Are You Feeling Called to Make a Big Shift in Your Life?


Are you feeling called to make a big shift in your life?

Is your soul yearning for something new, something different, something more?

Maybe you’re at a crossroads but aren’t sure which path is YOUR path?

Perhaps you have a decision to make but can’t find the confidence to take action?

Have you been experiencing the same problem over and over again and have finally had enough but aren’t sure how to change it?

Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it but you just know you were born to be doing something else, living some other way but you aren’t sure how to get there from here?

The time has come for you to answer the call.

I get it. I’ve stood in the exact same place and heard the cry within: It’s time for a change - you can’t avoid it another minute. It’s time. You’ve got to move forward even if you aren’t sure how.

But how do you find the courage to step into the unknown?

A few years back I heard the call to make a big shift in my own life.

It was right about the time I taped my 557th episode of television. I had been working non-stop for over a decade but those last five years I had written three of my four books and had been on television almost daily.

I loved every minute of it. And that was one of the reasons I didn’t want to hear the call. Sometimes the very things you work so hard to achieve stop you from opening up to a new wave of goodness.

Your life is better than it was in the past so it’s easy to get scared to go for more. You tell yourself you don’t want to be greedy.

Just thinking about changing the status quo can bring up all your fears. I mean, isn’t doing what you love supposed to be good enough?  Shouldn’t you just be grateful?  And that’s the trap of gratitude.

This is what I know:
I have learned (the hard way) never to question when I hear the call because what I have learned through experience is there is always something better for me on the other side.

What I think is good now is nothing compared to what is possible if I follow the yearnings of my soul.

Because if you feel called to make a big shift, your soul is calling you to be more you. Never less. Always more of your true, authentic, powerful, loving self.

So when a big shift is being asked of me, I have learned I have two choices: I can either change my life with ease and grace by leaning on the guidance and experience of a mentor/coach or I can try to figure it out all by myself.

Trust me, I’ve tried to figure it out all by myself. I’ve spent time hours looking at myself in the mirror giving myself the ol’ pep talk trying to get myself to ‘just do it.’

Remember, I’m the girl that never asked a question in any high school or college class because I was so afraid to look stupid.

Let me give you an example: When I was in high school, I would look up the answers in the teachers guide for the math problems we were assigned and then work the math problems backward until I figured out how to do them all by myself.

Ask for help? Most of my life that was impossible.

This is what I’ve learned:

Getting guidance and asking for help is exactly what I must do when I want to make a big change because what got me here won’t get me there.

I need a guide, support, a mentor to help me see myself differently so I can step into the new goodness waiting for me.

Someone who won’t keep me in my box, won’t buy into my fears, won’t judge me.

I need someone who is going to stand for me, give me concrete tools and hold my hand during the rocky parts. I need someone who’s part coach, part mother, part healer.

How about you?

Are you able to ask for support, get guidance and take a leap when you are being called to make a big shift?

Or have you been trying to ‘go it alone?’

Are you embarrassed that you haven’t been able to make your life work the way you want? Do you think you should know things you don’t? Have you been trying to be a perfectionist?

Are you afraid to ask for what you need because you’ve never felt safe enough to ask?

Do you think that with time the problem will just go away?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking ‘you got this’ and you don’t need anyone else.  That’s fear talking.


You know my motto: No one can be fearless alone.

We all need support. I need it. You need it.


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