Fearless Success Stories

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- Oprah Winfrey

“Everyone needs Fearless Living”

- Donna Negrette

Thank you, Rhonda, for inspiring me to read your book, Fearless Living, at this critical juncture of my life.  After being a full-time mom, followed by 2 careers in business, I am finally ready to discover what will bring forth inner joy.  Who knew it would be courage?

- Jerilyn Thiel

I was a Life Coach for 15 years before Fearless Living crossed my path.  Since reading Rhonda's books and becoming involved with Fearless Living my coaching business has moved from a hobby to a highly successful and fulfilling career.  Fearless Living changed every area of my life - most especially my internal dialogue.  I am my own friend now.

- Mary Holland

Through Fearless Living, Rhonda has shown me that while fear will never be outgrown, it can certainly be outsmarted! Thank you, Rhonda Britten, for offering me a new lease on life!

- Liane Fitzpatrick
life coach

Rhonda Britten's Fearless Living: Live without Excuses and Live Without Regret was the perfect support system for me to challenge my fears.  With the help of that book I shifted from dreaming to achieving my goals.  It changed my life. Thank you Rhonda for sharing your life and work with us.

- Lori-Beth Armstrong
Registered Nurse

Reading Fearless Living saved my life.  Before I discovered Rhonda Britten I was lost in a life so unsatisfying I feared never experiencing true joy.  Thanks to Rhonda's book, I now not only experience joy, I live with it every day.  She is a blessing.

- Kristina Gilman
Project Manager

I used to be very afraid in my daily life which included working in an industry that was not my passion.  The title of this book even scared me when I saw it!  I quickly found out that it is wonderful to understand fear and to have tools to not let that stop me from my reaching for my dreams.  I am happy to say that I am thriving and pursuing a new career path thanks to this book and Rhonda!

- Maureen Piazza

" I had joined a gym in the winter of  2004 and started loosing weight and feeling pretty good.... Then I stopped everything when my dad got sick.... The personal trainer asked me what was I doing in my life when I was doing so well that perhaps I am no longer doing.. I thought about it and realized I was reading Fearless Livng and had just taken a workshop and was following Rhondas tools when I was feeling so good!!!"

- Jeanette Meierhofer
Artist/ Life Coach

Rhonda Britten's book Fearless Living taught me that though I can't remove fear from my life completely, there are strong tools to deal with it when it shows up.

- Debi R. Luczywek
Doctoral Candidate for Organizational Psychology

I’ve been living a fearless life for almost 10 years now.”  “It has been very challenging to explain to others what I’ve been doing differently, until I read Fearless Living”.  “Rhonda took this intangible world of feelings and designed it into a linear approach, so people can acknowledge, understand, and make big changes in their own lives.”   “I always recommend this book to anyone I meet.

- Cynthia Seely
Life Coach

I believed that if everyone around me would just snap it up and get with the program my life would be happier!  Who knew that my own application of these Fearless Living tools in this book would completely change the dynamics of all of my relationships and bring such peace?  I am forever grateful!

- Melissa Blake
Nursing Education Coordinator

For years I secretly wanted to pursue a higher level of education.  My fear told me that I was not smart enough and would probably fail.  Today, I am a 44 year old woman back in school, with every intention of getting my Master's Degree by the time I am 50.  Fearless Living gave me the tools to get over my fears and get on with my life.  Today I am able to embrace life, not just endure it.  I am forever grateful.

- Ulrike Harris

I am just writing to thank you for writing the book Fearless Living and sharing your experiences with everyone.  What I like most about it is that it is not airy-fairy, that it is 'real' and down-to-earth.  To me the message is that everyone can achieve their greatest potential by living without fear, provided they are prepared to work on themselves, following some or all of your guidelines.

- Laura Long

Thank You to Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute for having such a profound impact on my life! Since working through the Fearless Living book, I have become empowered!  I have made many life changes in the past year!  It was Fearless Living that helped me to recognize where I was not being powerfully in control of my life, and gave me the tools to use to be successful in changing those areas! 

I can honestly say  "I AM NOW LIVING FEARLESSLY!!"

- Josie Sullivan

One of my dreams in this life has been to be an "actively showing"

professional artist. I gave up that dream for many years due to an overwhelming amount of fear. I was afraid for others to view my work with a thousand "what ifs" running through my head. It actually seemed easier to quit than to walk through the fear. The book Fearless Living and the work that I have done with Rhonda during the Fearless Living weekends has been pivotal not only in my art but it has set me free in all areas of my life. I am now the artist that I have longed to be.

- Loyce Richards

Thank you for writing your book Fearless Living.  I am on my forth time reading it and each time I learn something new about myself and letting go of my fears.  Thank you and Thank God he made you.  You have been a blessing to me.

- Pebbles Pinnock

"It made so much sense that I actually understood it and realized that I could actually change" 

"I've read many self help books, but Fearless Living is the first one that I could relate to.

- Christine Silvey
Personal & Professional Coach

Fear has been my number one nemesis my entire life and it was not until I read Fearless Living that I really 'got' the power it had in every area of my life
I will forever be grateful to Rhonda for having the courage to give all of us the tools to call fear's bluff.

- Lori-Beth Armstrong
Registered Nurse, Canada

After an abusive childhood, my life was not only consumed by fear, but controlled by it.  After reading Rhonda's book, I discovered the courage to ask for what I need, do what's best for me and to settle for nothing less than fearless living.  Thanks Rhonda.

- Tralee Johnson, MFT
Life Coach, Therapist & Educator

Rhonda lays out a blueprint for courageous living in her exercises, any one of which can rocket you to a new way of living. For example, after I read “No  Expectations,” I saw that I relied on others to fulfill my hopes and telepathically know my expectations, which made for a disappointing and depressing  life.   Now, I create my intention(s) for each day, and care less about the outcomes  and more about the process of joyful living.

- Debbie Vaillancourt
Critical Care RN

After reading Rhonda's books I have an awareness now when "fear" is running my life and I can choose "freedom".  By taking "action" and using all the "skills" and "tools" that I learned I've finally started to live the life I "want" and not the life I thought was "expected" I should have.  Living fearlessly is the "gift" I've given to myself and the "gift" of my "true"self I can now share with others...Thank you Rhonda from the bottom of my heart.

- Julie Towers
Life Coach

Fearless Living is changing my life. Your focus on combating fear is what I have been searching for...for many years.

- Mark Fitzpatrick
CEO Go Fit International

The only reason you wouldn’t buy Fearless Living is the exact reason you must: Everyone has fears, including you! As a successful international entrepreneur, I considered myself fearless until I was introduced to Rhonda Britten. She demystifies fear in such a way that it becomes crystal clear very quickly what has been holding you back, even in the most subtle ways. I want to be more successful, not less. If you do, read this book.

- Deb Hagen-Foley, PhD
Associate Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Research Psychology

Fearless Living, in a word, life-changing. It gives me the ability to stand in my own power by embracing my true self while simultaneously providing the tools to reduce the negative impact of any situation.

- Martha Pasternack
IAC-CC, Director of Coaching Program, Wife, Mother

Fearless Living has taught me about courage; courage to risk being myself, courage to love and be loved, courage to create the life I want to live. And it taught me simple ways to do it.

- DawnMarie Vestivich
Dale Carnegie Corporate Coach and Trainer

There's a reason an author gets defined by their “breakthrough work.” Rhonda’s flagship book joins an elite league of work that penetrates our surface thinking without suffocating us with theory and models. What she experienced at a young age is shocking and ultimately propelled her to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Hearing her story and how she worked through it to be a stronger, more resilient person is the starting point for the rest of us. This is one of those reads that sticks with you; I read Fearless Living 10 years ago and it has undoubtedly altered the way I perceive situations and interactions with others. If you want to understand the 2 underlying emotions that drive our every waking moment (fear and love), you must read this book.

- Larissa Jaye
Singer-Songwriter, Creative Artist

Fearless Living is a book to build your life on. Rhonda Britten has crafted a set of accessible, actionable tools that YOU can use to better your real life. No matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, this work will work for you. And I say this with confidence, and from personal experience – the words on these pages have played a crucial role in my triumph over challenges that have involved everything from body image to grief to relationships to moving to the completing and release of my first album. If you‘re finally ready to live big and turn up the brightness of your own light, read on. Britten’s book is a game-changer, with the power to fundamentally impact every area of your life.

- Tegan Mathews
Small Business Owner, Creative Artist
As for my enthusiasm, i just wanted to pass on a thank you to Rhonda because, after doing substantial work on myself already throughout what has been a colorful life, I couldn’t put my finger on what was holding me back from being all that i was meant to be. Since applying the fearless living principles, I can say that i have found the answer. I am truly excited about the future, what it holds for me and what else i can learn and apply fearlessly both to myself and to others (just purchased another “Fearless Living” book for another friend yesterday...well on my way to an awesome fearbusting team :)
- Tegan Mathews
Small Business Owner, Creative Artist
As for my enthusiasm, i just wanted to pass on a thank you to Rhonda because, after doing substantial work on myself already throughout what has been a colorful life, I couldn’t put my finger on what was holding me back from being all that i was meant to be. Since applying the fearless living principles, I can say that i have found the answer. I am truly excited about the future, what it holds for me and what else i can learn and apply fearlessly both to myself and to others (just purchased another “Fearless Living” book for another friend yesterday...well on my way to an awesome fearbusting team :)
- Carrie Delaney
Therapist, Creative Artist
I’ve read Rhonda’s book twice before and never ever, ever would have imagined that I would have walked away from this weekend with so much insight as to just how much control fear plays in my life. One of the most valuable lessons I learned is just how important and rewarding of an experience it can be to lean on others for support. Having 130+ women and men all in one room supporting each other through this process really shows off Rhonda Britten’s brilliance. I would say it was a life-saving experience and I’d give my friend information on the next Fearless Foundation Workshop. It’s so hard to put this experience into words to people who are still living in their comfort zones because they are afraid to hear my changes.
- Victoria Alsabery
Program Manager

Rhonda’s simple truths continue to teach me every day. Fearless Living showed me how exhausting it is to live in the past and that facing my fears is a lot less painful than living with sadness and guilt from my past mistakes. The past no longer serves me and I try to recognize it by not being a victim and loving myself every day.

- Jennifer Blakely Mode
Eau Claire Wisconsin

Fearless Living taught me that I deserve to be happy and life is too precious to settle for less. It also gave me the courage to do something about it.

- Glynis Ferguson
Freedom from Fear Coaching™, Hong Kong

"What I learned from Fearless Living is that we each have the power to transform our life, to lead a great life; we all need support; and to make meaningful change we need to connect with what's in our heart. What Fearless Living did for me was it gave me practical guidance as to how you can change your life. It worked for me, and I see it working for my clients, again and again. Thank you Rhonda. I'm forever grateful.

