The Artist Who Re-Discovered Her Passion and Fearless Purpose in Life

The brief


Krissy wanted more from life, but she didn’t know what that was. She couldn’t think of anything that excited her. So she spent her days alone on the couch, feeling like she was missing out on life.

The Approach

Using Fearless You

She learned to live from freedom instead of fear. This led her to re-discover her love of drawing. And she started to live the life she wanted instead of living the way others wanted.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Krissy has become a “Realism Art Queen” of social media. She’s painting for fun, has been commissioned by museums, and teaches art to people all over the world. She now feels lit up and excited about her life for the first time in decades.

“I was tired of the world passing me by...”

Krissy felt like she was missing out on life.

She couldn’t find anything that excited her. And would spend day after day on the couch watching documentaries.

She asked herself, “If I could do anything, what would it be?”Yet she never found an answer.

On top of that, Krissy was terrified of upsetting people. Part of the reason she spent her time alone in her apartment was so she could avoid ever bothering anyone.

But this way of living was getting old. As Krissy says:

“I was tired of the world passing me by...

...I was just trying to get through life without people yelling at me or causing any damage.”

Krissy shares her struggles before joining Fearless You.

“My life wasn’t what I wanted it to be...”

Krissy had read a ton of personal development books in her 20’s.

She found that while the things she read sounded good, they were never sustainable.

It was a lot of “Rah Rah!”cheerleading that helped her feel better momentarily, then would quickly fade. Nothing stuck, and so her life never changed.

The only thing that made a lasting impact was when she saw Rhonda Britten’s NBC show Starting Over. The things Rhonda said on that show really spoke to her.

So now that Krissy was looking for help, she turned back to Rhonda. She was excited to see that she could get close to Rhonda through her private community Fearless You. So Krissy joined right away.

“Rhonda is the only person I’ve seen where things consistently make sense. Her show was amazing, and I wondered what else she has to say”

Krissy shares why she joined Fearless You.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this life-changing”

Krissy’s goal for Fearless You was simple: She just wanted to move toward rejoining the world.

One of the first courses in Fearless You she went through was the Fearless Living Training Program.

This one course gave her far more than she had hoped for.

For example, one exercise asked her to draw what “freedom” looked like to her. Doing this, she got in touch with things she loves, including horses, teaching, and drawing itself.

After this exercise, she felt inspired. She spent 10 hours drawing a portrait of the bass player from Led Zeppelin. She sent the picture to her mom who was thrilled. And Krissy, who had loved drawing yet hadn’t drawn anything in 25 years, was excited to have art back in her life.

“I couldn’t remember the last time I did something like this. I hadn’t drawn in 25 years. I sent it to my mom, and she was floored. I was like, “Oh yeah, why did I ever stop doing this!?”

Krissy shares how she started painting again
One of Krissy’s paintings, from her website

“I should’ve started this 35 years ago!”

Another breakthrough came when Krissy learned about her Essential Nature.

That is the part of ourselves that we deny the most.

Krissy had always been afraid. She never wanted to upset anyone and spent her whole life keeping her opinions to herself and going along with what everyone else wanted.

Through Fearless You, she discovered that being a fearful person wasn’t who she truly was. It was simply behavior that she had learned early on in life.

Krissy discovered that her Essential Nature was actually Courageous.

With this realization, she finally reclaimed that courageous part of her. And she started to speak up for herself.

For example, her mom tends to go on political rants. In the past, Krissy would always endure them. But now, she spoke up for herself and changed the conversation. And she was shocked to find that her mother went along with it.

“I said things to my mom that I never in a hundred years would’ve said before.

I’d say, ‘We’re not gonna go into that,’ and she was okay with it. I should’ve started this 35 years ago. It was a massive win.”

Krissy shares how she learned to say what she really thinks.

Learning to avoid “Fear Junkies”

Another breakthrough came when Krissy learned about Fear Junkies.
These are people who keep you stuck by constantly pointing out all the bad things that could happen if you do something.
Krissy saw how people in her life were Fear Junkies. And she learned how to keep them from having control over what she did.
For example, she wanted to go to Comic Con but her mother insisted it was a bad idea because something could happen to her.
Krissy was able to stand firm. She did what she wanted even if it meant her mother or anyone else might become upset.

“I would never do that before. I would never get to the point where I could know that we disagreed and that my mom was mad.

But now I don’t care. Now I’m like, ‘Fine, you can think what you want but this is what I’m going to do.”

Krissy shares show she stopped letting “fear junkies” stop her.

“I never thought anything like this would happen”

Krissy realized that she had been living her life based on other people’s expectations of her --not her own.

Living that way led her to feel stuck in a life she didn’t enjoy.

Through Fearless You, that has all changed.

She got clear on who she is and what she loves. And she got the confidence to pursue her dreams without worrying what anyone else thinks.

Because of that, Krissy’s life completely changed.

She’s excited to paint again and helped charities raise thousands by auctioning off her pieces. She teaches art to people all over the world. And she’s realized she can transition to become a full-time artist and art teacher.

“One of my pieces will be in a museum. I teach people all over the world. I sell drawings. I have people messaging me in the middle of the night asking questions.

I never thought anything like that would happen. It’s pretty cool.”

Krissy shares how she is living her life of freedom.
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Ready to get Fearless like Krissy

Take control of your life by joining Fearless You today!

Krissy re-discovered her love of art and is excited about her life again.

And her relationships are better than ever because she’s learned to speak up for herself and make her voice heard.

She learned all this through Fearless You.

If you want to reconnect with what you love and gain the courage to pursue it, join Fearless You today.

You’ll get Rhonda’s best trainings to help you live the life your soul intended.

You can learn more here.

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Watch the Full Interview here

You can see Krissy’s full interview with a member of our Fearless Living team here. It covers:


How Krissy spent her life “people pleasing” --and how that ledto her feeling dissatisfied with her life


How she learned to stop getting sucked into doing favors that left her feeling resentful and drained


How she continues to go back to Fearless You anytime she finds herself going off track

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Using Fearless You

It’s like being held in a warm hug while on an accelerated path of growth because you’ll be surrounded by people who "get it." Best of all, they will support you and hold you accountable when you need it.

As a member of Fearless You, be ready to feel renewed, reenergized, and resourced in ways you never imagined possible.

  • Take stretch, risks and dies to increase your confidence expotentially
  • Feel seen for who you really are and yes, be respected, loved and appreciated too
  • Take back your power and live the life you’re soul intended.
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What Can You Expect

Upgrade Every Area of Your Life

When you join Fearless You, you gain access to a one-stop-shop with everything you need to master fear and build unshakable confidence.
Our work together will be like having me as your Life Coach for a year. We’ll hone in on one key life area after another. And help you make massive life transformations every month.
  • Monthly Live Trainings and, get your questions answered too
  • Access to Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Never feel alone again because you’ll be surrounded by support
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Catapult Your Confidence, and Live the Life Your Soul Intended Within 30 Days Through Fearless You

After 25 years coaching Olympic athletes, Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure CEOs, and best-selling authors…

…Emmy-Winning Life Coach Rhonda Britten is giving you ALL her best secrets to help you build lasting confidence and unleash your authenticity. So you can:

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  • Master your fears and live the life your soul intended
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