I am becoming more aware of how exhausted I am at the end of the day. I shouldn’t be this tired. I barely have any motivation to do anything but work, sleep and eat. Help. What’s stealing my time and energy away? Thank you Rhonda.

Rhonda’s Answer:

The biggest time stealer and energy drainer is your negative thoughts. No doubt about it.

Do you think and think and think? That thinking is draining your creativity (energy giving) and drowning out your true voice (source of your energy).

That negative thinking will stop you from moving forward toward your dreams, stop you from growing, learning, wondering. And it’s a trickster since that thinking can appear to be so logical giving you all the reasons why your dream/goal/desire just won’t work out. (In another Ask Rhonda I will address those nasty Fear Junkies that suck away our time and energy, too!)

Are your thoughts for you or against you?

In the last week, how many times did you say or think something negative about yourself? Can you list the situation/s you were in? Or are your negative thoughts so pervasive those lovely meany thoughts are just “there” all the time?

Fear is the culprit behind those negative thoughts. And until you understand, process and master your insidious emotional fears, those negative thoughts will continue.

But fear tricks you time and time again because fear tells you it is trying to keep you safe.

And for fear, it means it wants to keep you the ‘same,’ ‘stuck,’ ‘small.’

We, you and me, we want to expand. We want to grow. We want to do more and be more. We want our lives to be OUR LIFE! Fear isn’t a big fan of that.

Fear likes to keep you confused, muddled and indecisive. Fear likes to keep you riddled with doubt and worry. Fear is a huge fan of excuses too.

Can you see why beating yourself up and putting yourself down is the biggest time stealer you have?

Beating yourself up is one of the top tools fear uses to own you.

Keep track of the negative talk that you say to yourself.

When you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself, I want you to say the following words loudly and clearly. “That is a lie. It is not true.” Repeat that each time you say anything, and I mean, anything negative about yourself.

Letting fear know who is boss decreases its grip on you. It may not appear to be the solution to your time issue but I promise it will significantly shift where your time goes.

Step one: Become aware of your negative self-talk.
Step two: Tell fear “That is a lie. It is not true.” You might want to add: Thank you very much for keeping safe in the past, but I’ve got this.” (Fear likes to be appreciated too 🙂

Don’t be surprised if fear starts trying to convince you otherwise. DO NOT LISTEN.

Soon you will find that time no longer works against you, it will work for you.

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