Fearless Foundation Workshop

Release fear patterns embedded in your mind, body, and emotions that are blocking you from thriving — and finally live the life your soul intended!
A 3-day LIVE, In-Person Event
With #1 Fear Expert Rhonda Britten
Friday, October 28 - Sunday, October 30, 2022
Los Angeles, CA

You were born for this
Pivotal Era Of Change…

Are you ready to live in alignment with your soul’s path for you?

If your answer is YES — what do you think has been holding you back?

Do you ever:

  • Worry that you’re not going to realize your dreams?
  • Feel anxious when you have a decision to make?
  • Put off doing what you’re secretly dying to do?
  • Yearn to feel more alive and authentic but instead, find yourself repeating the past?
  • Wish you felt more purpose and meaning in your life?
  • Find yourself denying your feelings or avoiding your needs?
  • Refuse to speak up, when inside you’re screaming to say something?
  • Wonder in the middle of the night what’s wrong with you?

It might not feel like it, but these are all fear…

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Fear is the only thing Holding You Back from manifesting the future of your dreams.

In fact, fear is at the root of worry, anxiety, procrastination, comparing, perfectionism, avoiding, people-pleasing, resistance, feeling stuck — and all the other responses you refer to as your problems.

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And it’s not your fault! In fact, our brains are biologically hardwired for fear — millions of years ago, it was necessary for our survival.

Today, the excess fear that’s left over from our primitive days keeps us from pursuing (seemingly) risky ventures that are actually very positive…

These include falling in love, starting a business, standing up for what’s right, speaking in public, asking for a promotion, or even approaching an interesting new person.

When we allow fear to be in charge of our lives, all our brilliance and potential goes to waste. It’s time to bring the focus back to ourselves, to lovingly nourish and nurture who we are, and who we came here to be.

To make this happen, we’ll first need to understand fear more deeply, to unpack and understand our inherited default patterns and reactions that run on a loop, holding us back…

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- Marianne Williamson
New York Times Best-Selling Author And Oprah’s Spiritual Mentor
“Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.”
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Exposing 3 Fear Myths

Myth #1

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Your Fears Change in Response to Life Experiences

The Truth:

Your common fears were mostly developed by the age of 7. Your responses, actions, and triggers to situations are most often linked back to your core fear. They may manifest themselves in a variety of ways along your path, but you are not developing a bunch of new fears as you age. You are simply exhibiting new responses to those fears formed in your childhood or inherited from your ancestors.

Myth #2

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You Can Rid Yourself of Fear

The Truth:

No, you can’t get rid of fear and shouldn’t try to — it’s hardwired into your brain to keep you safe!

Instead, you should aim for identifying and understanding your fears, and your personal patterns put into place from those fear reactions. Then you can master control over them, and decide how to respond, instead of react, in the face of fear.

You may never actually use the word fear to describe your experiences or the way you feel. That’s very common! Once you’re willing to admit that fear may be part of your life, though, freedom becomes a true possibility.

Myth #3

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Your Flaws, Hangups & Anxieties are Personality Traits

The Truth:

What you call procrastination, judgment, or perfectionism, for example, are not standalone traits…

They’re reactions to the core fear that, for most part, has been invisible. When you name them, you’re (unknowingly) labeling symptoms of fear that are only trying to keep you safe.

For a long-lasting release of these patterns, you must address your core fear that’s responsible for them — and Rhonda will help you do this when you discover your Wheel of Fear during this powerful weekend.

Hear from those who’ve already experienced the power of Fearless Living

“Fearless Living has become the foundation of everything good in my life”


“I learned to address the fears in my life in a way that is so remarkably powerful”

life changed in 3 days…

“When I was willing to open my mind and see how fear was stopping me, I was set free.”

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Understanding Your Unique Neurobiology

You’ve likely heard how the brain stores threat signals (real or perceived) in its long-term memory…

But did you know your body’s fear response is exactly the same, whether the threat is physical or emotional?

Science now shows that the brain-body works as an integrated whole both perceiving and responding to “fear.” Once fear is activated, your brain springs into action based on past programming, before it has all the facts.

Like I said, there’s no getting rid of fear. It’s wired into our entire being to protect us and keep us safe (so we stay alive and survive!).

