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September 22, 2020

Called the Ivy-League of Life Coach Training! Best. Program. Period.

Life Coach Certification Program | Fall Class

Are you meant to be a Life Coach? If you care about people, want to make a difference and value education, our certification program may be for you.

What makes us different? We say NO to peer coaching. We say YES to supervised coaching sessions and hands-on mentoring. We say NO to doing it alone online. We say YES to support  and in person events that truly create community. We say NO to the lie that content is coaching. We say YES to teaching you the ART of COACHING with our propritary 8 Coaching Skills. We say NO to 20 minute sessions, regurgiated methods, and mass learning. We say YES to personalized training and we’ll know your name. And we’re the only Certification Program in the world that specializes in helping our clients master fear. The only thing that truly holds anyone back.

Want in?

Rhonda was one of the original life coaches and popularized coaching through her 600 episodes of television. She was the first Life Coach in the world to change lives on television. She’s been training coaches since 2000.

September 24 – 26, 2020

Virtual on ZOOM 

Fearless Conversations Workshop (FCW)

Did you know that coaching skills are the #1 requested skill for executives today?

Did you know in order to have emotional intelligence you need coaching skills?

Coaching skills are what the pros use to negotiate, set up boundaries, empower others and connect powerfully with the world around them. 

In this three-day event, Rhonda will show you how to turn any difficult conversation into a Fearless one. You’ll be able to talk to anyone, about anything, anywhere. If your profession or passion is to “coach” your clients or your team or to improve your most important relationships – family, friends, loved ones, children – then coaching skills are critical for your success.  In this workshop, you’ll not only learn the 8 Coaching skills, you’ll also practice them! 

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Rhonda will wow, move and inspire your audience and they will be on their feet wanting more.

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