When You Feel This Way, All is Not Lost…


As you awaken, as you transform, as you feel different about yourself and your life, you may feel lost.


Feeling lost is usually considered a negative in our society yet I have found that I make the most significant changes in my life right after a period of feeling lost.


All barriers are broken down, things are unpredictable and there seems to be no rhythm or reason to my life anymore.


At those times, I have learned to reach beyond my comfort zone and try something new.


When we no longer identify ourselves with the person in the mirror, we feel lost and ask, “Who am I?”  Which, in fact, is the most difficult question if you really want to know the answer.  Most of us don’t.


In actuality, we ask rhetorically not wanting the truth because to do so would mean we would have to shift some aspect of our life that we may not be willing to face.


Have you ever felt lost?  Lost for me feels like caring too much and then caring too little.  I go from feeling everything to feeling nothing.  I ying and yang throughout my day hardly thinking anything is important.  I am not sure who I am and what I stand for.  I can appear detached.  I don’t know where to turn or what to do next.


When I feel lost, confusion is close at hand.  I get confused on my priorities, values and principles.  I have to remind myself, each moment, why I am doing what I do because usually I don’t feel like doing anything.


Sometimes, I do the opposite and try to do more, thinking that might help me find some equilibrium.  But it usually turns into a frenzy of activity with no clear goal.  Nothing feels right. I wander around lost, confused and dazed as well as defeated.


When lost descends upon me, I have come to realize that I am in denial about some situation that I have been unwilling to address or I am hesitate about a decision I must face or I have just had a major revelation about my life.  Either way, a realization is close at hand.


I have learned that that lost feeling is the time my body, mind and spirit are incorporating the shifts and changes I must make to reach the next pinnacle.  Whether I recognize those shifts (or am willing to) in my everyday life, determines how lost I feel and for how long.


Confusion can be used by fear to keep me off balance or to beat myself up.  But used powerfully to empower, confusion is a signpost letting me know I am on the right path.  “Just keep going,” I tell myself.  “Keep facing my fears.  Keep moving forward.  Keep your eyes, ears and mind open.  Be willing.”


When I take away my judgment of my process, i.e. feeling lost, I am able to move through it quickly with more ease.  It is the judgment that keeps us stuck.


My motto (as you all know) is there is never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever a good reason to disempower yourself or another human being.  When we judge, we disempower. There is no such thing as a bad decision, no wrong decision.


Yes, my life would have “appeared” to be better if I wouldn’t have tried to kill myself three times.  Yet, those three suicide attempts taught me about compassion, understanding and forgiveness which are critical aspects of my private coaching.


Then, who am I to judge them as “bad decisions?”   Maybe, at the time, it was the best I could do.  What else could I ask of myself?


If I spend time lamenting over “lost” time because of “bad” decisions, that, in and of itself, is how I am actually losing time.  The lessons are done.  Our past is complete.  Our job now is to learn, empower and incorporate the changes we have learned along the way.


Accepting and moving through feeling lost is one way our purpose becomes clearer but only if we are willing to take the steps necessary to move forward despite the confusion.  Keep living through lost.


Don’t stop and wait to feel differently.  You will only begin to feel differently if you take actions based on your commitments versus your feelings.  And lost is a feeling.  That may be as simple as doing your daily gratitudes and acknowledgements.


I dare you to love being lost. (That doesn’t mean wallowing in it.) Your path is shifting.  The door is opening.  Walk in and find your power, passion and purpose.  Lost may very well be the stepping stone back to you.



Fearbuster Exercise:



Describe the last time you felt lost.

What occurred immediately afterward?

What changes did you make?

What did you incorporate?

Did your values shift?


How would you like to describe your next lost experience?

Decide now how you want to handle it.

What questions will you ask yourself to keep on track?

What nurturing activities will you do?


Remember:  When we are in our stuff it is hard to remember how to get out.

Prepare now and the next time you are lost, enjoy it. It may be just what you need!


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