However, once you understand your unique fear imprints, and how fear works in your unique neurobiology — you can gain mastery over it, and turn fear into a powerful force for good in your life.

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Your brain has two very different regions:

1. The Stay Away from “Danger” region — the brainstem, limbic system, and parts of the left brain. This is where your Wheel of Fear is created and lives. Sure, fear can be helpful for a split second as it alerts you to possible danger — but if it stays with you too long, it’s hard to think clearly about an appropriate response.

2. The Wise, Big-Picture region — the middle prefrontal cortex and parts of the right brain. This is where you can access your Wheel of Freedom. When challenges or difficulties arise, you can assess what’s important, evaluate options, and can determine the best course of action.

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Knowing about these sections of the brain is as far as most of us get — and when you’re in danger, it’s not even particularly helpful to know about brain regions, hormones, or DNA.

To create new responses, patterns, or behaviors, you need to understand how your Wheel of Fear unfolds in the real world — and in YOUR life.

Through specific practices, you can develop new mental muscles and build new neural pathways to access your Wheel of Freedom. (These new pathways can even be seen on MRIs!)

You can intercept and discredit the stressful voices from your brain’s Stay Away from “Danger” section or “Inner Critic” — AND amplify the calm, clear perspective of your brain’s Wise, Big-Picture section.

During this immersive weekend, you’ll be guided, step-by-step, to understand your unique fear response, identify your core fear, and learn how it impacts your life and relationships so you can be liberated to live the life your soul intended — fearless and on purpose.

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Join Rhonda’s LIVE, In-Person Fearless Foundation Workshop

This is a unique opportunity to be mentored by and interact directly with Rhonda in person!

If you’re ready to experience the full power of your intuition as you transform your core fears…

Reserve your seat in Rhonda’s LIVE in-person, Fearless Foundation Workshop, which includes three full-days of immersive sessions with Rhonda — including depth training, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and breakout groups with your heart-aligned workshop community.

In this powerful 3-day training, you’ll:

  • Uncover your unique core fear (we all have one!) so you can identify what’s been holding you back and know what to do instead
  • Master simple techniques and tools that help you strengthen new mental muscles — and turn fear into a positive force in your life
  • Uncover the patterns your fear has been running in the background all your life
  • Put the power of your brain to work for you — instead of unconsciously sabotaging your own goals
  • Craft powerful intentions that will serve you better than any goal
  • Ditch the negative self-talk for good to create authentic confidence
  • Embrace peace of mind by giving up the “why” behind your self-sabotage
  • Find the courage to take bigger risks and put the zest back in your life
  • Release and heal the shame and blame of your past
  • Create empowering boundaries that serve and protect you
  • Cultivate a crystal-clear, compelling vision that draws you forward like a magnet

Each full-day class will feature Rhonda’s inspiring (yet down-to-earth and easy to understand) teachings, exercises, practices, interactive exercises, Q&A, and breakout sessions.

You’ll be surrounded by others like you, who are ready to move beyond their core fears and take powerful action…

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A Letter From Rhonda

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Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, “fear” isn’t a word you use very easily.

I never thought I was afraid — I always had a reason that explained why I was stalled for years, unable to move forward.

My parents died when I was 14 years old. There was no one I could trust. I had to work for a living from a very early age.

So for years I roamed workshops, devoured books and made a trek to my therapist more times than I can count. I loved it all! The growing, the discovering, the awakening.

No matter how much I learned, though, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with me.

I’d tried hard to dance around the idea of how fear operated in my life. But when I found myself waking up in the hospital after my third suicide attempt, going to jail for another DUI, and being in yet another unhealthy relationship, I couldn’t avoid it any longer.

Finally identifying my unique core fear — what I call the Wheel of Fear — and figuring out how it works changed everything for me. I transformed from a woman with a lot of potential to a woman who actualized her potential.

Once you uncover your unique Wheel of Fear and replace it with your Wheel of Freedom, you, too, will be able to live the life your soul intended.

You’ll live your new life with ease, grace, and peace — because you’ll know the difference between who you really are, and the version of you that’s driven by your unconscious fears.

The person you’re dying to be is available to you — in fact, it’s who you really are. Now, it’s up to you.

Are you ready to live the life your soul intended? (Or at least willing to be willing to live the life your soul intended?)

If you answered YES, meet me in Los Angeles, CA on October 28-30 for the Fearless Foundation Workshop.

