S03E02 - The Path of Ignorance


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Here's the Recap:

If you check out any courses aimed at coaches, many of them use the words “be seen as an expert” or “become an influencer” or how about this one, “become a celebrity” as the hook for your ego to say YES.

But rarely are the people selling the course an expert at anything but selling that course. (In other words, they are not an expert themselves.)

All of those courses have little strategies to trick your clients into thinking your more confident, more experienced, more something so they sign up to work with you.

Did you know you can pay someone $10K to tape you in a fake studio so you “look like” you’ve been on tv?

Because isn’t it seductive to want to be an expert, an influencer, or even a celebrity?

Check out today’s episode if the dark side is wooing you because you want to BE SOMEBODY. (Psst. The secret is you’re already good enough and somebody already! People will want to work with you without all the fake stuff. )

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 2 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. This season is entitled “The Making of a Coach” and today’s episode is called “The Path of Ignorance.”

What You Will Discover:

  • Moving out of “expert” mind into “I don’t know” mind
  • What’s the purpose of Mentor supervision
  • The slippery slope of loving your own values
  • The trap of praise and appreciation
  • Power of daily discernment
  • How jealousy taught me to say Yes
  • Questions to ask if you’re in the “I know everything” rut
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Betsy Rosenthal
I now have a new framework to look at my coaching, and that new perspective brings me a new opportunity to connect more fully with my clients. It's given me an opportunity to hold a mirror up to my own coaching and say, "Oh,well there are some gaps here," and I can fill those in with what I've learned from Rhonda and the tools that she has provided me are really a good fit for things that I didn't even think about but I know that I can more fully serve my clients with them.
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