Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 14 (VIDEO)

Date Published: Sep 23, 2012

Quit hiding. It's time to start telling the truth.

Yesterday, you gave up complaining. That stinker just drains you dry. Well, today I want to build on that. You want to get fearless, right?

Watch today's one-minute Fearless Living Boot Camp video and put more integrity and truth into your day...


Don't ya hate 'em? The fake people. The people who pretend things are okay when they are not. Or pretend they know the answer when they don't. Or pretend they have the money, time, or whatever else it is they can't say no to, and say yes when they definitely want to say no.

So irritating. Don't you want to shake them and say: "Just tell me the truth"? I know. Me too. Except sometimes, it's me doing the pretending. Or you...

And now, your Fearless Living Boot Camp Challenge, Day 14:


For the next 24 hours, no lies. That means no lies to anyone about anything, and no lies to yourself about anyone else, including yourself!


It's the day to come clean.

And when I mean "no lies," I mean NO lies.

No white lies about the weather or the traffic, etc.
No big lies about where you were or who you were with or weren't with.
No lies, period.

It's a tough one, I know. I can be so good at rationalizing how it's better to tell a little white lie because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Yet every time I treat the person as if he or she "can't handle the truth," I lose a little piece of me... and disrespect them.

I don't have to lie to stop myself from hurting someone. In fact, the lie perpetuates the hurt. Telling the truth (to myself first) is a sure sign that I am willing to own up to what isn't working in my life (and why it's so scary to tell the truth in the first place).

Truth-telling is part of growing up, taking a stand, claiming your life, and taking it back. So no lies today, gang. Not a one.

As always, Boot Campers, keep track of how well you are doing. Which lies are the tough ones to give up? Which are easy?

I know for me, my white lie of the moment is the darn LA traffic. (It's time to admit that I always leave the house late and my tardiness has little to do with traffic. Ugh! Hate that part!)

"Integrity" is a word that's often tossed around, for sure. I don't know a person who doesn't say they have it. Yet I have rarely seen a person who actually does. Become one today. Become a person with integrity. No lies.

Go on now and start seeing how truth-telling sits with your soul.

We are on Day 14, and that means we are HALFWAY through Fearless Living Boot Camp! Haven't joined up yet? No problem! There's plenty o' time... and the how-tos are below.

Go to socialworkout.com/fearlessliving and give yourself some points after you do today's challenge. How hard was it to give up the lies? Was it a Stretch, Risk or Die for you? Grab those points, because they could help you WIN some super-cool stuff.

Everyone loves to win, right? (I love to win!) You could win my bestselling book, Fearless Living, or you could win THREE private one-on-one sessions with me, or my kick-butt Fearless Living Training Program. And of course, you'll receive the best gift of all: BECOMING FEARLESS!

To join the Boot Camp and log your fearless activity, use the Social Workout-powered widget just below. If you're a Facebook member, simply click the "Connect" button. To sign up with your email, cheer on your fellow enlistees, and to see all the inspiring commentary, go to the Boot Camp homepage!

Please share this blog with your facebook friends, twitter followers and family and fans. Join me in saying NO to the LIES. Let's get Fearless together!

Until tomorrow,

Fearless Living Bootcamp was previously presented through SocialWorkout.com. You can still follow the Fearless Living Boot Camp Challenge by clicking here.

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