My Certified Fearless Living Coaches and I will be with you as we uncover your Wheel of Fear — and unleash your Wheel of Freedom while giving you the tools I created that saved my own life.

A hug will be waiting for you. (If you’re into that kind of thing.) I love you.

Until then, Be Fearless,


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What You’ll Discover In This
3-Day Immersion

During this 3-day intensive format, Rhonda will guide you step-by-step — to overcome what’s been holding you back, and realize that anything is possible.

Day 1

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Discovering Your Wheel of Fear

On this opening day, Rhonda will guide you to get clear on what’s holding you back as you discover your unique personalized Wheel of Fear — which is as individual as your fingerprint. This is the key to unlocking your fear responses and understanding what’s keeping you from the life you most want.

Remember all those times you beat yourself up over the mistakes you’ve made in your life? You’ve asked yourself, “Why DID I do that?” After this first day, you’ll know the answer — you were just following your trickster Wheel of Fear

Once you understand your fear responses and identify your Core Fear, you’ll be equipped and empowered to align your life with your soul’s intended purpose for you.

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On this first day you’ll:

  • Put the power of your brain to work for you — instead of unconsciously sabotaging your goals
  • Identify what’s been holding you back and know what to do instead
  • Craft powerful intentions that will serve you better than any goal
  • Replace the language of fear with a new language that empowers you
  • Ditch the negative self-talk for good to create authentic confidence
  • Embrace peace of mind by giving up the “why” behind your self-sabotage
  • Accept yourself as you are — without letting yourself off the hook
  • Find the courage to take bigger risks and put the zest back in your life

Day 2

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Discovering Your Wheel of Freedom

Your second day with Rhonda will be devoted to uncovering the solution to your Wheel of Fear – Your Wheel of Freedom

This means you’ll trade your fear reaction for a freedom response. This cannot happen without empathy and self-compassion, which allows you to rewire your core beliefs about yourself and realize you’re not “bad” or “broken.”

Self-compassion is where the magic happens. When you look at yourself through the lens of compassion, you suddenly become in charge of how you respond to any situation. You’ll see your fear responses as they’re about to happen, but you won’t judge yourself for having them. Most importantly, you know what to do when fear starts creeping up on you.

This is your Wheel of Freedom. You stop running on imprinted or inherited fear patterns as a way to protect yourself from perceived threats. You no longer abandon yourself when you feel like you need to withdraw or escape the situation. You realize how unlikely that worst-case scenario is that your mind-body is projecting.

Understanding your Wheel of Freedom allows you to act based on what’s happening now, in the present — not your fearful memories activated by your Wheel of Fear.

Rhonda will help you not only understand how your mind-body works, she’ll share specific practices you can apply in real time to overcome fear in any situation.

wheel of fear green

You’ll discover how to:

  • Accept and appreciate who you are
  • Handle any scary situation with confidence
  • Reclaim and say “Yes” to your dreams
  • Blast through the obstacles that used to keep you “stuck”
  • Take action that aligns with your true desires
  • Live from gratitude instead of fear
  • Trust yourself like never before, differentiating between the voice of fear and voice of the real you to make better decisions

Day 3

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Your Relationships — Are they 
Fear Junkies™ or Fearbusters™ ?

On your last day with Rhonda, you’ll synthesize all that you’ve learned — and add even more tools in your toolkit. You’ll understand where fear hurts you (and all of us) the most, your relationships.

You’ll discover how to transform painful patterns so you can experience deep trust, safety, and true intimacy.

Fear Junkies are the people in your life that (often without meaning to) mirror your Wheel of Fear. Fearbusters are the ones who’ll support you as you move toward the life you most want…

Whether a work, romantic, or family relationship — you’ll identify exactly who’s who and how to step into healthy, nourishing, and nurturing connections (for you and for them!).

As this illuminating journey comes to a close, you’ll create an action plan outlining the right next steps for YOU.

fearbusters - junkies image

During this final day, you’ll discover how to:

  • Release and heal the shame and blame of your past
  • Identify the five types of fear junkies and stop them before they stop you
  • Create empowering boundaries that serve and protect you
  • Know exactly what to say in the moment without fear of rejection
  • Enlist the eager assistance of the supporters you’ll call into your life — as you watch the haters fade into the distance
  • Possess a crystal-clear, compelling vision that draws you forward like a magnet

Step out with courage to make your dreams a reality.

