is Your Way Out of Black-and-White Thinking

I'm a firm believer in living in the grey because black and white thinking means either right or wrong, good or bad, without any in-between.

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Finding and Following Your Soul Purpose

YOU absolutely have something you were designed to do—something that will make your whole life suddenly come into focus. Learn how to find your purpose.

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The Power of an Open Mind: How to Become More Open-Minded

An open mind is the antidote to fear. Learn about the importance of having an open mind and gain actionable strategies to become more open-minded.

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The Importance of Embracing Change and How to Do It

Learn why people fear change, the importance of embracing change, and the strategies you can implement to begin embracing change now and in the years to come.

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How Speaking Up Can Help You Feel Love From the People in Your Life

What does speaking up have to do with love? Unless you are living true to yourself, you will never believe that anyone really loves you. It's time to speak up!

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Snow & Innocence—Our Willingness to See Each Other's Innocence Must Be Cultivated

Our willingness to see each other's innocence is our birthright and one of the most important skills in Fearless Living. It's something we must cultivate.

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Do What Olympic Athletes Do to Find Success

Learn what Olympic athletes, successful high achievers, and world-class performers all have in common, and how you can be like them too.

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The Real Reason Why I Was Born: How I Became a Life Coach

When you know why you were born, decisions are a whole lot easier because you have clarity that may have been missing for a long time. Here's my story.

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