- Lori Welter

Rhonda Britten continues to inspire me as an extraordinary life coach who turned her own shattered world around to live a life filled with integrity, gratitude and a passion to share her gifts with others. Her supportive, motivating approach will compassionately guide you to your own fearless path. By sharing her insights and challenging your fears, Rhonda and Fearless Living will lead you, chapter-by-chapter, to ‘live the life your soul intended™’.

- Barbara Metzger

I was shocked that my number one focus was not on my lists even though it has been in the background . . . Excellent . . . as usual . . . I’m looking forward to do the remaining questions on exercises . . . Focus, focus, focus.

- Terry Silver
Accountant, Wife and Mother

Fearless Living is my bible for change. Anything I want to do, Rhonda shows me how to move beyond my insecurities and fears and do it. My life is drastically different, drastically better. Thank you, Rhonda. My husband thanks you too!

- Victoria Loveland-Coen
Author, Spiritual Coach, Founder of Facebook/The Gratitude Experiment
I read Fearless Living 10 years ago when it first came out. It changed my whole perspective back then and continues to this day to empower me in every area of my life. The exercise she encourages us to practice daily about listing 5 acknowledgements and 5 gratitudes positively changed my life and eventually led me to create The Gratitude Experiment.
- Teresa Temple Crone
I was so stymied by fear that I made poor choices and couldn’t figure out why! Fearless Living told me why! It changed my life.
- Hallerin Hilton Hill
Radio TV/Host, Author, Teacher
Rhonda helped me understand this about Fearless Living. When you are consumed and contaminated by FEAR there is LESS living. Fearless Living is really about MORE.
- Kerry Jones
Professional Make-up Artist, Wife, Mom
Without Fearless Living, I truly believe I wouldn't be the person I am now. When I read it I was single and had no confidence with men. Now, I am happily married with two children. Fearless Living was the key. It’s definitely inspirational! But then it comes from Rhonda so that’s to be expected!
- Vicki Carr Garcia
owner of My Kick A** Coach
Fearless Living was the first book that gave me hope that I could have the life I want and be the person I had always wanted to be. I knew I needed to change some things in my life and how I interacted with people but I had no idea how to do it. It's one thing to intellectually understand the topic and it's another thing to know how to put it to work in your life. Fearless Living has practical exercises and examples that clearly show you how to make the
changes you seek.
- Pam Thompson Huffines
Stock Trader
Fearless Living gave me the tools needed to recognize my triggers and now I am more in control of my life instead of life controlling me. I will be forever grateful.
- Deirdre Van Nest
MOT, owner Fire Your Fear, LLC
Rhonda is a master at taking what others tout as theory and breaking it down into actionable steps that get results and change lives! Mine included!
- Dana Mallon
Woman’s Soulfit Expert
Every time I read or listen to Fearless Living I see more of what’s possible in my life. Rhonda’s Fearbuster Exercises helped me to stop surviving and truly live! It’s like a massage for your soul. Thanks Rhonda!
- Rita Kampen
The day I left my marriage I came to a Fearless Living seminar and walked away with one powerful life-changing tool (not to mention the incredible learning and experience) and that was writing down 5 acknowledgements and 5 gratitudes every day. It was like salve when I thought I was going to come out of my skin in the early days. I still practise it five years later and tell everyone this tool was the key to gracious living for me. Thanks Fearless Living!
- Lindsay Boyack
Fearless Living changed my life! Not only did Fearless Living show me why I was stuck, it gave me the tools and how-to to get me moving again. Moving in the direction I wanted, giving me more control of my life. Fearless Living is definitely THE handbook to have, and have handy! So many books out there give you general ideas promising your life with change, Fearless Living gives you actual step-by-step exercises to achieve change!
- Elisa Berger
Everyone I know says I'm a much less uptight person now. I have an inner peace that I never had before. I have tools for handling stressful/painful/frustrat ing situations that would they consumed me before. I feel free!!!
- Erica Hochman Woods
You have allowed me to see that my life is MINE & think I am capable of having the life I want, if I am willing to do the work! =) Thanks Rhonda!
- Susan Swig
Volunteer, Advocate
It has made me a stronger person. I have great self-esteem now thanks to Fearless Living. I have learned to love myself so I can love others more easily. I'm in charge of my fears now they are not in charge of me.
- Pamela Parton Keyser
Author, The Red Glass
It took me to a higher level of relationship with everyone around me. It relaxed me as I learned to live in the NOW. It gave me goals to work on and mastery over issues that had befuddled me for decades. It gave me great new friends who love me enough to tell me the truth.
- Melissa Irene Brakstad
Tuscon, AZ
Fearless Living has taught me how to be accountable and to be mindful when I'm am running on my wheel of fear.
- Rosie Laughlin
Alive and Well Therapies
t is difficult for me to find the words that adequately express the changes I see in my friend, Josie, over the last several weeks since the Fearless Foundation Weekend. I am amazed by the power she has owned and the strength and determination that she is living in. I have ordered your book and I find myself checking the mail daily, because I want to check this out for myself. Just listening to some of her sharing has already triggered me to observe many of my behaviors and choices. It is humbling to recognize how much a roll fear plays in my life. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. If it touches me and others with half the impact it has made in Josie -- this may just change the world. Actually, it already has changed my world. Many blessings as you move forward,
- Ayelet Weisz
University Student, Israel
With Fearless Living, I gained self-worth, personal power and confidence. I was afraid to connect with other people and face the world. Now I have deep friendships and I’m planning a trip abroad to see world wonders and meet new people. I gained independence, accountability to my own commitments and have the courage to follow-through. I live in passion and enthusiasm and have fun! I was about to quit school because I wasn’t perfect, and now I relish in my humanity and am proceeding further in even more fascinating studies. I was the beat-myself-up Queen and now I practice compassion. I love myself for the first time. Thanks to Fearless Living, I literally have gained hundreds of new skills. I know that opportunities are around every corner, and today, life is about turning dreams into reality.
- Lynne Donner
Want the keys to the Ultimate Life? Read Fearless Living. I used to sit around and hope for change. Now, there are no excuses and my life is filled with purposeful intentions! Each page is packed with carefully chosen words that I could actually understand to practice, develop and master change in every area of my life! The results are powerful and measurable. Every chance I get I give a copy to my family, friends and clients. It’s like a secret that is just to good to keep!
- Tama J. Kieves
Author of This Time I Dance!
Rhonda Britten boils down the great wisdom teachings into simple do-able practices that can flood your life with love and gratitude. Her tools are easy to use and take you past self-help jargon--into the heart of your own daily transformation.
- Mark Sansoucy
MindEngines Inc, Father, Husband
Over the last 10 years, the tools and skills of Fearless Living have supported me to go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything. I have learned to love better, father better and become a better me. Read it, then live it.
- Lisa Cunnard
Just wanted to thank you for an informative Change Your Life in 30 Days. At the beginning of the class I did not have a clue how to apply the principles of Fearless Living to my life let alone change it in 30 days and now it is so clear!! Please tell every person that you meet that is physically challenged in some way that they too can apply these principles because you know someone that did it!! 
- Lindsay Boyack
FFW Graduate
FLI has changed my life!!! The FFW in NYC was awesome!!! I now have word's, feelings, and reasons to give to what I have been going through. Rhonda is brilliant and has saved my life!! There is nothing I could ever say to thank her as much as she deserves. She deserves a medal for all she does, she is changing the world, one fearless, compassionate person at a time. Thank you Rhonda and the FLI team!!!
- KEN thiel
Rhonda, I read your book 4 years ago after my wife left (after 25 years of marriage). I just
came from meeting with her for the first time in 5 years. Instead of being dragged down I
was able to be me and feel good about myself. Instead of shrinking back in fear (as I lived
most of my life) I was firm yet compassionate without compromise. Thank you again for
sharing your story.
- Winifred Murray
Rhonda Britten's words entered my heart and wouldn't let go. I thought I would never
learn how to be in a relationship. Fearless Loving taught me everything I need to know.
- Sunny September
Small Business Owner
I am no longer the little girl with big fears of a relationship, wishing, waiting and
expecting that one day I’d be ready. I was beginning to risk, step outside of my comfort
zone, and become the love I feared; and love is finding me. With Rhonda’s wisdom, and
the powerful self-exercises in Fearless Loving, I’m learning I am my own highest
commitment and her words continue to guide me to honor, practice and step into the
power and purpose my soul intended.
- Cindee Ball
Dental Hygienist
Fearless Loving has given me the confidence and the tools to date for the first time in 8
years. More importantly, I have discovered who I am and I like me!
- Janelle
Reading your book, Fearless Loving has given me so much insight; I just cannot believe
it. I am currently in a long distance relationship, which if I’m honest I saw very little hope
of it surviving early last year. Thanks to your book I am now fully committed to this
relationship and so very happy. Your book taught me to recognize the difference
between fear and freedom, and that I have a choice. The best part is I am opening up
and confessing my fears to my partner and it is bringing us closer. My fearless attitude
also works with my sixteen year old daughter, who is going through a very rough stage
at the moment and trying to drive me insane.
- Paula West
I am in the process of reading Fearless Loving and I am learning so much from every
single page. I laugh and cry and find myself pondering some of the more personal
issues that are at the core of everyone's heart. I know every person can relate, on
some level, to your personal story and be able to use the tools that you offer.
- Cynthia Kersey
Author of "Unstoppable"
Rhonda Britten walks her talk - she IS fearless! There is no one better to share this powerful message and demonstrate how to move beyond fear and create success in every area of your life.
- Angie Crain
Rhonda, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have let the past 10 years dictate my life. I want the long term "feel good" and you have coached me on getting started. You have changed my life!
- Kimberly Truitt
Thank you! You moved me to tears. You are an incredible speaker and very inspirational. I'll remember this hour for a lifetime.
- Sherry Blunt
Rhonda made making 3 'major' changes in thinking sound easily reasonable and do able. Very thought-provoking entertainment!
- Celeste Chan-Wolfe
Finally...tools I can use to clarify my decisions and empower my vision. Totally recommend it!
- Linda Uvquozu
Exec. Assistant, Economic Development
Fearless Living gave me some concrete ideas on how to become more fearless in my life. It also gave me some very good examples on how to implement the solutions suggested. Thank you.
- Wendy Peddicord
Business Owner
Powerful and empowering! Rhonda went to the core of my being!
- Jennifer McNeil
Music Publishing
When working with Rhonda, I see possibilities I have never seen before. She activates my potential.
- Joan Turner
Talent Manager
Concrete exercises that give you a new perspective. Rhonda is astute and entertaining!
- Jonna Lemes
Corporate Trainer and Coach
WOW! The Fearless Foundation Weekend blew my mind. This has been the missing piece for me. My partner and I fight about an eighth as much as we did prior to the program, and I am beginning to trust myself and accept my life without resignation. Thank you for the missing piece. I know that the change is happening at a very deep level for me. This is not just behavior modification, this is changing the way I see myself and it is changing the lens that I look through to see the world.
- Joan Boykin
Director of Marketing, Celestial Seasonings, Inc.
I'm getting so much out of Fearless Living. It's a simple yet powerful approach that absolutely works given commitment. Interesting that I studied psychology at the graduate level for 4 years and never met or worked with psychologists that address fear as completely as Rhonda. In fact, in psychology, few analyze the anatomy of fear. The emphasis is on treatment of symptoms and coping mechanisms. In contrast, the Fearless Living program dissects to understand, prevent and overcome--and does so through sensible, practical, memorable models and "lesson plans." Rhonda is a poignant testament to the power of adversity harnessed for positive growth and personal transformation.
- Marisa Anchondo
Account Manager, Blue Shield
Rhonda showed me how to manage my time, stop beating myself up and become more accountable which will help build on of my objective: Ultimate Integrity.
- Bonnie Weigel
I now have an incredible drive to live my life completely, with desire, passion and without fear. Rhonda helped me to see that the only thing standing in my way of my dreams are my own "excuses" that I had so carefully created. Fearless Living: The way I will live from now on!
- Dave Pelzer
New York Times bestselling author of "A Child Called 'It'"
and "A Man Named Dave"
Fearless Living is an inspiring, life-saving book. Rhonda Britten can show you how to leave your fear behind and live your life with freedom and joy. I have learned a great deal from Fearless Living, and I recommend this book to anyone looking to make his or her life better.
- Dr. Michael Beckwith
Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center
In "Fearless Living", Rhonda Britten has exposed fear for the imposter that it is. "Fearless Living" has the potential to neutralize any fear-based habits standing between you and the fulfillment of your destiny. Fear will flee in the face of your self-dominion as you master the powerful principles she has perfected through her own practice.
- Larry Bridge
President, Red Car Production Company
I know a 'hit' when I see one. Rhonda is a 'hit'! She has overcome her past, mastered the present, and shows others how to do the same. Rhonda Britten exemplifies 'Fearless Living'.
- Russell Stockard
show host, Talk Radio