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Three Full-day Workshop Sessions with Rhonda

This is a rare opportunity to join Rhonda LIVE and in-person for three full-day sessions.

Each session will feature Rhonda’s inspiring (yet down-to-earth and easy to understand) teachings, exercises, practices, interactive exercises, Q&A, and breakout sessions.

You’ll be surrounded by others like you, who are ready to move beyond their core fears and take powerful action…

marissa wunder sperling profile picture
- Marissa Wunder Sperling
Director, After-School Programming

“Fearless Living has helped me take chances that have led to promotions, and to trusting myself. Trusting myself has led to higher self-esteem, weight loss and the overall feeling of excitement about life. Thank you Rhonda for bringing light to so many. You are an angel.”

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If Fearless Foundation Workshop isn’t a great fit for you, for whatever reason — refunds will be issued up until 5:00pm Eastern on Friday, the first day of the workshop.

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About Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten – named “America’s Favorite Life Coach” – is an Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, and Master Coach who has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television, authored four bestsellers including her seminal work “Fearless Living” (translated into 16 languages), and founded the Fearless Living Institute, home of Fearless Living Life Coach Certification Program, considered the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training.

She was the first Life Coach on television in the world and appeared for three seasons as the head Life Coach on the hit daytime NBC show, “Starting Over” and named its “Most Valuable Player” by The New York Times.

She’s been a Master Life Coach for 25 years, received the “Coach of the Year” Award, and spoke for organizations such as Southwest Airlines, Blue Shield of California, Northrop Grumman.

Rhonda has devoted her life to one thing: to teach people how to master fear.

Whether that’s a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, she brings the neuroscience of fear down to earth giving you a path out of “not being good enough” using the “Wheels” technology she developed that saved her own life. What she teaches is what she’s lived.

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rhonda books

What Are Rhonda's Students Saying

lindsay boyack profile picture 69x69
- Lindsay Boyack

“Fearless Living has changed my life! The Fearless Foundations Workshop was awesome! I now have words, feelings, and reasons to describe what I have been going through.Rhonda is brilliant and has saved my life! There is nothing I could ever say to thank her as much as she deserves. She deserves a medal for all she does, she is changing the world, one fearless, compassionate person at a time. Thank you, Rhonda and team!!!”

- Martha Pasternack
Circle of Life
“Fearless Living has taught me about courage — courage to risk being myself, courage to love and be loved, courage to create the life I want to live. And it taught me simple ways to do it.”
- Cynthia Seely
life coach

“The Fearless Foundation Workshop was life-changing for me. I came back and looked at my husband and 17-year-old daughter with so much more compassion. I feel as though I actually see them differently and so I am behaving differently and they’re responding so positively. Mostly I see myself differently. I see the possibilities.

I have always said I would do what I want as soon as I figured out what it is. Well, the truth is, I have always known what I want to do… because I do it all the time, and whether I get paid for it in the future or not, I will always be doing it. I have just been afraid of not being good enough, but that has changed now. I realize now that I don’t have to be perfect. That I don’t have to force anything. I can just move forward in my life and just do the things today that I am committed to and all of this other stuff will work itself out. It’s like, gee, you mean I can stop agonizing and start living? I can actually have peace with myself? What a concept!

- Miranda-Kalomira Zannos

“The Fearless Foundations Workshop is a self-awareness bootcamp! I must say it was humbling and painful, and I found it very hard (like I thought it would be for me personally) and a bit embarrassing, but of course, it was all very effective! Actually, days later I’m still reeling from the shock and I am telling all my friends about how brilliant you are, Rhonda.”

larissa jaye profile picture
- Larissa Jaye
Singer-Songwriter, Creative Artist

“The Fearless Living Training is wisdom to build your life on! Rhonda’s training has played a crucial role in my triumph over challenges that have involved everything from body image to grief to relocating, to the completion and release of my first album! If you’re finally ready to live big and turn up the brightness of your own light, this training will fundamentally impact every area of your life in wonderful and powerful ways.”

