It's time for your first jolt of LOVE!

This is one of the most important gifts I can give you. If you do this one exercise I share in this video, and never watch another one, your life will have more love in it. That's how important this video is. You will FEEL more loved just by doing this one thing. I promise.

Because it's all about noticing love...

If you don't notice love, you won't know it's there.

It is the noticing that allows your beingness to soak in the goodness of love.

It is the noticing that allows you to believe you are worthy of love.

It is the noticing that allows you to integrate the love you are receiving into your body, heart and brain and swim in it to set yourself free again and again and again.

If you are like me, you can forget to notice love. It's easy to forget if you aren't paying attention.

You've probably experienced those moments when you didn't feel loved but everyone was trying to love you?

Yep. So true. You gotta start noticing it.

Love is the foundation of everything.

Love heals you, supports you, sustains you. Love gives you the courage to take risks. Love fuels your desires and your dreams. Love does all of that and more.

I'm gonna give you a super simple example.

Let's say you didn't brush your teeth for a week (yuck!). You'd probably start to notice people are doing everything they can to avoid a close intimate conversation with you.

In the beginning, you might take offense, feel rejected or blame them for being rude. You may not even realize you are the one causing this lack of connection.

You might even isolate yourself because the world now seems cold. And it could keep getting worse.

Until you took responsibility for your part, your life could just keep getting smaller.

If you stopped and asked yourself: how could I change this situation? What do I need to do to support people in getting close to me? What's my part? What changed? How can I show myself more love? How can I show the world more love?

Then, cross your fingers, you'd have an ah-ha moment and exclaim with glee: I haven't brushed my teeth. Duh!! I must stink!

Then you'd have the power to decide to do something different like brush your teeth.

Or you might ask a brave soul what's up but you have to be willing to hear 'what's up.' Some people are too driven by fear to trust anyone or reach out for help.

Okay gang, lets just get it out in the open: I'm that person.

I'm going to be the person this month that might say, "Hey, your breath stinks."

Then you gotta be willing to do something about it!

It's time to quit stinking up your life with all your fears and start noticing love in every morsel of connection.

Just like you have to face the consequences for dirty teeth, you now have to start owning up to the lack of love you've been buying into and replaying in your brain that is simply not true.

Not true. Not true. You are loved.

And as my dear friend Orna Matthews has drilled into my brain: "You are worthy of love."

Grab it. Hang onto it. Watch the river of love flow through every part of your life whether it's through a conversation, a door held open, or a smile from a stranger.

All of it is LOVE.

Love on yourself this month and let's watch your wings unfurl.



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