From the first time I saw you speak, I knew I was in the presence of a human being who had overcome all her fears. No excuses, no doubts, no hesitation

- Greg Watson
Press Cut Industries
Fearless Living' will help me be a better manager, employee, husband and father.
- Tobey Dodge
Owner of The Wedding Connection
By sharing your very personal story of great tragic loss, you take away any barriers I or anyone else might use to keep from living life to the fullest.
- Anni Edwards
Creative Director
Rhonda helped me understand why I feel, at times, like a rat on a treadmill and she showed me what to do about it!
- Betty Ruiz
Hispanic Profession Roundtable
You need to do this workshop so you can heal yourself
- Michelle Scrushy
I am almost done with Change Your Life in 30 Days. It's such a great book and it has changed me so much. I have always said that a book can’t change you but my husband has told me that my attitude and the way I am with my children has changed.
- Kim Walne
FFW Graduate
I have achieved much success, faced life-threatening situations, and survived terrible loss in my life. I am called strong and courageous by many people-however, all my life I have lived in a constant state of fear. FFW has given me specific tools and skills to now realize what fuels this fear as well as how to manage it so that I can live the life I am truly meant to live. Every human on the planet should take this workshop!
- Dawn Denise Joyner
Minister, FFW Graduate
Rhonda, for the first time ever in my life, I feel like I can live. I feel like I can breathe and experience the breath in my body in oneness and wholeness. Is my system totally shocked by all of the information I received this weekend? Absolutely! Did I get to see and experience myself? Yikes, yes I did. Today I woke up with clarity and fire. I had no desire to hurry up and do and tell because now I have the answer. Instead I enjoyed the freedom in taking my time with choice. THIS PROCESS IS A MUST IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING - I THINK TONY ROBBINS NEEDS TO TAKE YOUR COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART HAS OPENED IN A WAY I DID NOT THINK WAS POSSIBLE! I thank you, I love you, I have deep appreciation for you and I look forward to growing with you!
- Lisa Arms
Media Relations, FFW Graduate
The Fearless Living Training is a combination of an owner’s manual and a toolbox. It moved me to the life I desired by guiding me through the process of self- evaluation to self-acceptance and self-love. It gave me awareness that years of counseling hadn’t even scratched the surface on. And the Fearless Tools serve me in any situation in all areas of my life.
- Nayan Agarwal
I heard Rhona for the first time today & I have learnt so much in just an hour with her. I am honoured  to know her  & to follow her.
- Cindy Dawson
Rhonda has been through hell and back- and will talk to you about ANYTHING.
- Christine Bruneau
Your book, Change Your Life in 30 Days, is truly a life-saving piece of work. I used it to quit drinking but it did so much more. It made me aware of every moment of every day. It truly made me fearless. I find that I am truly listening to people when they talk to me. I have a lot of employees now coming into my office just to chat and I now know that I am important in their lives; someone that they feel comfortable with. How awesome can that be. Thank you.
- Lauren Baggen
Rhonda is not only energetic, inspiring and passionate, she does what most motivational speakers miss: Rhonda gives concrete, everyday suggestions, solutions and activities.
- Connie Tuberville
I think that is my favorite Rhonda Book. I keep it handy. Sometimes I need to hit the reset button and this has been a big help to me.
- Pat Sorensen
Fearless Living has been extremely helpful. Rhonda, you need your own talk show!
- Sarah Disbrow
The concepts presented [Fearless Living] are so useful, easy to understand and can be integrated in daily life - to overcome the biggest influencer in our lives - FEAR
- Lisa Davis
production Manager, Horland Corp.
I learned that giving out expectations are de-motivating and consequences need to be clear up front.
- Debbie Mrazek
President, The Sales Company
Rhonda showed me how to communicate more effectively regarding what I am trying to accomplish and engage others who want to help
- Linda Howard
Director of Marketing, Travis Wolff
I've been to so many workshops and coaching seminars. Rhonda's has been the most helpful because of the practical tools that can be applied in small bits.
- Lucy Gonzalez
V.P. of Quality, Mission Foods
Fearless Living will most definitely help me overcome my fear of not being a good leader and good mom.
- Ron O'Brien
Quality Manager, Raytheon
Great methods given to help change my life.
- Judi Debrick
Production Mgr., Harland Corp.
I learned how to acknowledge my deepest fears and how to deal with them.
- Cheryl Knight
Fearless Living gave me a chance to start, a chance to try life without fear.
- Michelle Eberhar
Personnel Tech, County of San Bernadino
I'm just starting over after divorcing my husband of 10 years. Rhonda's rules for 'Fearless Living' give me the tools to make my new life GREAT!
- Michelle Eberhar
Personnel Tech, County of San Bernadino
I'm just starting over after divorcing my husband of 10 years. Rhonda's rules for 'Fearless Living' give me the tools to make my new life GREAT!
- Fran
Personnel Tech, County of San Bernadino

Rhonda, you explain it beautifully. Fear is the enemy. It is so that our internal battles are
the most difficult battles. You are right fear is the enemy. It is so that internal battles are
the most difficult ones! That is why it is inspiring to witness people who have overcome
it and learnt to live their trueselves in a fearless way. You are inspiring!

