S01E08 Do You Really Believe Your Client is Doing Their Best?


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Here's the Recap:

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 8 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. In today’s episode, I discuss …

Line eight of the Master Coach Manifesto: “A Master Coach treats their client as if they are wholeheartedly doing their best, not theoretically but in reality.”

Believing your client is doing the best they can is not as easy as it sounds. Cheerleading isn’t enough. Commitment doesn’t mean they will do it. Labeling your client resistant or difficult will not inspire them into action.

When it may not be obvious, how can you tell if a client is willing to shift and if they’re making a shift? Listen to the episode to find out more…

Moments You Don't Want to Miss!

  • 2:01 Here’s line eight of the Manifesto
  • 3:45 Every time you get frustrated with your client, this is the result
  • 4:31 If your client shows up and pays, the truth is…
  • 5:36 Fear is what stands in your clients way
  • 6:56 Fake cheerleading causes you to lose credibility
  • 7:50 Do you believe your client is doing the best they can?
  • 10:50 We mistake understanding for true knowingness.
  • 12:02 The reason WHY isn’t an effective question
  • 14:10 Did your client do it or not?
  • 15:00 There’s no such thing as a resistant client
  • 16:02 Acknowledging movement forward breaks patterns
  • 16:40 “The more you embrace human reality the more divine your experience.”
  • 18:55 Resistance is part of the process of moving from fear to freedom.
  • 22:52 Question of the Day: How can I tell when a client is having a shift? Often they glaze over it themselves if the Coach doesn't catch it.
  • 25:20 Role Play
  • 28:33 “Slow is the new fast”
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Betsy Rosenthal
I now have a new framework to look at my coaching, and that new perspective brings me a new opportunity to connect more fully with my clients. It's given me an opportunity to hold a mirror up to my own coaching and say, "Oh,well there are some gaps here," and I can fill those in with what I've learned from Rhonda and the tools that she has provided me are really a good fit for things that I didn't even think about but I know that I can more fully serve my clients with them.
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