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Holding on to the Past….

It’s not easy letting go of someone you love. And it is particularly hard when their death is so public, like 9/11.

Jessica’s mother was on the plane that hit the second tower. She was on her way to spend time with her sister who was ill. She was on a https://fearlessliving.org/do-you-hold-on-to-the-past-911/mission for love. But instead, anything but a loving act caused her death.

9/11 was personal for Jessica.  HER mother died on that plane. HER mother perished. HER mother would no longer be making her favorite dinner or soothing her daughter’s brow. It was HER mother. And when a very personal death is part of a public fever, it’s hard to hang on to your own grief.

It was almost as if her grief was ripped away from her through the force of the thousands upon thousands of tears shed for the 9/11 victims.

I had the honor of working with Jessica in the Starting Over house, an Emmy Award-winning daytime drama that aired for three years. Nothing gave me greater pause than to work with someone who’s very public loss was keeping her stuck inside her own pain.

When I worked with Jessica, 9/11 wasn’t so far away. The world was still in a great amount of pain. But now, with healing and time, it’s time to glean the lessons from the very personal work I did with Jessica.

Perhaps you can find something for yourself here… Perhaps you have done something in a public way or it felt like it was public, that took away your rights – in your mind – to grieve, just as 9/11 did for Jessica. I hope that this exercise will give you the some peace as it did Jessica.

Click on the image to watch Jessica’s story now.

For those of you are wondering how sweet Jessica is doing? FABULOUS! AMAZING!  I am so proud!!!

I am honored to say Jessica studied with me after graduating from the Starting Over House and became a Certified Fearless Living Coach. She is living a fantastic life with friends and support and love, doing things she loves and living a life that had only been a dream.

Jessica actually IS Fearless! And I am proud to be one of her teachers.

So please, be sure to watch the video and soak in the lessons that apply to you and your life.

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Tomorrow, I will share another video of Jessica and me and our journey together…

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