- Angela
Rhonda, Thank you!! Fear has ruled me for many years, and now I am taking my power back! Many blessings to you.
-Julia Hofer
Rhonda Britten and all my Fearless Mentor friends. I have to say it’s been 1 year since we started the Fearless Mentor Program and it has been a powerful changing force in my life. I did FLTP two times at the same time as FMP last year. My life looks the same but I’m totally different. I have a new BFF and her name is: BOUNDARIES! And I was scared to death of her and now I love her. Boundaries filters everything for me now including my past and the interactions I had with my Family of origin. And I’m a better mom now because I understand now that “structure” for kids is the same as my very own “boundaries.” And I now feel it: I am Ridiculously in charge of my own life. Thx R, I am a man of fear, and at 45, I think I have had enough. Fear is holding me back, and lets me live a life of, sad to say, below income for fear of rejection, and not being right. Love to hear more!
- Ariana Spillane
This might be the most outstanding learning from this course. I see now that if I am rejected it is not personal, just that someone disagrees with my philosophies – and the rejection means that I am staying true to me – yea – as opposed to mutating myself to please everyone else. An unbelievable eye opener. My relationships started to change too. Last summer I broke off a 5 year (very unhealthy, unloving) relationship. In it I had mutated to get love, which never came. The result was that my partner and I had to sell a co-owned home around the holidays. I was able to nurture myself thru that difficult and stressful process. As Rhonda Taught me: ‘take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself.”
- Lisa Cunnard
Just wanted to thank you for an informative Change Your Life in 30 Days. At the beginning of the class I did not have a clue how to apply the principles of Fearless Living to my life let alone change it in 30 days and now it is so clear!! Please tell every person that you meet that is physically challenged in some way that they too can apply these principles because you know someone that did it!!
- Kellie Hassler
WOW! What has NOT changed!!! My new fearless things since Change Your Life in 30 Days are the following: being a part of a dance group (1st time ever), got on the community group last night but I did not know what to do with it after I got in there (1st time ever). YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! To every word spoken in this course. Sending love and deep gratitude to this new awakening. Thank you Rhonda for all you do!!
- Sarah Spell
I truly, fully believe that my darkest days are behind me. Will difficulties come? Yes. The difference is that now I have the tools that work and the confidence to use them. I have support and know how to ask for it. This deep knowledge – beyond intellectual knowing – this is heaven.
- Janet
This has been the power powerful 30 days of choosing ME! It’s been a new beginning for me and as these calls come to a close, I see a new beginning for me to continue changing my life in so many fabulous, meaningful and life affirming ways. So grateful to and for you Rhonda Britten!
- Linda Knoll
This course is more than a laser beam, it’s like open heart surgery for me! You have given me a new lease on life. The veil has been lifted; my eyes can now see me instead of the distortion I had come to believe. Thank you for the strength and insight you have given me. I have been waiting so long to open this gift and now I am delicately removing the wrapping and discovering the me God created. This is exactly what I needed. I am so grateful.
- Dave Moore
Yesterday I spent hours reflecting on this course and doing the lists. What an amazing day. I see my insights are changing dramatically, but so is my LIFE. I want to keep going.
- Lois Roth
This beautiful 30 day course has given me the push to really examine reality...I am forever grateful to you, this experience and the God of our being.
- Ron Schatz
Through this program, I am coming back to slowly to love myself more. What a gift I have now. My losses have given me this opportunity to be blessed now with the insight that everything I need can be filtered by slowing down and looking inward at my true self. I am willing to court this paradigm, allowing my intention, commitment, contentment to produce effects which will align my purpose, passion and needs. This is course is opening my eyes. Thank you Rhonda.
- Elaine
This course is a form of self-love. In loving myself, I feel I have more to give to others.
- Janet
Good morning all! This has been the most powerful 30 days of choosing ME! It’s been a new beginning for me and as these calls come to a close, I see a new beginning for me to continue changing my life in so many fabulous, meaningful and life affirming ways. So grateful to and for you Rhonda Britten!
- Valerey Davidson
Good morning Rhonda. Thank You for these amazing coaching mornings – every day you lead us deeper into understanding our fears and how to move past them.
- Linda
Rhonda, the veil has been lifted, my eyes can now see me instead of the distortion I had come to believe. Thank you for the strength and insight you have given me. I have been waiting so long to open this gift and now I am delicately removing the wrapping and discovering the me, God created. May you be blessed in all you do and everything and everyone you touch! Looking forward to Create a Year! I am sending you my deep gratitude and love, xoxoxo
- Dave
Good morning! Yesterday I spend hours reflecting on CYL and doing the lists. What an amazing day. I see my insights are changing dramatically, but so is my LIFE. I want to keep going.
- Susie
Hello everybody! So many aha moments, so much shifting and happening, as I’m beginning to do life in a different way, Rhonda – thank you; this course is the best ever! I’m finding my people, and this feels like ‘home’. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Susan B
I am awakening to a new journey each and every day. It is exciting to realize I can become the outrageous courageous being I imagined.
- Joanne
I feel like my life has been unlocked and the door is now open! I never, ever thought I was going to have hope again. I just thought I would go along having given up on happiness in ALL areas of my life. I feel whole.
- Ronald
Wow! Your Lecture yesterday! I can see now that my Intention is innate power or capacity of energy waiting for an opportunity to express through me. It is always available to me within any given moment of my awareness. I am now Willing to be Willing to Practice accepting this Intrinsic Light(energy)... By being Present, meaning Stepping Back to Watch myself take actions that are True and Authentic to my Nature. From all this anything is possible. Rhonda, I am so Grateful for your gifts of insights
- Linda
Rhonda, it’s more than a lazer beam, it’s like open heart surgery for me! You have given me a new lease on life with your views on this topic. I feel the veil lifting! Exactly what I needed, I am so very grateful.
- Kendall
Rhonda, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for being such a beautiful example of forgiveness as true freedom .
- Kellie
Rhonda you are speaking into an experience I just had last night, I had a huge encounter with my fear. It took me somewhere I did not want to be. I was fully participating in the reality and I was able to voice it and release it. That was my yesterday but this morning I woke up singing in my soul to a new me. Thanks for this work. It’s been a beautiful way to see me blossom.
- Midge
Good morning. . . I am redefined my self moment my moment. Thank You, Rhonda for spearheading this momentum in my life. I know that I have changed my life in the last 30 days. Now I am ready to redefine myself today.
- Jacquie
My heart is so full right now. I feel so free and light. Letting go of what I’ve held onto from the past! That is now who I am anymore that is not how I have to live anymore! Just what I needed to hear after recent insights! Amazing! Thank You, Rhonda!
- Debra
Rhonda thank you for being you, for paving the path of fearless living so that we could all be here in this moment with you living our life fearlessly.
- Sharon Wharton
Today was Day 21, and I truly cannot believe how far I have come in 3 weeks with loving myself. A few nights ago I took this self-portrait, and when I saw it, I saw the new me that loves herself. I made a print of it and put it on my mirror, because looking into my own eyes has never felt so good. I do not think I could have made this photo with this kind of peaceful knowing look on my face 3 weeks ago. Thank you all again and again for sharing this journey with me!
- Valerie Wolford
I love Starting Over! I find something in each of the women that I can relate to...
- Cathy
I am attempting to integrate all this information. Much of it is new for me. I thought I had heard everything about self-help and self-love, not so. I learned that self-love does not make me selfish or leave me alone. I always thought the only way to love myself was to avoid those that cross my boundaries.
- Cheryl Morrow
My wife and I have watched “Starting Over” from almost the beginning, and I am totally blown away by the show. The portion that I like the most is the section about Andy and her progression from beginning to now, and what a difference Rhonda has made in her life
- Cindy Delbouno
Let me begin by thanking you for you show, “Starting Over”. While on vacation 2 weeks ago, I discovered it & for some reason you intrigued me.
- Beatrice

Dear Rhonda, You know the saying “it’s never too late” . . . well it is true! I am 89 years
old and the last ten weeks have been very informative. I appreciate what I have learned
from you. I realize how much of my life was lived with “unspoken expectations” . . . I
understand so much about why they were the way they were . . . and whey they are the
way they are. Thank you for the insight. A couple of things I need to review . .. Stretch,
Risk, or Die. Really grateful, Love and Hugs

- Catherine

Thank you Rhonda, I have learned many things that get me blocked especially in
relationships. I am a high risk taker, but like you pointed out in one of the videos I don’t
do it in the areas that are really scary, like being in a relationship that I know may work,
like being in a career I know will succeed, like living in a home I know I will want to stay,
I guess I fear the most is success so I am dedicated to being fearless in each of these
areas, in tiny steps because that seems to work the best, I realized I can still do risky
things like sky diving, race car driving, living in different countries while having a stable
growing life in all these areas the most. It is so scary for me I stop breathing thinking of
it, but I have been doing little things that signify commitment to growth and strength in
all areas of my life. I really want to be married and be financially growing and be of
service to others without compromising myself.

- Linda

I sit her with tears streaming down my face as I say Yest to Me! Yeah! A thousand times

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I thought when I started
that I would be “wrapping up” all the work I’ve been doing with various programs, etc
these past few years as it turns out. I had no idea both how deep and how high this
would take me. Knowing these aspects of myself now is a priceless gift.

There is nothing to stop me now. The new era is here. And you helped birth this in all of

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful self who had the courage to find your
way inside you to bring all this forth.

Much love and many blessings to you such a shining light. Now it’s time to let my own
light shine as never before.

