We all know life works in mysterious ways. As I have been shutting the door on the relationship between me and Mr. Love-A-Lot, another door has swung open. My ex-husband emailed me. I almost fell over.

We hadn't spoken since our divorce. Not because we wouldn't or couldn't, we just didn't. He had married the year following our divorce, I was focused on my career. Two different paths, two different lives. And now he was emailing me to congratulate me on my success.

It couldn't have been more perfect. Me, healing my wounds and him, reaching out to connect. Just what I needed. A gift!

We went out to dinner within days and a movie more recently. It has been good to see him now all these years later. Both of us more mellow. Both of us able to laugh about the past. Both of us practicing to be more loving, more forgiving, more kind.

Another piece of good news comes with this...he has a daughter that I have not seen since the divorce. That was his request oh so many years ago. I reminded him of that and he couldn't remember. It doesn't matter now.

Funny, when I was in Hong Kong at the Temple Street Night Market I sat in front of three different fortune tellers. All for the experience, for fun, to put a smile on my face. Two men and one woman.

They all told me delightful things. I will be in love in the year 2009. Money will be flowing to me from 2008 to 2018. I will have a long and happy life, an enjoyable old age. Winter is my best season. And oh yes, I should not drink. (I quit that in 1988. Whew!)

The middle-aged asian woman, plain spoken with a smile on her face, proclaimed to me that I had two children. I told her, "No, I am very sorry but I have no children." She gave me a puzzled look. The air grew thicker as I waited for her next words. She shook her head to say she didn't believe me. Then, gave a quick pause and looked at my palm again. She repeated her words.

Then I remembered, I do have two....Carl, my ex-husbands daughter, and Mr. Love-A-Lots daughter. Both girls. Both girls I helped raise at different stages of their lives.

I may not be a conventional biological mother, but I have been a mother to two beautiful girls. One a woman now and the other merely four. How fortunate I am to have shared some moments in their lives.

I don't know why I have been blessed to be a part of their lives, it doesn't matter really. All I know is I have been the blessed one. I have become a better person because of their innocence and light and playfulness.

It is good for me to remember this. It is good to be reminded that the reason we think we are in a relationship may not be the real reason after all. Today, once again, I am grateful for Mr. Love-A-Lot. Grateful that when we were together, he so willing shared the most precious gift he could share, his daughter.

p.s. She and I talked on the phone last night as she giggled her way through describing her Halloween Princess dress to me. And I giggled back. How could I not? I was in heaven....

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