How A Yoga Teacher Built A Thriving Business And Better Relationship with Her FamilyUsing Fearless You

The brief


Once Covid hit, Ofrit feared that her yoga business would fall apart. On top of that, her relationship with her youngest son started to deteriorate.

The Approach

Using Fearless You

Ofrit found new ways to build her business using the Stretch, Risk, and Die formula. And she learned tools to deepen her relationship with her son and family.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Ofrti’s business bounced back, and now she helps clients have even more profound transformations. And her relationship with her son and the rest of her family has become the strongest it’s ever been.

“I was afraid my business wouldn’t survive”

Ofrit’s yoga business had been growing beautifully for nearly four years.

Then Covid hit.

Suddenly, she couldn’t operate her business the way she had been. She didn’t know what to do and was afraid her business would fall apart.

On top of that, the lockdowns caused a strain on her family. Her youngest son, in particular, was struggling, and she felt she had to “walk on eggshells” in her house to avoid upsetting him. As she says:

“It was definitely a low point because [my business] was like my baby, and all of a sudden, it wasn’t there...

...And the other thing is with Covid, it was very difficult for my youngest son. It was a very challenging time for everyone.”

Ofrit shares her challenges before joiningFearless You.

“Fearless Living gave me a jumpstart...”

Years earlier, before she even started her business, Ofrit was in a dark place.

She struggled financially, was separated from her husband, and didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life.

Then she joined Rhonda’s Fearless Living Training Program. It helped her get in touch with who she was and what she wanted. That led her down the path of starting her own business teaching yoga to kids.

Years later, the business was thriving, and Ofrithad several instructors who worked under her.

Then when Covid hit, she felt she needed another “jumpstart.” She remembered how impactful Rhonda’s program was. And she knew she needed inspiring, like-minded people who would support her.

So she joined Fearless You hoping it could help her through this challenging time.

“The first time I joined Fearless Living, it gave me a jumpstart to find myself and my voice...

I remembered the jumpstart it gave me many years ago... and I wanted to revisit it.”

Ofrit shares how Fearless Living helped her find herself.

“My kids love the new me”

Through the trainings inside Fearless You, Ofrit re-connected with who she was and what was important to her.

And she learned to stand up for herself by setting boundaries.

This was difficult because Ofrit had always been so focused on keeping everyone else happy that she neglected her own needs. But through Fearless You, she learned how important it was to speak up for herself and take care of herself. So she started to make that a priority.

For example, she began to insist the family have dinner together every Friday night. And she set a new rule with her husband of no phones in the bedroom.

Setting boundaries helped Ofrit feel happier and more confident. They improved her relationship with her family. And her husband and kids were impressed by the changes they saw in her.

“A lot of the work translated into me putting up more boundaries at home... It was this nudge to figure out who I was and what I wanted...

...and my kids love the new me.”

Ofrit shares how she learned to set boundaries for herself

“My son has transformed...”

Ofrit’s youngest son struggled a lot early on during Covid.

He would get upset easily, and she felt she had to “walk on eggshells” around him.

Then Ofrit started to share some lessons from Fearless Youwith her son.

She shared the acknowledgment and gratitude exercises, and they started to do them together each day. These simple practices helped them both transform their lives.

For example, her son became more pleasant and positive. He stopped seeing himself as a “victim” and learned to regulate his emotions and control his behaviors.

And when other people upset him, he learned to let go of that anger using the forgiveness exercise inside Fearless You.

“Before it was so hard, every day [with my son] was like walking on eggshells...

...Today, it’s so rare that he gets upset with us. It does happen, but the frequency went from all day long to once a week.”

Ofrit shares how the lessons in Fearless You helped her son.

“I found new ways to improve my business”

Ofrti was afraid her business would fall apart during Covid.
But the Stretch, Risk, and Die training inside Fearless You helped her focus on the small steps that would push her business forward.
For example, she realized she could offer “fly yoga” to kids, and she got the certification and equipment needed.
She also realized she could improve her teacher training program. So she joined Rhonda’s Fearless Conversations for Coaches workshop, where she learned communication skills and tools that she then shared with her instructors. The new skills and tools led to more transformative yoga classes for their clients.
As a result, when the lockdowns lifted, Ofrit’s business was able to bounce back stronger than ever.
Ofrit’s website, where she now offers FL Yoga

“I started creating new stuff. It’s that attitude, and looking for the Stretch, Risk, and Die all the time and looking at what else I can do that is huge.

It’s always great to Stretch, Risk, and Die.”

Ofrit shares how she improved her business during Covid

“[It’s] helped me realize my potential and live fearlessly”

Ofrit was so impressed with Fearless Youthat she signed up for a lifetime membership.

She loves to get inspired every morning by listening to the daily Love Notes from Rhonda.

And she’s found it helpful to go back through the trainings again and again because every time something new “clicks.”

“Fearless Living has been the first big program to push me forward to realize my potential in many ways and live fearlessly.”

Ofrit shares why she joined Fearless You for life
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Ready to get Fearless like Ofrit

Join Fearless You Today!

Through Fearless You, Ofrit navigated one of the most difficult times in her life.

She deepened her connection with her family and found new ways to help her business thrive.

If you want to “jumpstart” your life...

... so you can build a successful business doing what you love, improve your relationships with family, or simply get clear on who you are and what you want...

... Fearless You can help.

Click below to learn more.

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Watch the Ofrit’s Full Interview below

You can see the full interview with Ofrit and one of our Fearless Living team members below. In it, you’ll discover:


How she went from struggling financially and not knowing what to do with her life to launching a successful yoga business using the Fearless Living Training Program


How Ofrit learned to love her body (even the grey hair she sees in the mirror) through the Fearless Bodytraining inside Fearless You


How understanding her Wheel of Fear “liberated” her and helped her love herself

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Using Fearless You

It’s like being held in a warm hug while on an accelerated path of growth because you’ll be surrounded by people who "get it." Best of all, they will support you and hold you accountable when you need it.

As a member of Fearless You, be ready to feel renewed, reenergized, and resourced in ways you never imagined possible.

  • Take stretch, risks and dies to increase your confidence expotentially
  • Feel seen for who you really are and yes, be respected, loved and appreciated too
  • Take back your power and live the life you’re soul intended.
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What Can You Expect

Upgrade Every Area of Your Life

When you join Fearless You, you gain access to a one-stop-shop with everything you need to master fear and build unshakable confidence.
Our work together will be like having me as your Life Coach for a year. We’ll hone in on one key life area after another. And help you make massive life transformations every month.
  • Monthly Live Trainings and, get your questions answered too
  • Access to Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Never feel alone again because you’ll be surrounded by support
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