- Peggy
I have already begun the program for week one and actually am watching on my laptop computer at home. I have gone through all the videos for week one and have done the fearbusting exercises as well. I am still deciding which area I will focus on for the year ahead so will go deeper into that section. I was so enthralled I finished all the videos within two days. Today is day four and I listened to the video mp3 video 1 through 5 again and made more entries into my Fearless Living notebeook. I have had som eownderul insights. To be able to identify all the reactions that have been automatic especially recognizing procrastination and hurt feelings as fear and knowing so much is what was inherited from ancestors physical and emotional fears, plus the physiology of fear is so usefuland such great support itself. Al of this knowing brings me incredible amounts of encouragement to move ahead and being to create a life that can be more an expression of the true me . . . the fearless me yay! I also have taken action with going through and facing up and naming the fear that came up in the moment, as well as releasing a lot of tears with a buddy. I noticed all the bodily sensations and emotional energy as it was happening. I could see the way I was wanting to run away and disappear. To blame the other person and the want to withdraw from the interaction and be unpleasant and critical to them. The person triggered an old tyrant kind of personality thing I used to have with my older sister and I was able to talk it through with her afterwards and it was quite a breakthrough for me. I felt this was the stretch/risk zone and after the conversation I felf physically quite shell shocked for a few hours. I woke this morning and feel much better but there is still some sadness/hurt residue. I feel very proud of myself. But I don’t necessarily want to work with this person again. I guess it will come up anyway in life if I haven’t fully released it or resolved the fear. Thank Rhonda what a ride. You and your program have created such an amazing awareness for me already. Looking forward to the weeks ahead and to finding out more about my fearless living reality.
- Bonnie Barnardeggy
The Fearless Living Program brought home many of the teachings of Religious Science in a way that is accessible to the many. The Wheel of Fear showed me my false patterns and the Wheel of Freedom was the Truth of God as me. Rhonda's brilliant work around expectations is making tangible the Buddhist concept of attachment and its natural path to creating suffering. The training showed me how I could talk about Universal Principles with clients or the public in ways that embraced the innate yearning we have outside of religious boundaries. The Fast Track Program provided me with coaching and questioning tools which have provided a stronger foundation in working with clients. I recommend this program to my colleagues as one which ought to strengthen their practice. Thank you Rhonda for this body of work.
- Natalie Machado
I am so touched by your honesty and the way you reach out while teaching your Fearless Living course. I have laughed and cried, and most importantly, I’ve felt the shackles dropping away. I am continuing to write and produce more of my Yogurtland episodes, and I have to tell you that with each one, I’m gaining more confidence. My fear has been holding me back in my auditions and my on-camera work for so long. I LOVED the series you did where you helped that actress overcome her fears and put together the hosting segment. That continues to inspire me. Thank you for all that you do. You are making this world a better place, and I’m telling everyone I see struggling with fear about your course. It’s a life-change. You are such a gift.
- Cathy Mckeown
This course was one of the best I have taken from the fearless living institute. It was more than I would normally spend, I could barely afford it; but I wanted to know how self-love works so badly that I took the risk. After I took the 21 days of love course, I felt that it was priceless. I had no idea what self-love was. I didn't know what to expect. I thought that self-love was about treating myself to manicures, bubble baths and a bunch of hollow affirmations that mean nothing to me that I don't believe it anyway. I also felt that since I couldn't love myself that it meant that I was screwed and couldn't have the life I wanted, because they say unless you love yourself no one else will. I found information here that I have never heard before, for example "about being worth loving" and "that no one can take away my self-love "or just because I'm upset with myself doesn't have to make me stop loving myself "or take away my love for myself" or "that self-love was given to me at birth". The things that Rhonda said were so mind blowing and stuff you can get no where else. A lot of people preach the concept of self love, but no one tells you how to do it and what it actually looks like day to day. I feel that I have taken away a blueprint for self-love that I will have with me for life. It was like food or nourishment that I didn't know that I needed. I can't honestly believe how I feel after taking this course. I feel more grounded and accepting of myself. I feel less dependent on others’ opinions of me. I love when Rhonda said that you can have a bad day, feel stupid, feel like you did something wrong and still love yourself. No one talks about this stuff the way Rhonda does and I mean no one. No one tells you how to love yourself, or what it looks like when life gets in the way of feeling good about yourself. Rhonda answered all those questions I was dying to ask, but had nowhere to go and no one to ask. None of the “love yourself” guru's tell you how they love themselves and gives you steps they have taken. No one that I have heard of gives you answers on how to love yourself In the negative moments of life. Rhonda is so human and her humanity gives me permission to be human and love myself and allow others to do the same. I feel so healed. Time will tell if these effects are long lasting, but so far so good. Thank you thank you Rhonda you're one of a kind and have the most unique and needed voice out there. The world needs your message never stop what you are doing. Thanks again I'll never forget what you did for me.
- Lyn
There is so much here, it’s so dense I almost can’t take it all in. It’s almost like I need to love myself more in order to set the boundaries in my life that will change things.
- Mary
I learned the healthy and unhealthy ways we can use boundaries.
- Candace Brindley
'm not feeling all that articulate and eloquent today, but you'll know what I mean. Your 21 Days of Love eventually got through to even me - old crusty me! I'm a hard case, but I couldn't resist your funny, creative, and heartfelt messages day after day telling me all the ways and reasons I should give myself permission to start loving myself. You broke down every barrier to loving myself I had inside me. In the beginning it was overwhelming, but ultimately I was singing along to the "I Feel Happy" song every morning, adding little love notes to my big flower vase, and noticing all the love coming my way. What I realize is that you gave me 21 proactive behaviors that got me off my Wheel of Fear and onto my Wheel of Freedom. These are timeless ways to free me from fear. From fear to love! It felt like you were writing personal notes to me for a month! I love you Rhonda!
- Susan
To practice setting boundaries by becoming aware or alert myself to my feelings, then determine it is time to set a boundary, and consider enforcement and negotiating it. I like the script and memorizing it.
- Amy
I want to practice living in peace and loving me no matter what. I will trust this . . . thank you. My heart is growing open to this and to your words. Letting them sink in. I can’t even thank you enough.
- Barbara
Going through growth spurts have a time period of uncomfortable . . . feel like not solid ground, a beginner . . . and then we can step into the new expanded beliefs and self . . . Observe not judge emotions . . .
- Cathy
I learned that it is ok to accept your negative feelings and to check in with how I am doing. It’s such a relief to know that you can experience the full range of emotions and love yourself. I always thought you had to push the less desirable feelings aside.
- Lyn
One thing? I guess it’s that I can’t write fast enough to capture all the words that moved me.
- Taisha
One thing I got from the call – distinction between sacrifice vs. being driven by a souls’ calling.
- Cathy
I got that I was worthy of love just because I am alive. Also know that it’s way beyond the bubble bath. That is what I got out of the course. I feel I finally have a blueprint for loving myself priceless thanks. I don’t know anywhere else I could have got this knowledge.
- Barbara
I can NOT earn self love . . . It is a decision to gift myself with innocence, a willing heart to love myself . . . willingness to grow, make new choices to release punishing and keeping score of past issues . . . they are SO YESTERDAY . . . Anchor the self love . . . allow that open heart for me . . . Exceptional, excellent, memorable, impactful call . . . thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Cathy
Mindblowing. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken from the Fearless Living Institute. I still feel this content is so new and I am learning so much. I am glad I registered for the plus package as I have listened to the first call 4x and still haven’t integrated it all.
- Melissa Schachter
Today is day 5 for me and I LOVE the audio message from Rhonda. I recorded it and plan to listen to it every morning! I love the message that Rhonda gives . . . “you matter,” the gentle tone of her voice, and the pledge to ourselves that she asks us to say out loud. Right now I don’t believe these things about me being enough as I am . . . but if I listen to this audio every morning eventually perhaps I will . . .
- Kathy S.
After the first class, I got a job! I had been unemployed 18 months! Miracle! I have to confess, I joined Create-A-Year-that-Matters because I was looking for a miracle. I had been unemployed for 18 months and had been on over 150 job interviews. Each time I got an interview, I had hoped that this one would be different but after so many interviews and being rejected so many times, I started doubting that anyone would hire me. I knew I had skills but I couldn’t figure out why no one was willing to take a chance on me. What was I doing wrong? My benefits were running out and I knew things had to turn things around quick but nothing I tried was working until I signed up for Create-A- Year-that-Matters. During the first Group Coaching Call, I had listened intently to Rhonda and even asked a question. That’s when I got it. I heard exactly what I needed to hear to actualize my potential. Within 24 hours after the first class, I had my 151st job interview but this time, everything changed because I had changed. I got an offer on the spot. It was a miracle and I couldn’t be happier. Thank You Rhonda.
- Sarah Hallman
Beyond the Core Pilates Studio
Before Create-A-Year, I had no confidence in my future and felt like a complete failure. I always had a dream of opening my own Pilates studio but I didn’t know how and I definitely didn’t have the money. I had done research on how much it would cost to won all the pilates machines plus pay the local going rate for rent and knew, with the amount of clients I had, I couldn’t make a go of it. It was just too expensive and I didn’t believe I could do it. That is, until I listened to the first Group Coaching Call of Create-A-Year-that-Matters. After that first call, I was so inspired and motivated that not only did I start believing that maybe I could do it, I DID it! The very next day after listening to the replay of the first Group Coaching Call, I started calling on some studios and found one that is perfect for me. I had been sitting on this dream for more than a year and truly believed it was not possible. That was over two years ago. Not only have I been able to afford my rent month after month but I’ve made more money that I ever thought possible plus I am attracting celebrity clients and found my purpose working with clients experiencing severe pain. I can’t believe I am saying this but money is no longer an issue in my life. And it gets better. With my new self-confidence, I’ve attracted the man of my dreams and am engaged to be married. Something that I also didn’t think was possible two years ago. All of these changes began when I joined Create-A-Year-that-Matters. I look at my life now and am so grateful that I decided to quit stalling, took the risk and signed up for the Create-A-Year-that-Matters Course. I can say with confidence that joining Create-A-Year-that-Matters was the best decision of my life.
- Erin Sabota
I didn’t know what I wanted to create in my life. I just knew I wanted my life to be different. Well, not only did I find my purpose, I started to actually DO IT. Talk about a miracle. Create-A-Year changed my life. Do whatever you can to take it. Your life won’t be the same
- Jill Kerry
Since I took Create-A-Year last year, I’ve lost thirty pounds, changed my job and started dating. I truly did create a completely different year. And it’s been a lot easier than I thought. I was one of those people who was waiting for the timing to be right. But the timing was never right. I dove in last year with nothing to lose. Thank You Rhonda. Create-A-Year was the best investment I ever made in myself.
- Montana
What did I get? Lots my bottom line don’t let a week go by without working on my primary focus and when I doubt – see each session as moving along rope and having an anchor so when I start going adrift I can Stop Decide but I suppose the most important thing I got out of this call is asking myself the question “am I becoming more of who I want to be?”
- Rayya
If growing, expanding, learning is moving forward then I have definitely been doing that every day of my life – that is my primary motivation in life, always has been. I think my current issue is not so much becoming more me, as that is something I can absolutely trust myself to do. It’s more about where do I put my energies – where can I make the greatest contribution? What kind of contribution do I want to make? Thank you for reminding me I am definitely more kinaesthetic so I am going to focus on ‘how do I want to feel?’ – that was my starting point for transforming my orientation to dating which led me to my lovely man – so that is very helpful, thank you.
charlotte profile picture
- Charlotte Gray
Life Coach

Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten should be mandatory reading for anyone who is tired of feeling stuck in their life.  This book shaves 20 years off of "talk" therapy and gets to the core of what keeps you from creating the life you desire.  It is a book of wisdom and action steps that will allow you to soar to any heights you set for yourself.  After you read this book, you'll be left with little excuse for not living the life you want!

- Penny McShane
Plant Nursery Supervisor

I always knew that fear governed most of my decisions.  I read “Fearless Living” in two days.  I now see each day as a series of choices and intentions, not fear and reactions.  Life has become victories small and great, not fear of failure.

- Karen BroeN

Rhonda's concept of how fear runs all our lives, as described in Fearless Living really hit home.  Through the book, I finally began to understand why I do things that I do and this awareness is so important since it is the first step in change.  I am continually amazed at how the elements of Rhonda's fear/freedom concept can be applied to each and every person and therefore help everyone to change their life.

- Jo Ann McManamy Ph.D.

I was constantly disappointed at other peoples’ inability to fill my needs. I learn though reading Fearless Living that I am my own creative force. New opportunities for my growth and success present themselves everyday. All my key relationships have improved. Thank you Rhonda.

- Bj Garnaus
High School Employee - Clerical

Wow!  I had no idea that fear was running my life until I read Fearless Living.  What an eye-opener!  And as I began learning and using the tools I found in the book and doing the exercises in every chapter, I starting thinking for the first time that maybe it really is possible to master fear.  Thank you, Rhonda, for writing a book that filled in all the blanks for me and teaching me that it IS true!  I really can master fear!

- Josie Sullivan
Artist/ Life Coach

After reading Fearless Living and doing all of the exercises, I began to see how I had let fear block my creativity and keep me from letting anyone see my artwork. Four years later I am an active showing artist and I frequently turn to this book for encouragement when I feel that fear is keeping me from having the life I want. Thank You Rhonda!

- Barbara Sparhawk
Social Worker

Fearless Living was a real wake-up call that I have the choice to live in Freedom rather than Fear and be proactive in moving forward in life instead of expecting things to happen to me.  My relationships are enhanced and I have found my passion.

- Deborah Narraway
Cake Decorator

I finished reading Fearless Living two weeks before my husband declared he was leaving our nine year marriage.  My past behavior when being confronted was to become aggressive, defensive and blame.  This would likely have been the end of our marriage as he has said he would have left that night had I displayed such behavior.  Instead I was able to recall tools from Rhonda's book and listen, ask for clarity and process the conversation.  Our marriage has a fighting chance thanks to Fearless Living.

- Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse, Life Coach

I didn’t know what fear was until I read Fearless Living.  Now I am a better role model for my children and I teach others how to treat me.

- Michelle Ward
Restaurant Owner

After I read Fearless Living my life changed so much. Before I read the book I felt powerless to make my life better, yet with the support of Fearless Living I realized I could change it one step at a time. I now know that compassion for self, a support system, and accountability will carry me thru every circumstance.

- Michael Goonan
Weight Watchers Leader

After reading Fearless Living, I realized that I wasn't a loser, that I mattered and that I loved myself enough to create the positive changes needed in order to "live the life my soul intended". Thank you Rhonda!!!!

- Sheila

You've changed a very troubled and confused person into someone that is doing something about my life!

For the first time I am seeing the obstacles that I choose and am toppling them and am conquering my fears.  THANK YOU.

You literally saved my life.

- Rev. Diane Harmony
Universal Harmony Inc.

Fearless Living has deepened my commitment to live in Oneness in God.

- Julie Sample
Real Estate Agent

After only one day I have been able to see some of the reasons that have been holding me back.  I thought it was my weight!  I  have spent thousands of dollars on weight programs and doctors only to read "Fearless Living" and find out that it is fear not weight that is holding me back. I look forward to getting free!

- Carol Knight

Fearless Living helped me realize I was hiding in a "safe" job and encouraged me to take the step I needed to take to "change my life".

