It might be shocking for some while others will understand…at the age of 45, I am finally buying my first piece of property. Sure, I’ve lived in a house before but my husband purchased the first one and I’ve been renting since, due to my vagabond lifestyle. Over the past five years, I’ve gone from from London to Chicago to LA with some stop overs in Colorado.

But I figure it’s time. Why? I’ve fallen in love….not only with Mr. Love-A-Lot but also with Colorado itself. The mountains, the crisp air, the adventures waiting for me around every corner. It soothes my soul and makes me feel more like me than anywhere I have ever been so it was time…time to put down some hard earned cash and buy a condomium of my own.

Why did it take so long? Frankly, I’ve been scared. Scared of mortgage payments and credit scores. When I was younger I wasn’t the best with my finances. I didn’t have a checking account for years and I couldn’t get more than a $500 limit on a credit card, if I could get a credit card. For most of my life, money has been an embarrassing topic therefore, the last thing I wanted to do was share my bad money management strategies with a stranger. And who can really figure out a FICO score? No one I know!

But that was then, and this is now. Thankfully, online banking now exists and paying bills is no longer a torture. So instead of using money as exuse, I have been sitting around trying to convince my best friend Marta that the timing wasn’t right when in truth, I was waiting to get braver, for the magic moment when the house and the timing would match.

I realize that anytime I am waiting for some magic moment I am just plain scared so I knew that I had no more excuses (have you noticed a theme here….my excuses – just like yours I hope – are being taken away. In the past year, my weight excuse is dead and gone, ‘can’t find the right mate’ excuse re: lack of intimacy is no more and now, this!!!) and it was time to act.

I signed the counterproposal on Friday and in that moment, I became an owner. Today, my realtor called, oh wait he called three times over the weekend, my mortgage broker called to get things rolling and I have already received information from the title insurance company. This all has happened in less than one business day after I signed the final papers. No wondering buying a house can feel overwhelming.

The meeting alone with my mortgage broker (who I’ve already met with twice) took 90 minutes and that was just the beginning. I figure I will get braver through the process and perhaps encourage all of you who have been sitting on the fence (like me) to join me on this adventure called home ownership. I mean, no one can be fearless alone, right? 🙂

And don’t worry. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me and Mr. Love-A-Lot. In fact, we are better than ever. Thank God I no longer use my body image to hold me back or none of this would be happening. It’s good to be in love…..

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