50 Self-Love Affirmations to Start Using Today

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Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • I am not good enough.
  • I don’t have what it takes.
  • I don’t look good enough.
  • I am ashamed of my past.
  • I am not as smart as the people around me.
  • I will never succeed.
  • My dreams are too far out of reach to achieve.
  • I don’t have a purpose in life.
  • I don’t deserve happiness.
  • I don’t deserve love.
  • What is there to love about myself?

These are the types of thoughts that are fueled by fear. These thoughts fester and grow out of the fears that run deep inside of ourselves. They are ignited by the fears that want to hold you back, the fears that want to keep you from loving yourself. Because when you love yourself, you gain power. 

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Love is an incredibly powerful force that can squash fear, helping you transcend anything holding you back. And the love you have for yourself is like a weapon you can use to wield your own fears into submission.

Rhonda Britten here. 👋🏻 Welcome back to the Fearless Living blog. We’re going to continue our discussion about self-love. In my last article, I discussed just how important self-love is to your success. A lack of self-love affects your physical, mental, and emotional health, it controls your happiness, builds resentment, and it prevents you from believing in and achieving your goals.

Yet so many of us push self-love aside and don’t prioritize self-love practices. Today I’ll help you on your journey toward self-love with 50 simple affirmations you can use to build your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Why We Usually Use Intentions

For those of you who aren’t new to Fearless Living, you may have heard me emphasize the importance of setting intentions over affirmations. I stand by that for goal setting and making real progress on your dreams.

Intentions put you in control because they are proactive and process-driven.

When we set intentions at Fearless Living, we use these important words: WILLING and PRACTICE. I am WILLING to PRACTICE…

For example, you might say:

I am WILLING to PRACTICE showing up for myself.

I am WILLING to PRACTICE self-love and self-care on a daily basis.

I am WILLING to PRACTICE opening my heart and mind.

Intentions are a cornerstone of the Fearless Living program, but just for today, we’re going to set them aside to take a closer look at affirmations (you could also call them mantras.)

Affirmations do still have value, and they definitely work for some people. I believe they have a place and purpose in our discussion of self-love. As we practice self-love, it’s important to find words that help us fill ourselves up with compassion.

Do affirmations increase self-esteem? Do love affirmations work? You’ll have to see for yourself. What I can say is that if you are struggling to find the words to express love and compassion toward yourself, these small affirmations can support you. Consider them a starting point to access the love you have for yourself—because you do have some love inside, whether you feel it or not, especially when it has been pushed away and ignored for so long.

50 Self-Love Affirmations

Happy Person Embracing Self, Hugging a Big Heart.

Below I’ve listed 50 self-love affirmations to get you started. Play with them. Choose a self-love affirmation and say it out loud. Repeat it, write it down, and believe the words you are saying.

See what feels right. What inspires you? What affirmations invigorate your sense of self-love? What positive affirmations help you get your day off to a good start? What affirmations give you confidence? What affirmations build your self-esteem? What positive self-love affirmations pull you out of a slump? 

  1. I am fearless.
  2. I am enough exactly as I am.
  3. I love myself as I am.
  4. I love myself inside and out.
  5. I have compassion toward myself.
  6. I am a human being.
  7. I am not perfect, and that is a wonderful thing.
  8. My fears do not control me.
  9. My imperfections make me human.
  10. I am not defined by my family.
  11. I am not defined by my past.
  12. I am not defined by my past actions.
  13. My past does not determine my future.
  14. My dreams are achievable.
  15. I am proud of who I am.
  16. I am proud of all I have accomplished.
  17. I am proud of what I have overcome.
  18. I love that I am a work in progress.
  19. I love that I am uniquely me.
  20. I am strong and capable. 
  21. I am beautifully myself.
  22. I am doing the best I can.
  23. I have a soul purpose.
  24. I appreciate all that makes me different.
  25. I am happy to be who I am.
  26. I get closer to my dreams every day.
  27. I am striving for progress, not perfection.
  28. Perfection isn’t human, and I am human.
  29. My flaws are a wonderful part of me.
  30. I forgive my past self.
  31. I forgive my mistakes.
  32. I embrace all of my feelings.
  33. I trust myself.
  34. I respect and honor my limitations.
  35. I love who I am becoming.
  36. I accept and love my body as it is today.
  37. My age is a badge of my experience.
  38. My looks do not define who I am.
  39. Like all humans, I have strengths and weaknesses.
  40. I am grateful for all that I have.
  41. The only approval I need is my own.
  42. I release myself from judgment.
  43. I am open to receiving love from myself and others.
  44. I will accept the compliments I receive.
  45. My love for myself is always there, no matter what.
  46. I can have the life I want to live.
  47. I can make it through whatever today throws at me.
  48. I have all that I need inside of myself.
  49. I am not defined by my fears.
  50. The love I have for myself is enough.

Do you have more to add to this list? Reach out on social media to let us know what self-love affirmations you find the most helpful.

How to Utilize Self-Love Affirmations

Having this list of self-love affirmations isn’t enough. You must put them into practice on a regular basis in order for them to be effective.

If you’re new to practicing self-love, begin with a small goal. Affirmations for self-love will work best when they become a regular habit. Choose a time of day that works best for you to repeat and run through your chosen self-love affirmations.

Think about the words you are saying. Let their impact soak into you. Be mindful of why you are practicing self-love and the self-development goals you are trying to achieve.

Write the words down and repeat them in your head whenever you need a reminder.

If some of the affirmations don’t feel right, try out other ones or evolve the suggested affirmations to meet your own needs. 

Another good tip is to use the stem sentence we use for intentions: “I am willing to practice.”

You could add that stem sentence in front of any affirmation to help your brain bridge the gap between what you believe now and what you want to believe about yourself. 

One other way to actively transition from your past to a new future is using the word “Today” in front of any of the self-love affirmations above. That, again, helps your brain start to believe the self-love affirmation. 

Don’t forget to track your progress. You can’t improve what you don’t track. How are your self-love habits coming along? Are you practicing every day? Do you often skip days? If so, why? What obstacles are standing in your way? What can you do to remove those roadblocks? 

If you run out of time by the end of the day, try prioritizing self-love and self-care first thing in the morning. If you’re not a morning person and you find your practices just aren’t sticking, consider carving out a specific time in the middle of your day or make them part of your bedtime routine.

Self-love affirmations are a starting point for those who want to get back to self-love basics. I encourage you to try them but don’t stop there. Self-love involves more than simply saying the words. Self-love takes time; it involves self-care, understanding your own needs, setting clear boundaries, and taking that big step toward managing your deepest fears.

I have an entire guide dedicated to practicing self-love. In the article, I outline seven actionable strategies that will help you build strong self-love habits. If you haven’t already, I hope you will read this post or save it for the next time you take time for self-development—which I hope is soon! Read: How To Love Yourself: 7 Self-Love Tips You’ll Love.

Love is the foundation of everything.

Continue Your Self-Love Journey

Self-love is a continuous journey, not a destination. There is always more to learn about yourself and more to overcome. But the one thing that will absolutely stand in your way, no matter what, is fear.

Fear is pervasive, and it runs deep inside of ourselves—in everyone. It keeps us from reaching our true potential, and it’s often what stands in our way of seeing just how beautiful and wonderful we already are.

My 10-week Fearless Living Training Program is based on decades of learning how to crack the secret code to fear, including all of the fears that are keeping you from loving yourself. With Fearless Living, you’ll learn the importance of self-love and how to practice it. We teach how to treat yourself with compassion, how to overcome negative thoughts, deprecating self-talk, how to set clear boundaries, and so much more. Learn more about the program and how you can get started today!