How an Actor Who Felt “Stuck In Life”
Found Fulfillment

The brief


Matt felt stuck in his life. He was busy working three jobs and didn’t have time for things he enjoyed. So he felt like life was passing him by.

The Approach

Using Fearless You

Matt discovered the hidden beliefs that kept him from feeling enjoyment and fulfillment. And he gained the courage to start living the way he wants.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Matt launched a new career doing work he loves as an artist and actor. He even started to make time for other activities he enjoys, which has led to a more fulfilling life.

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“I was running in circles…”

Matt felt frustrated with his life.

He was working three jobs, yet he didn’t enjoy any of them.

All his time was spent fulfilling obligations to others and working to pay the bills. And he had no time left to do the things he wanted.

He needed a way to enjoy life more and do things that fulfilled him. But he wasn’t sure how to make that happen. As he says:

“I felt like I was watching my life happen. I wasn’t a participant in it.”

Matt shares his struggles before joining Fearless You.

“This is working, and it’s working fast…”

Matt needed to try something different, so he joined Rhonda Britten’s Confidence Week .

Halfway through, he heard Rhonda talk about the importance of “loving yourself.”

That was a new concept to Matt, and he wasn’t sure what it meant.

The next day, he noticed he called himself “stupid” for something he did. He realized that was not a loving way to talk to himself and that he had some work to do regarding self-love.

The lessons from Confidence Week were already starting to pay off. So when Fearless You  opened up, he knew he had to join to see what else he had to learn.

“I thought, ‘You have to do something, and this is working.’ So I felt like I had to find a way to join.”

Matt shares his experience with Confidence Week.

“It’s like a buffet of useful tools”

Matt was blown away by the number of tools and trainings inside Fearless You.

The first training he went through was the Fearless Living Training Program , and he noticed major shifts immediately.

For example, Matt saw how his self-talk left him frustrated and disempowered. And he learned how to change it to feel more empowered and in control of his life.

This newfound confidence and control helped him set boundaries and protect his time. So he stopped doing what everyone else wanted and started to live the way he wanted.

“A lot of the self-talk that I had… wasn’t helping me get to where I wanted to be.”

Matt shares how he learned to change his self-talk.

“I felt I wasn’t worthy of certain things…”

As Matt went through Fearless You, he got to know himself better. And that led to something shocking.

He discovered that he believed that he couldn’t do anything he enjoyed unless he “earned it.”

The same way a child is told, “You can’t go play until you finish your vegetables.” Matt always thought he had to “earn” any enjoyment in his life.

That led him to perpetually sacrifice his own wants and desires in favor of what other people wanted. And doing that made him feel frustrated and dissatisfied with life.

Once he realized this, he gave himself permission to do things he enjoyed simply because he enjoyed them. Whether that be painting, getting more into acting, or taking a trip to Disneyland.

“I felt like I didn’t “earn” enjoyment. That I wasn’t worthy of certain things in life because I didn’t do the work I thought needed to be done.”

Matt shares how he learned to let himself enjoy life

“I let go of self-doubt”

Matt finally had permission to explore things he enjoyed that fulfilled him.

Yet he still felt afraid.

For example, he wanted to paint more but was afraid others might not like his work .

Through Fearless You, Matt learned the tool Stretch, Risk, and Die. This helped him continually take steps out of his comfort zone and pursue things he loved.

For example, a chiropractor asked Matt to do art for his office. At first, Matt was scared, but Stretch, Risk, Die helped him say “Yes.”

Matt did the piece, and people loved it. It’s even helped bring the chiropractor more business.

“I let go of self-doubt and put [my art] out there. That alone felt really good. And the response from the community was overwhelming.

 The business was like, ‘Everyone loves the sign, we’re getting so much business!”

Matt shares how he started sharing his art.

“It’s a lot more fulfilling”

Matt is shocked at the change he made in Fearless You.

He looks back on his old notes and can’t believe the person he used to be. He’s grown so much, and the things that bothered him and scared him then are not even a blip on his radar anymore.

He no longer feels stuck going through the motions at jobs he doesn’t enjoy.

Instead, he’s doing work that helps him feel “connected and awake.”

He’s started acting work with the University of California San Francisco. And he just finished voice acting classes and is looking to start a career there.

“It’s a lot more fulfilling. I’ve been able to access parts of my life that have been on the back burner.”

Matt shares how his life has changed from Fearless You
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Ready to get Fearless like Matt

Join Fearless You Today!

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by?

The tools and trainings inside Fearless You will help you snap out of that funk. So you can get unstuck and start living the life your soul intended. Just like it did for Matt.

If you’re ready to gain the courage to be yourself unapologetically, join Fearless You today.

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Watch Matt’s Full Interview

Watch Matt’s full interview with a Fearless You team member below. In it, you’ll discover:


How learning his Wheel of Fear helped Matt stop judging himself and start to love himself


How Fearless You helped Matt improve his relationships


How Matt learned to stop worrying what people think of him

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Using Fearless You

It’s like being held in a warm hug while on an accelerated path of growth because you’ll be surrounded by people who "get it." Best of all, they will support you and hold you accountable when you need it.

As a member of Fearless You, be ready to feel renewed, reenergized, and resourced in ways you never imagined possible.

  • Take stretch, risks and dies to increase your confidence expotentially
  • Feel seen for who you really are and yes, be respected, loved and appreciated too
  • Take back your power and live the life you’re soul intended.
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What Can You Expect

Upgrade Every Area of Your Life

When you join Fearless You, you gain access to a one-stop-shop with everything you need to master fear and build unshakable confidence.
Our work together will be like having me as your Life Coach for a year. We’ll hone in on one key life area after another. And help you make massive life transformations every month.
  • Monthly Live Trainings and, get your questions answered too
  • Access to Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Never feel alone again because you’ll be surrounded by support
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