- Dawn Denise Jayne

“Rhonda, for the first time ever in my life, I feel like I can live. I feel like I can breathe and experience the breath in my body in oneness and wholeness. Is my system totally shocked by all of the information I received this weekend? Absolutely! Did I get to see and experience myself? Yikes, yes I did. Today I woke up with clarity and fire. I had no desire to hurry up and do and tell because now I have the answer. Instead I enjoyed the freedom in taking my time with choice.”

carey delaney profile picture 69x69
- Carey Delaney

“I’ve read Rhonda’s book twice before and never ever, ever would have imagined that I would have walked away from this weekend with so much insight as to just how much control fear plays in my life. One of the most valuable lessons I learned is just how important and rewarding of an experience it can be to lean on others for support. Having 130+ women and men all in one room supporting each other through this process really shows off Rhonda Britten’s brilliance.”

- Kim Waines

“I have achieved much success, faced life-threatening situations, and survived terrible loss in my life. I am called strong and courageous by many people — however, all my life I have lived in a constant state of fear. FFW has given me specific tools and skills to now realize what fuels this fear as well as how to manage it— so I can live the life I am truly meant to live. Every human on the planet should take this workshop!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Covid Protocols Will Be In Place?
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For the health and safety of all participants, we’ve created a fun way to help each person be responsible for their level of comfort during this time of transition. You will have the choice to wear a colored bracelet that signifies your current comfort level. We will provide red, yellow and green bracelets for your choosing. Wearing a red bracelet means you are keeping your distance. A yellow bracelet means you’re okay with talking but not touching. A green bracelet means you’re okay with hugs and high-fives. Wearing the appropriate colored bracelet makes your boundaries clear for all to see. This is one way we’re doing our part to honor where you are as we all work to be together in person again. Thank you for your understanding and support as we do our part to move through this pandemic.
How Do I Know If This Workshop Is Right For Me?
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The only question you have to ask yourself is: Does fear influence your decisions? If the answer is yes, this workshop was made for you. For most of my life, I didn’t even know I was afraid but looking back, I can so clearly see that my self-sabotage, my procrastination, my overwhelm were stall tactics because I was scared to take a risk, to move forward, to get beyond what I knew. I didn’t “think” I was afraid. I didn’t “feel” afraid. But by my actions I WAS afraid.
This Isn’t A Good Time For Me. Will You Ever Teach This Again?
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One of the things you will be gaining when you take this workshop is time. Do you know fear eats up a minimum of ten hours a week? Yep. Ten hours every week for years you’ve been letting fear have its way with you. So yes. I will teach this again probably. But stop. Is there anything, really truly, more important than letting fear know who’s boss?

You know this and research shows it too. If you don’t take action now to change your life, you never will. That means you will be stuck with the same problems, the same frustrations you have right now next year and the next and the next and the next…

They may have looked a little different but ultimately they keep you stuck in the same disempowering place because that’s what happens when you don’t take action to create something different for your life.
Who Is This Event For?
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If not trusting your decisions, not having confidence in yourself or just plain ol’ feeling stuck in life sounds appealing, this event is definitely not for you.

But if you want to show fear who’s boss and create a major shift in your life, we’re really just talking about taking three days out of your schedule. Aren’t you worth that much?

How Much Free Time Do I Have At Fearless Foundation Workshop?
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To be honest, not much. You’ll be taking notes and transforming every cell in your being over our three days together. It will go by fast and it will be magical. And fear won’t have a chance. Don’t make plans with your friends in town. You won’t have time. You’re all mine!
What Am I Really Going To Get Out Of Fearless Foundation Workshop?
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Well, besides a whole new slew of potential friends who are doing the same work as you and committed to the same path of fearlessness that you are, let’s just say freedom. Freedom to be authentic. Freedom to love yourself. Freedom to open your own business, fall in love, change jobs, get along with your family, have a baby, quit worrying abut the future, finally have peace of mind, get your confidence and mojo back, believe in yourself again and so much more. In truth, what happens when you see fear for what it is, when you take off your blinders and see the truth, anything and everything becomes possible. No kidding.

Just imagine something you’ve always wanted to do. Now, if you chose to, you could do it. Whether you have the money or not. The support or not. The connections or not. You will soon see that anything truly is possible. Peace of mind. Love. Connection. Success. All of it and more.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, you can email us anytime!

You’ll find our Customer Happiness Team ready and waiting to support you. You can ask them anything.