S01E13 Never Push Away Fear


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Here's the Recap:

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 13 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. In today's episode, I discuss...

Fear sucks. Isn't that right ~Contact.FirstName~?

But denying, ignoring, and avoiding fear only makes it worse. And that shows up in your desire to label to keep yourself safe.

Or, if you're like me...I got stuck in the cycle of focusing on “not” doing the things I think I “should not” be doing. (Such an energy drain!)

Plus, here's a secret: resistant clients don’t exist. That’s shocking I know. I will explain everything in this episode which is all about line thirteen of the Master Coach Manifesto: "A Master Coach embraces humanity and sees the miracle in every moment, never pushing away fear but devoted to ushering in freedom."

Listen to the episode to find out more…

Moments You Don't Want to Miss!

Denying, ignoring and avoiding fear is not the solution to our problems

It’s never about “not” doing something. It’s about moving “toward”

Roleplay: Clients who complain

Your brain does not hear “not, no, stop”

My cravings for chocolate just disappeared

What does ‘embracing humanity” mean?

The symptoms of fear

You have no “resistant” clients

What does Domino’s pizza have to do with anything?

Clients are afraid to lose their friends and family

Give up these words that keep you in shame

Question of the Day: "What are good questions to ask to help a Client remember how far they've come, and then grounding their answers so they don't brush off the small but important improvements they've made?"

The power of guessing

To ground your client, quantify and acknowledge

Tip of the Day: Embrace your own humanity

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Betsy Rosenthal
I now have a new framework to look at my coaching, and that new perspective brings me a new opportunity to connect more fully with my clients. It's given me an opportunity to hold a mirror up to my own coaching and say, "Oh,well there are some gaps here," and I can fill those in with what I've learned from Rhonda and the tools that she has provided me are really a good fit for things that I didn't even think about but I know that I can more fully serve my clients with them.
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