She was so brave…

Date Published: Apr 17, 2017

One of the bravest things, most fearless things, I ever saw...

I was on the set of my hit daytime reality show, "Starting Over" and one of the women in the house couldn't go outside without covering every inch of her face with makeup because she was so embarrassed, desperately afraid she was so ugly that people would find her disgusting. She was anything but...she was sweet and adorable and frozen in a poor image of herself. Her name was PJ.

Let's face it, you and I both know this isn't about the makeup. But it's also ALL ABOUT THE MAKEUP. When was the last time you wanted to hide away or pretend things were going better than they really were? How do you 'hide' from being loved or being seen or being powerful?

'Nuff said.

If you're not familiar with Starting Over, here's the quick low-down. Every single day I walked six women through interactive, visceral, experiential exercises to change their lives. They all had different goals, different dreams but they all had been stuck for a long, long time. The show aired Monday through Friday for three years. I loved every minute of it and got an Emmy for my work on it.

PJ and I were in a session in the library when I grabbed some kleenex and carefully and gently started taking off her makeup. You can imagine how she might have felt in that moment?

Wanted to Run? Probably.
Felt exposed? Sure.
Screaming inside? Most likely.

But she didn't move. She listened as I gently took off her makeup bit by bit and told her who she really was...

PJ you're beautiful.
PJ you're a light in this world.
PJ this makeup will never hide the real you.
PJ you're worth loving.
PJ and on I went...

Slowly. Gently. Talking her through all her feelings, all her grasping, all her fears. Bit by bit, her tender, sweet face started to shine through as tears fell down her cheeks.

She looked in the mirror. There wasn't a monster under there. For the first time, she saw someone she hadn't seen before.

It was her breakthrough moment. It was the moment when she decided to give up hiding and show up fully for her own life.

To have that radical instantaneous transformation, PJ needed something beyond talking. She'd had her share of therapy. She had talked her problems through ad nauseam. She needed more. She wanted more. She was ready to go deep...

Maybe you are too.

Yes, she needed support. She needed someone who's been there. AND she needed something that would help her "GET IT" and nothing does that more than interactive, experiential, visceral exercises that are guaranteed to get the transformation you seek into your bones.

Ask yourself: What problem are you hiding behind? What excuses do you use over and over again to tell yourself you're not worth the time or energy or money to make the changes your soul is dying for?

PJ had to leave everyone she knew behind and experience something different, something unique, something not duplicatable to truly transform her life. She needed to get away from her house, her environment, the people she knew so she could risk doing new things without judgment, without fear. She had to leave it all behind to find her voice, find herself.

That was brave. Most people won't leave their safe couch to live the life their soul has in store for them. The only way to find happiness and true meaning in your life is to be that brave.

PJ contacted me a while ago and told me how her life is so amazing and thanked me again for all I did for her while she was in the Starting Over house. I will never forget her smile when she graduated from the house and the hug we had at the end. It stays with me even now.

I love creating unique interactive exercises that transform lives. I've created over 2,000 exercises in the 600 life-changing episodes in the three television series I've starred in. It's my superpower.

Would you like to experience an exercise that could transform you from your bones? Help you change what you've been trying to change? Would you like my help doing it?

I will be right there supporting you as I put you through interactive exercises to unleash your true self, your true voice. Your Fearless Voice.


Without your voice, you'll trust others over yourself. You might have a hard time making important decisions. You probably hate rejection and being judged.

You must OWN YOUR VOICE, stand in YOUR VOICE if you are truly going to live your authentic life. VOICE MATTERS. YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

It's time to be heard...

Come and learn all I know about how to claim your Fearless Voice. You do have one in there somewhere. Let's find it together and unleash its power in a safe and loving place.

Let me know if you want to join me. I'm ready to share all I know...

The Foundation of It all

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