- Gerard Thacher

I am a survivor of three traumatic brain injuries (also called TBI). After my last accident, I was having a very hard time trying to cope with my family, friends, and most of all, myself. I had feelings of inadequecies, self worthlessness, and had a burning desire to runaway.  (and I'm 51 years old!)

I had just read Rhonda Britten's book Fearless Living.  In this book, Rhonda has helped me out. I still have my problems that go along with the TBI, but I can't tell you how much her experiences and her insight has meant to me. I now realize what had happened to me psychologically. After that last accident,  I played a role in giving people permission to beat me up at the same time as I was beating myself up.

My passion is slowly coming back and I feel more alive.

Rhonda, has won my love and my respect. Thank you and God Bless Rhonda.

- Laura Van Wormer

I don't care how many therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, spiritual disciplines or workouts you've done, reading Fearless Living will fill you with a whole new sense of just how wonderful life can be-and is in this very moment.

- Fay Corinotis
Manager, Children's TV

Fearless Living has been the biggest gift of all!  By showing me my Wheel Of Fear and how to get off it, suddenly years of dysfunctional patterns made perfect sense and I could stop beating myself up over them and move to using my energy for joyful, creative, fun things instead.  Rhonda, your wisdom has given me a whole new life! I will be eternally grateful!!!

- Patty Harrer
LA California

Fearless Living made educated me about fear and helped me to understand how much I was allowing fear to run my life.  The tools I learned  from Fearless Living and Change Your Life in 30 Days help me to gain the confidence to drop the armor I'd been carrying for 40 years and to allow myself to become vulnerable and open with others in my life.  The relationships I have now are open and honest and I feel truly loved by others as well as truly loving others.  Rhonda you are amazing!  Thank you.

- Cindy Garcia

Wow, I need to tell you how great those small group calls were!! As you know, we have
our “themes” and I remembered how you did such a great job of talking with me during
one of those small group calls, it took me a bit to find the right call and I found it!!
WOW!! What a power call to be in the middle of the “shit” and be coached thorugh, as it
applied to real life, right in the moment! I want your recording in my head to help me out
of “it” and move forward.
I want to anchor the growth we all received from those calls into my everyday life, more
fully, starting today!
Just wanted to tell you again how I loved those calls and they were very helpful to me
and my life.

- Janet Dunbar Reynolds
El Camino Surgery Center

The staff continues to bombard us with kudos for your incredible journey and outstanding message of Fearless Living. Not only did we receive a story of hope and courage, but we received tools that can make a difference!

- Charis Santillie

Rhonda has more than changed my life; she has helped me to shape my life into what it was meant to be. And part of the result of that, I'm now realizing, is the ultimate butterfly effect - I have seen friends, family, and my staff grow and expand in ways I didn't anticipate...and then I hear about how their other relationships have shifted...and then I imagine the continued impact down the path that only broadens and lengthens...it is truly wondrous to think about how many lives have been positively impacted. In trying to visualize this, I picture a view of the earth with lights around the world lighting up and lines sparking that connect them to more lights and on and on, so that things become brighter and brighter as fearless living spreads. Thank you Rhonda. You are such a beautiful angelic butterfly who continues to flap her wings and cause a magnificent tornado of change in the world.

- Karen Hudson, M.P., H.C.
Co-Owner, Executive Director A Women’s Time

I used to dream of a life I never thought I could have; I am living that life now. Rhonda and Fearless Living gave me the tools, the support and the  encouragement to show me how to become the person I always wanted to be.

I’ve lost weight. I have stopped being in unhealthy relationships and have more healthy ones than I ever dreamed possible. Fearless Living works!

- Andy Paige
Author, Style On A Shoestring

The passionate, experienced wisdom conveyed in Fearless Living revolutionized every facet of my existence.   Fearless Living cracked my code of people resistance and offered me a path to connection and loving, nourishing relationships that I follow everyday.   I no longer isolate and now have the skills to make friends, keep friends and work through the hard times of any relationship.  To see the world through a fearless lense is a gift I wish every human being.

- Debbie Vaillancourt
Critical Care RN

Reading Fearless Living changed my life. I learned how my emotional ‘fears’ were running the show and keeping me stuck. Beating myself up began to melt away with every chapter, every exercise. The Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom chapters are brilliant. I am happier, more fulfilled and my family, friends and co-workers (and patients) feel the difference.

- Nancy Ferullo
Teacher/Day Camp Director

Fearless Living has helped me live in light, with confidence and greater esteem. Fearless living and Rhonda have helped me to actually live a more meaningful life!! I'm a force to be reckoned with now in all amazing ways...no longer the one hiding in the background! ♥

- Marcie Dresbaugh

Rhonda Britten’s work gave me not only insight into the situations in my life that were holding me back, but the tools necessary to allow me to move forward and change my life for the better. I still reach for those tools almost daily. She’s one of my longest standing gratitudes.

- David Theobald
Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter

Rhonda helped me to understand what fear is and isn’t. Learning the cycle I was in helped me break free to learn to live fearlessly on a daily basis!

- Colette Cousineau
Invigilator, Nipissing University, Canada

Fearless Living is more than a book – it is a way of life. Rhonda Britten through her inspirational zeal for life not only expounds fears deepest darkest secrets and its grip on your life, but she also supports you with practical tools, exercises and words of wisdom that will side-step fears grip and put you back into your life, leaving you striving rather than just surviving. It is never to late to take hold of your life. Let Rhonda show you how!

- Mark Davis
Operations Supervisor

I love Rhonda’s approach on how we look at our self and others. I have to thank her for the tools that she gave me to live fearlessly. Thank you Rhonda, you are AWESOME!

- Carol Tolbert
computer specialist

It has been five years since I first read Fearless Living and it is still my ‘go to’ book to get myself out of Fear and keep my life on track!

- Diana Delp

The one thing I got today was to be more inclusive in the lists THEN decide what area would make most impact and enhance my life. A good tool to clarify.

- Natalie

Wow . . . I always thought my career wasn’t moving forward at the pace I wanted partly because of outside sources . . . I can see now that practicing forgiving myself will change me from the inside out, and I will show up differently.

- Michael Goonan
CFLC, Director of Career Services

Fearless Living has radically changed my life. I went from a life full of fear...fear of looking like a loser, fear of being seen as worthless and fear of being seen as unworthy of love...to a life where I’m taking risks in all areas of my life. I obtained my dream job (during the worst economy), started a masters program (another dream) and am now in a committed loving relationship (a third dream come true). Those things would not have happened without Fearless Living. Fearless Living has pushed me outside my comfort zone and given me the tools that have opened the doors of opportunity to me.

- Kelly Ford
Morning Show Host, KYGO 98.5 Denver

Rhonda is an inspiration! She has given me and my listeners tangible steps to seek out joy instead of being ruled by fear. Her approach has helped me hold my hands up high in the air and enjoy the ride on the roller coaster of life. Weeeeeee!

- Lura Fischer
Partner, Growth Curve Institute

Fearless Living is a living legacy of thriving and mastering fear and allowing our authenticity to shine as our own beacons of beingness, embracing humanity and ourself and another, one fearless step after another. Whether it’s in my business or my relationship, I use the tools Fearless Living provides each and every day.

- Kris Traub
Independent Cognitive Therapist

After reading Fearless Living, I began to take risks and ask for what I wanted. My relationships became more honest, open and above all loving. Fearless Living was the turning point of the gift that has become my life. As every beautiful chapter of it unfolds it relates back to the skills I learned from Fearless Living.

- Bill Grout
Director of Business Programs, CFLC, Trainer

Rhonda Britten’s ground-breaking work on fear is unique and powerful. She has helped thousands to understand their fears and master them, and she has trained hundreds of coaches to spread her work around the world. Fearless Living inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, change careers and renew my marriage. It all started with this amazing book.

- Victor Mangana
Electrical Engineer, Writer, Poet

In Fearless Living, Rhonda uses each chapter to unravel the mystery of ourselves through a unique system of story, questions, exercises, insights and visual aids. This thoughtful and truth-seeking perspective allowed me to discover the missing link in my life in a fashion that moved me light years ahead in my journey to seeing my true self. I live with greater peace and clarity and a daily gratitude that lets me spend more time basking in the abundance of the present and less in the lacking of the past or future. The first time you'll 'read' it, every time after that you'll apply it like sunscreen!!

- Jenelle Arp
Fitness Consultant

Fearless Living has made me aware of my fears, how they affect my life and how to stand up to them and take charge of my life! This book has made me feel understood and empowered! You'll read it once and then again and again.

