Life Coach Certification Program – Preview Call

Date Published: Aug 26, 2014


If you want to make a difference in the world and support others in growing beyond their fears, please read this entire email. It has important information that could impact your future.

You can get access to the replay of the call now and sign up here!

Plus if you are a therapist or a helping professional, please read it too.

There's something just for you at the end.

That's how it starts for so many professional coaches. It starts off with a compliment or two, a love for learning and growing and a yearning to help others, to do more, to give. A seed is planted.

Could I be a professional Life Coach?

It's just an idea. Nothing serious at first. But it's there nonetheless wiggling around your heart and head...and you ask:

Do I have what it takes to help others? (I'm not healed yet!) Could I make money at it? Could it support me and my family?

It's just a seed. Just an idea. And then maybe you see a life coach on tv (that would be me!) and you think,

"I would love to do that. I want to make a difference."

But it's just an idea. There are bills to pay, and kids to raise and stuff planned. And how could you ever fit in a change of career when you are already so busy? That's how so many people start their journey to becoming a full-time highly paid professional Life Coach.

A seed. An idea. That just won't go away.

I get it. I've been a Life Coach for almost two decades. And I've loved every minute of it.

 I've watch Lisa go from being single and miserable to being happily married within one year of coaching with me. (She is now going on year 15 and has the sweetest little girl with her handsome hubby.)

I had a hand in coaching Andy Paige leave her career frustration behind and start a whole new profession for herself that has turned her into a huge media darling and an inventor to boot. Have you checked out

Debbie was just done with it all. Exhausted from a draining career as a nurse to a husband who wasn't happy himself. Everything had to change. And you know what? It changed because she changed. She credits Fearless Living with saving her marriage and putting her on a new career track. (She's one of us now: a Certified Fearless Living Coach)

I could go on. I've coached thousands of people in the nearly two decades I've been a coach. And I've trained over 500 Life Coaches.

And one of the things I am most proud of is in my coaching program you actually learn how to coach.

Sounds crazy to say that but most coaching programs are so short and promise so many miracles that about all they teach you is the 10 MAGIC questions and you're out the door with a Coaching Certificate in hand. (By the way, there aren't 10 magic questions.)

Let me be straight:

You cannot become a Life Coach in a Weekend.

You cannot become a Life Coach in three months.

You cannot become a Life Coach without a highly trained mentor. (Don't even get me started...)

You cannot become a Life Coach without in-person work.

You cannot become a Life Coach without working one on one with clients (100 hours please!)

Okay okay. You can 'technically' become a Life Coach without any of that but you won't be a good one, you won't have any confidence, skills or tools and you will be in over your head so fast you will feel ripped off and upset that you wasted your time.

But this is the kicker. YOU WILL BLAME YOURSELF. Because that's how those programs are set up. They make YOU feel like you can't cut it when they didn't bother to create a program for you to succeed.

Like I said earlier, do not get me started.

I rarely show my mama bear side when it comes to the Coaching Profession. (I was here before there was ever an actual profession. Yes, that long.)

I bet you gathered by now that I CARE DEEPLY about the profession of Coaching. And, in turn, I care deeply about your heart, your investment and your desire to make a difference. Training to be a Life Coach is a sacred journey. And I relish every minute as I support you on your path to turn that seed, that dream, into reality.

Because if you have the desire. If the seed has been planted somewhere in your soul. If you've heard the words, "You should be a Life Coach." Then, I want to help you make that seed grow. By the way, I bet you've gathered the Coaching Program I've developed isn't for those who want to just "pay to get the certificate" or want it "fast and easy" or think they have nothing to learn.

Our Life Coach Certification Program is for serious inquiries only.

You may not know quite why you are called to coaching, you just know that you are. And you LOVE Fearless Living.

So if that's you. If you are interested even just a smidgen, join me and Larissa Jaye, the Director of the Certification Programs as we share all the in's and out's of how our Coaching Training Program works.

If you are a therapist or healing professional or you already have a coaching certification, you may qualify for a abbreviated version of our program. (More to come about that on our call.) Get ready to become a highly paid Life Coach (all coaching is life coaching.)

Our program is a comprehensive, completely guided program to show you how to become a highly sought-after, highly-paid professional life coach. We are the only coaches that specialize in the thing that stops anyone from doing anything: fear. Using a proprietary methodology, you'll have confidence in no time because we are going to show you, step-by-step, how to build a practice while building your skills.

You are needed. Your heart is needed.

What I know is that if you are being called to this profession then there is someone waiting for you to help them change their life because I'm not their coach. You are.

Are you ready to answer the call? Or at least get more information?

Larissa and I want to give you all the info you need to make a decision about your future.

Here's the link to access the replay!

We are keeping the replay available to those who were unable to attend the live call. We don't want you to miss your chance to be part of the fearless revolution.

If coaching is tugging at your heart, join us for the call or receive the replay. Whatever works in your schedule.


I send you love....

xoxo Rhonda

The Foundation of It all

In her groundbreaking seminal work, Rhonda Britten shows you how to master the emotional fears that keep you stuck in old cycles. Fearless Living is the foundation for all of Rhonda’s work, and it gives you an overview of her philosophies on how fear can take your life captive.

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