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In Honor of Self-Love—What's Your Benchmark of Happiness?

I found my benchmark of happiness. It's an act of self-love anchoring me back to the truth of who I am. What's your benchmark of happiness?

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How Speaking Up Can Help You Feel Love From the People in Your Life

What does speaking up have to do with love? Unless you are living true to yourself, you will never believe that anyone really loves you. It's time to speak up!

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The Real Reason Why I Was Born: How I Became a Life Coach

When you know why you were born, decisions are a whole lot easier because you have clarity that may have been missing for a long time. Here's my story.

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There's No Place Like Home…

Where is home to you?   Last night I was
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What Do Rats Have to Do With Living Alone?

  I was 24 years old and leaving Minneapolis for
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I Didn't Know What Happened…

  I didn't know what happened. I woke up early.
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The Real Reason You Were Born

Do you want to know the real reason you were
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Fearless Forgiveness: How A Nightmare And A Picnic Changed My Life

Forgiveness must come. It is the only way to heal yourself from the pain of betrayal. Eventually, you must forgive. Not only the perpetrator, but yourself.

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Which Past Rules Your Future?

Do you ever use your past as an excuse? Do you recite your past as proof that you aren't 'good enough' or don't think you can succeed at something? Is there any part of you that believes that if you didn't have your past, your life would be better? Here's a preview of my horrid past...

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Father's Day Without My Dad

    The last time I saw my dad was
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The Day That Changed Everything

Twenty years after their deaths, on June 15th, I said to myself, "NO MORE." Here's what I've learned about "The Day that Changed Everything."

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To the True Super Heroes

For many Americans, Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer.
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Mom and Me

I'm sure it's my mother who made me who I
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My Mother made this 40 years ago...

With Christmas Eve just one day away, I want to ask you: What's your intention? How do you want to move through the holidays? What do you want to practice?

When you live from intention, you immediately have a focus. When you have focus, you are able to stay centered regardless of the mess going on around you.

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Live Events: Full Throttle Experience 2014

There's nothing like being in a room full of folks
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The Gift of Connection: Aunt Alice

My Aunt Alice passed away last week. She went into
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The Positive Path of Jealousy

Have you ever felt so jealous you want to pull
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Starting Over Intensive Preview Call

Oh Geez's true. I needed help when I met
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Robin Williams Hugged Me Today

There was a vortex created with Robin Williams passing yesterday. A vortex of pain that some souls will choose to dive into. (There’s a phenomena that exists that when a famous person commits suicide there is usually a rash of copycat suicides across the country.)

I felt that vortex open up and try to seduce me as well. My Achilles heel has always been suicide. It is something that has been handed down through the generations. The latest victim in my family, after my father took his own life, was my nephew Jason who took his at the tender age of 35, just a few years ago.

Jason’s death was like a sucker punch to the throat. It made me feel so vulnerable to the Siren’s song of suicide. She is so seductive.

The lure of ‘no more pain’ is hard to resist when the internal agony has been going on for so long and it seems there is no end in sight. I have experienced that pain in my own dark times and I have fought with the Siren myself. Three times.

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A New Year's Eve Tradition

Dates matter to me. They just do.I like the imaginary
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