- Marissa Wunder Sperling
Program Director for High School After School Programming
My entire outlook on life has changed because of Fearless Living. I no longer see myself as a victim but someone who has control over my life and how I choose to live it. It has helped me stop crucifying myself for past decisions that have not served me well. Fearless Living has helped me take chances that have led to promotions, to trust myself which has let to higher self esteem and weight loss and overall feeling of excitement about life. Thank you Rhonda for bringing light to so many. You are an angel.
- Brigette Starr
Fearless Living reminded me that I am in charge of my destiny.
- Denise Rolen
Holistic Health Practitioner
If you were to read Rhonda’s books alone, it would change your life. If you get to work with a coach from her Fearless Living Institute, you will be amazed at the progress you can make in your life. If you are fortunate enough to work with Rhonda, it will change your life forever. Her insight into what makes us tick is so deep and the ways she has developed to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter are amazing. Then she shows you how to bust through your barriers and get on a fearless path to your best life.
- Beth Lozier
Administrative Assistant, Ohio
The most amazing thing I can say about Rhonda and Fearless Living is that through my darkest hour, I learned how to accept love, support and to use the tools that Fearless Living provided so I could change my life for myself. That has been the greatest gift of all. It is from this change that I have found my love for myself, my power and my light and I know now, truly know, that I am enough and deserve to be happy. I am now able to say that fear no longer runs my life, I run my life. I make decisions based on my own truth and that is the most empowering gift that Fearless Living has taught me. Its because of that empowerment that I look forward knowing that the best is yet to be.
- Barbel Warren
Radiance Facilitator
Two words come to mind: GRATITUDE & FOCUS. Thanks to Fearless Living/Rhonda these two words are my mantra for a richer, more peaceful and fearless life! Through FL I learned that fear is not my enemy, it is my teacher who leads me to a more authentic & radiant me!
- Melanie Rudolph
Louisville, KY
I saw Rhonda in 2010 at Unity of Louisville in Louisville, KY. Her presentation was profound and life changing for me. When I heard Rhonda's personal story of how her mother & father passed away, it touched me profoundly. I found her courage to live a fearless life in spite of the loss of both her parents heart felt and courageous. Whenever, I need a bit of inspiration and courage, I turn to the principles of Fearless Living and remember that I am not fear though I have fear. Nowadays, as I am going through major change and transformation in my life, the Fearless Living message provides me great wisdom, strength and perseverance.
- Traci Halpin
Second Grade Teacher
I just finished Fearless Living, and it was so incredible. It spoke to me. I carry my intention statement, proactive behaviors, wheel of freedom etc. Thank you so much for caring about others. You are full of experience and wisdom. I am at peace in my mind, and it feels so good. I know myself better, because I know my essential nature (compassion). I am so much more aware of my feelings, and instead of trying to shrug them off, I am acknowledging them and moving through them, even if it hurts; it will hurt sometimes, but I know I will come out stronger on the other side. Thank you so much.
- Lisa Arms
Media Relations
Fearless Living is a combination of an owner’s manual and a toolbox. It moved me to the life I desired by guiding me through the process of self-evaluation to self-acceptance to self-love. I have awareness and understanding that years of counseling hadn’t even scratched the surface on. The Fearless Tools serve me in any situation in all areas of my life.
- Emily Wakeling
Retail Manager
Rhonda and Fearless Living has taught me that I am in control of my own life. Through her teachings I have learned to step out of my comfort zone, make decisions that empower me, and create the life that I want for myself. In fact, because of Fearless Living I am now back in school earning my PhD.
- Amy Mills
UNIQLOVE - owner/designer
Thank you so very much for sharing your guidance and experience so that women like myself can also start over. I've been able to face my own fears and tragedies to become the spirit I am meant to be.
- Robyn Hartman
FFW Graduate
Rhonda is a dynamo and completely thorough, entertaining, blunt no nonsense, screamingly totally herself, which keeps you awake and on your toes. Rhonda Britten is a force of nature-She comes in like a whirling dervish; she sucks us into her vortex, transforms us, then spins us out like a butterfly shooting out of a cocoon. She gives us our wings-it’s up to us whether we continue to fly. 
- Kathleen Colbert
FFW Graduate
I feel more alive than I have in quite some time, and I have learned some invaluable tools to assist me in feeling this way on a more consistent basis.
- Kristina Gilman
Project Manager
When I picked up Fearless Loving I thought I would learn about getting love from
others. What I really learned was how to be loving to myself, others and in life. My life is
so full of loving relationships now from family to friends to romance! Amazing!
- Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse
I wanted to improve my relationship with my husband and I just didn’t know how. By
following these 8 Simple Truths we have recommitted to our relationship and fallen in
love all over again.
- John Patterson
I understand now why that exceptional love has always eluded me. For the first time in a
long time I can feel that fear start to slip away. And as it leaves, that wonderful
vibrancy, magic, and hopefulness is filling me once again. I will never, ever hold back
again, thanks to you. I am excited for the person that will be next in my life, and I am
excited for me.
- Christie Webb
office administrator
All of Rhonda's books are a must read for anyone who wants a change in their life but isn't sure how to start. They've given me the tools I needed and will continue to use again and again. They have helped me in many different aspects of my life, including rebuilding my marriage and claiming the life my heart desires - when I didn't even know what that desire was! Rhonda's writing is down to earth, wise, and witty all at the same time. Her books are definitely my manuals-for-life!.
- Christine Silvey
Author of This Time I Dance!
Rhonda Britten boils down the great wisdom teachings into simple do-able practices
that can flood your life with love and gratitude. Her tools are easy to use and take you past self-help jargon--into the heart of your own daily
Laura Van Wormer
I don't care how many therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, spiritual disciplines or workouts you've done, reading Fearless Living will fill you with a whole new sense of just how wonderful life can be-and is in this very moment.
- LeNor Barry
It is amazing what you have been through. You have reached through the membrane
of this world into the next realm and brought something solid back to us.
- Janina Serden Sebesky
Singer /Songwriter
Your work in the healing arts is a role model for the positive feminine spirit at work.
Thanks for the inspiration.
- Angela Leigh
Rhonda's overcome obstacles I could never know but her strength gives incredible inspiration - it can be
- Sherry Dawley
Business Owner
Rhonda, your bright spirit and gifts shine through as an inspiration I intend to follow. The world needs your unique light!
- Nancie Rooney
You taught me many things this year but most of all, I learned to be free. Thank you!
- Kathryn Wetzel
Business Owner
Rhonda is my hero! She remains focused in truth and is a healing presence when I can't see the truth for myself.
- Angela Greer
Cancer Survivor
I was at the end of a crossroads living in total fear everyday. I would like to thank Rhonda for coaching me on specific tools in a way that I could understand and use. I believe that this day will help me to change my life in the way I would like to live.
- Inga Stanelum
Corporate Production
Find your inner uniqueness and contribution without hours of dark analysis. Rhonda offers a quick definite set of tools to use and apply, not ponder.
- Delia D'Angelo 
Removes the shackles of bondage. Rhonda empowers and enlightens...provides a new paradigm for maximizing one's potential.
- Sharon Adams
IRS Tax Consultant
Mind clearing, life changing
- Lynda Matejka
Secretary, San Bernadino County
Rhonda gave me the motivation to toss my excuses away and just do it.
- Ron O'Brien
Quality Manager, Raytheon
Great methods given to help change my life.
- Lisa Barnett
Corporate Trainer and Coach
Remember that spark inside you? It feels like passion, clarity, joy, love - it's the REAL you, the one you haven't seen in years. Rhonda Britten gave me the key to uncover and reignite my spark in her book Fearless Living. I hadn't seen even a twinkle of 'me' in years! Then I attended a Fearless Living Foundation Training - and now I feel like a brilliant star! The book gave my life back to me, and the training supported me in quantum leaps. The combination of exploring the material, experiencing different perspectives, and feeling the loving support of others was of tremendous value to me. I'd made excuses for years about why my career wasn't where I wanted it to be and I professed doing the best I could. In this training, I saw how I was shortchanging myself in my life - and I gained the courage to step out, risk being fully me and reclaim my life. This is a daily practice - and daily it is changing my life to a life of freedom.
- Michael Arloski
Ph.D., corporate trainer, professional coach, licensed psychologist
Cutting quick to the core is seldom done with such accuracy, or such compassion as I experienced at the Fearless Living Workshop. Rhonda Britten's process is rare in the self-help arena because it not only takes a person into the realm of deep personal insight, but it then gives one the steps for taking action that results in true change.
- Jim Potter
V.P. of Operations, Press Cut Industries
This is unquestionably one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. Very practical and helpful. I will use the techniques to help in developing my team.
- Marianne Williamson
New York Times bestselling author of "Return to Love"
and "Healing of America"
Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and
now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.
- Lou Paget
Author of "How To Be A Great Lover"
and "How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure"
For anyone wanting a bigger richer life, Fearless Living is a rare gem that combines a mother lode of simple practical tools, techniques and ideas with a walking talking 'been there' role model. Then Rhonda artfully blends her outstanding FearBuster Exercises with stories that will hold your heart while you too learn to Live Fearlessly.
- Linda Silvertsen
Author of "Lives Charmed:Intimate Conversations with Extraordinary
My life has catapulted since working with you. Things that I used to fear barely get my attention. You have freed me to succeed. I believe you are the answer to a lifetime of prayers.
Winifred Murray
I talked about my feelings for years and nothing changed. Then Rhonda told me in Change Your Life in 30 Days that feelings often lie to us about the truth of who we are. Learning to honor my feelings but ACT on my commitments has helped me move ahead and leave the past behind.
- Linda Silvertsen
A Loving Caregiver
Twelve years ago my life took a turn, when my oldest son had a serious accident at work, which left him completely disabled. I lost myself during these years. But when I read Fearless Living and Change Your Life in 30 Days, I was able to find and rebuild my life, these books gave me real tools. Thank you so much Rhonda. Forever grateful.
- Robin Rojas Ashbey
Management Consultant
My days are spent helping organizations and people maximize their effectiveness. After reading Change Your Life in 30 Days, I realize that I have been neglecting to invest daily in the most important resource I have to offer – myself. Rhonda’s book is a roadmap to personal effectiveness offered in manageable steps and supported with practical advice drawn from her life experiences. Buy this book, it truly will change your life.
- Sandy Goodwin
Change Your Life in 30 Days is phenomenal! What I've learned from Rhonda has had an impact on my relationships, especially the one with myself. No longer do I make decisions based on what everyone else thinks, but on what is true for me.
- Karen Broen
Software Engineer
When I picked up Change Your Life In 30 Days I was hoping it would help me, but to be honest I didn't see how one book could change my life. Boy, was I wrong. Change Your Life In 30 Days is a book that is written in short chapters and is written so that it is easily understood and therefore could be easily applied to my life. Thank-you so much Rhonda, for this incredibly powerful book!!!
- Kristina Gilman
Project Manager
When I first saw Change Your Life in 30 Days I was skeptical that I would fit it into my hectic schedule yet I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life. I immediately found it provided a variety of relevant and interesting topics that I looked forward to during my commute to work. I am happy to say that I made those and more changes in ways I never expected!
- Bj Garnaus
High School Employee - Clerical

For most of my life I believed "this is just the way life turned out for me." I had no hope that anything would ever change. Then I read Change Your Life in 30 Days, and what I found between those covers has changed my life forever. I'm so excited to wake up every morning! I have more confidence than ever before. I'm doing things I never
thought I could do. I've found my purpose and passion, and I've never been so happy to be alive! Thank you so much, Rhonda!

- Ron Troutman
Financial Manager
Rhonda is magnificently anchored in Truth; she is caring and loving. Excellent workshop
- Noelle Blick
Administration and Operations
I considered myself productive, knowledgeable and successful. Then I read Change Your Life in 30 Days. Now I live on a whole NEW level! More love, more money, more happiness. Today, my heart is wide open and my life is overflowing with success. Thanks very much Rhonda!
- Barbara Sparhawk
Social Worker
Change Your Life in 30 Days helped me to become unstuck. It taught me to love myself and gave me the confidence to be proactive instead of waiting for my life to change. I even found my passion and am pursuing a new career.
- Daved Beck
Rhonda Britten has changed my life! Before I read Change Your Life in 30 Days, I had never finished reading a book in my life. I was so busy being afraid about how others might reject me, that I did not invest fully in my passions. CYL is the first book I have ever finished and I am no longer afraid to "Shine My Light"
- Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse
Stepping outside my comfort zone allowed me to go back to a nursing career I had abandoned years ago. It also opened doors for me that I never thought possible. It changed my life in just 30 days and the effects last for a lifetime.
- Wendy French
I purchased a copy of Change Your Life in 30 Days less than a month ago. You'd laugh if I told you all the amazing changes that I've manifested in that time.. so let's just say that I've changed the school I'm attending, set a wedding date and have begun training for my first marathon to raise money for a charity that matters to me. I NEVER would have believed that I was capable of so much until I started working the program. I've become more disciplined, and correspondingly, more free than at any time in my life. What a tremendous blessing!
- Deb Sloan

I am a firewalk instructor and have personally fire walked over 300 times. So I have faced fear. However my life was not how I wanted it at all. The Change Your Life in 30 Days book, started me down the path to deflate everyday fear that kept me stuck. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, I am changed.
- Haley Webster
...I love your books and tapes and find them to be one of my most frequently used 'advice manuals on life'.
- Carolyn Miller
National Electrical Contractors Association
Rhonda, I don't know where to start. You are such an inspiration! I didn't know I could live fearlessly!!! You have opened new doors for me. I am so grateful. You are truly a 'light shining in the darkness" for many of us. You have made me into a new person. I will always be grateful that I was blessed to have heard you speak. Thanks again.
- Judy Holcom
Sales, The Supply Shop
What a wonderful inspiring hour. How many lives you (Rhonda) touched in one hour, you will never know. But what you do, does make a difference. Thank you. Thank you.
- Emily Jenkins
Account Service Rep., Blue Shield of California
Fearless Living allowed me to step away from everyday life to analyze what may be that core of my issues. Rhonda, you were the most dynamic speaker I've ever heard and I think EVERYONE could benefit from your seminars.
- Jerome Jackson
Quality Auditor, Source Inc.
Fearless Living gave me pointers that can be put into place immediately to bring some change in my current life situation.
- Lynda Matejka,
Secretary, San Bernadino County
Rhonda gave me the motivation to toss my excuses away and just do it.
-Frances Nevarez
President, PowerUP!
I've been living in 'fear' too long but didn't know how to start 'change.' Rhonda provided me with dynamic yet simple steps. Many thanks!
-Danielle Jesensky
The tools Rhonda shared were terrific and her real life examples were very moving and affected me powerfully.
- Cheryl McKinney,
Quality Engineer, Plastipak Packaging
Fearless Living helped me by showing me how to create a sense of accomplishment and value in everyday life.
- Teri Bracy
Supervising Financial Interviewer, County of San Bernadino
Rhonda Britten helped me recognize that I have been living in fear and to recognize the steps I must take to begin to change.
- Megan Smith
Without a doubt this talk [Fearless Living] has helped me. I can't wait to get started on my life, so I won't!!! I found that many things Rhonda said hit home and forced me to be honest with myself and my behavior - No Excuses!
- Laura Scott
Editor, Today's Woman Magazine
I love your e-coaching! It's helped me so much! I was finally able to overcome my fear and ask for a raise last week and guess what! I got it!
- Anne Acebo
Satori Seal Company, Inc.
As the President and Owner of Satori Seal Corporation, Rhonda has empowered me to grow in business and in my personal life beyond what I ever imagined. I hired Rhonda to help m refine my business skills and develop and achieve my personal goals. She taught me time management, delegation, communication skills and has helped outline our company goals and broaden our vision for the future. With the skills she has taught me, I now have more time to focus on leading my company into new markets, take more risks by stepping out of my comfort zone and do it working smarter not harder. She has also been a great asset in helping me become a circuit speaker where I can reach out and empower other women to achieve their dream. But best of all, I recently got married and on my wedding day my new husband said it all as he hugged Rhonda and said, "Without you, I wouldn't be married today. Thank you." Rhonda has been an outstanding investment to my personal life and my company's growth. We achieved goals that we thought would be impossible to reach. My work with her has been so successful that I now have her coaching my Vice President.
- Kelly Sayre Fox
I want to say that this has really opened my eyes to how many wonderful people I have in my life. I wanted to say all their names. 1. I'm grateful for Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute. Fearless Living has given me the chance to save my life and marriage. Also it has taught me how to support and help others to live with less fear. 2. I am grateful for the Fearless Living event coming up soon and the great people involved in supporting it and coming to it. I’m so grateful that I get to go and I’m so excited!
- Amy Mills
UNIQLOVE - owner/designer
Thank you so very much for sharing your guidance and experience so that women like myself can also start over. I've been able to face my own fears and tragedies to become the spirit I am meant to be.
- Mark Sansoucy
MindEngines Inc.
Over the last 10 years, the tools and skills of Fearless Living have supported me to go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything. I have learned to love better, father better and become a better me. Read it, then live it.
- Mark Sansoucy
MindEngines Inc.
Over the last 10 years, the tools and skills of Fearless Living have supported me to go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything. I have learned to love better, father better and become a better me. Read it, then live it.
- Lisa Rothstein
I thought it would feel like a diet . . . but it wasn’t. I looked forward to the morning videos and the lift they gave my whole day. I’m glad to have the recordings to review too. It was wonderful going through the class with other people and knowing I wasn’t alone.
- Dionetta Hudzinski
I was dealing with an IRS levy that was just lifted. This meant funds were low but I thought, heck, I am in a hole now I can’t do anything but improve my situation. I needed a kick in the butt to tell you the truth. I needed a change and you appeared in my email inbox. What made me ponder this a day or two was, would I have the TIME and the COMMITment to start and complete this course. Over 30 days . . . and at 8 am? I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. So even with money being scarce, time and commitment being in question, I signed up and the rest is history. I only missed one morning session as I slept through the alarm that morning! I committed day one and stayed in high gear all month. And I was an active daily participant in the FB community.
-Deborah Moore
The thing that almost kept me from doing this course was fear. At times it felt like a risk and sometimes a die. But I loved the 30 days of everyday support. The biggest change I noticed was how I felt better about myself. I was more aware of myself, and others. At times I could breath easier, and sometimes felt more fear come up. But I stayed with it because I had decided to love me, be me, and work through the different ways it kept me stuck. Other things I really liked was how it allowed me to connect with other people who were also part of GYLU. At first I didn’t talk much on the facebook group, then I did start posting. That was a huge step for me. There was an awareness that started opening up of how much I had taken on a perception of myself that was a result of what others in my life had told me I was, or should be. Perceptions and beliefs that my worth was less because I felt that my body was less than it ought to be, that breast size=worth. You helped me realize these beliefs are not true. Not at all. I’m now more fully breaking through to live and be my truth. With me choosing it to be, as it was meant to be. As always Rhonda, thank you for loving yourself. For knowing your purpose and trusting it. Because you have chosen to be you, so many lives have been joyfully (because that is how you share it) blessed. We are choosing to be free, and it ripples out. Yay!
- Jacquie Christensen
I never imagined 30 days ago how different I would be today! 30 days ago, I was so low, and stuck. I felt alone and lost. I barely knew myself so how could I possibly be true to myself? Now I’ve gained the tools to find myself and become true to myself, I have goals to move forward, I have amazing support through our facebook group, and I have joy . . . JOY! I commit to continuing this journey as I know there is so much more to come for me and if I can shift this much in 30 days, what can I do in a year, or two, or five years? How exciting a thought is that? Rhonda, thank you for sharing you and your gifts with me! You are an angel here on earth and you have made an incredible difference!
- Erica
I have to tell you I have found so much more time in my day – so much more professional and personal productivity using the tools you have given throughout this and fearless living class. This check in on where I have control and how am I doing is amazing. I am so excited about how empowering it is for me in the areas I have struggled – just amazing. THANK YOU!!!
- Sarah S.
I truly, fully believe that my darkest days are behind me. Will difficulties come? Yes. The difference is that now I have tools that work and the confidence to use them. I have support and know how to ask for it. This deep knowledge – beyond intellectual knowing – this is heaven.
- Susie N
How has my life shifted over the past 29 days? Oh, wow – I have a new-found certainty about who I am, what I want, and all that old self-doubt is dissipating so quickly I’m forgetting how I managed to do it! Thank you Rhonda, and all my fearless family!
- Kellie
Rhonda, wow, what has NOT changed!!! My new fearless things since CYL30 are the following: being a part of a dance group (1st time ever), got on the facebook group last night but I did not know what to do with it after I got in there (1st time ever). Yes! Yes! Yes! to every word spoken here, today. Sending love to all and deep gratitude to this new awakening. Thank you Rhonda for all you do!
- Lois
Rhonda this beautiful 30 day course has given me the push to really examine reality . . . I am forever grateful to you, this experience and the GOD of our being.
- Ron
Through this program, I am coming back slowly to love myself more. Thanks Rhonda.
- Elaine
This class is a form of self-love. In loving myself, I feel I have more to give to others.
- Ron
What a gift I have now. My losses have given me the opportunity to be blessed now with the insight that everything I need can be filtered by slowing down and looking inward at my trueself. I am willing to court this paradigm, allowing my intention, commitment, contentment to produce effects which will align my purpose, passion and needs . . . This course is open my eyes. Thanks Rhonda
- Carrie Ann
In 10 days – I have lost 5 pounds, received confirmation that I will be fully funded for my business building training, I am meditating on a daily basis, kept my commitment to listen in every day, and as a bonus . . . I am going on a coffee date this weeeken.
- Carrie Ann
21 days ago I felt like I was living outside my comfort zone . . . what I feel today is that my new comfort zone is so much more empowering then my old comfort zone. Thank you for helping me rebuild my toolkit.
- Dave
Rhonda, thank you for facing your fears, and pain and heart breaks and teaching us how to do the same and live fearlessly. Feeling overwhelmed in a positive and productive way.
- Audra
I am simply grateful and excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to see what unfolds.
- Kim
So powerful Rhonda, and this is just day one. I am excited to see how my life will change in the next 30 days!
- Valerey Davidson
Good morning Rhonda. Thank you for these amazing coaching mornings – every day you lead us deeper into understanding our fears and how to move past them.
- Erica
I am so thankful for this experience – my growth over the past month is still surprising me daily. I am looking forward to create a year and even drummed up the courage to ask my job to support it – and they did
- Susie
Ah, Rhonda, now I see why I needed to slow down even more, so much so that I’m almost stopped; it’s because you are offering so very much that I need to fully absorb. What an amazing session – so rich, so profound, so powerful. Bless you. You are a gift in my life.
- Valery
My take away from the course is a deeper connection with my inner being. How does it get any better than that! Thanks Rhonda for your amazing energy and commitment to your growth and to our growth. I send you energy and love and support for your current growth situation. I am interested in taking your coaching course. That may be part of my 2013 planning. I love you. Thank you for being vulnerable to us and yourself.
-Sharon Michaelis Henry
I love that book, and your CYL telephone classes saved my life, and I am living an amazing life now because of it. Thanks Rhonda you’re amazing!
- Jennifer Eppihimer
I just wanted to tell Rhonda she is incredible on “Starting Over”-...I love her humanism and genuine approach to coachin
- Redwood
It has been great getting to know you through the “Starting Over”. My life has been gripped by Fear... I am also interested in possibly becoming a Life Coach myself, so that I can help people uncover their fears as I uncovered my own. Thank you for your great work on the show, I watch everyday!
- Pamalitta
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