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“Everyone Needs Fearless Living”
- Oprah Winfrey

Here’s what other people have said about 
Fearless Living:

- B.E. Foster
“I found the concepts of the Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom to be very helpful to me and the exercises to be useful. I feel like her general technique values who you are. For me personally, I fear being incompetent which makes me feel worthless, and I want to claim authenticity. 

If you like self exploration or do personality quizzes in your free time, I think you’ll like this.”
- Jerilyn Thiel
Life Coach
“I was a Life Coach for 15 years before Fearless Living crossed my path. Since reading Rhonda’s books and becoming involved with Fearless Living my coaching business has moved from a hobby to a highly successful and fulfilling career. 

Fearless Living changed every area of my life – most especially my internal dialogue.

I am my own friend now.”
- Debbie Vaillancourt
Critical Care RN
“After reading Rhonda’s books I have an awareness now when “fear” is running my life and I can choose “freedom”. 

By taking “action” and using all the “skills” and “tools” that I learned I’ve finally started to live the life I “want”and not the life I thought was “expected” I should have. 

Living fearlessly is the “gift” I’ve given to myself and the “gift” of my “true” self I can now share with others…Thank you Rhonda from the bottom of my heart.”
- Chris F.
“FEARLESS LIVING opened my eyes to myself, my heart, and what I was missing in my life, as well as greater understanding to my family, friends, people in the world around me. 

We all have fear, if we have a brain, and fear is doing its job extremely well to keep us safe and stay hidden from us. Recognizing I was one of my own worst fear junkies in my life and gaining insight, understanding, skills and tools, I am now living and loving my life at a richer and greater purpose and passion every single day, never like before in my 56 years. Relationships…first with myself, my family, my friends, even strangers are now based in compassion, love and support…naturally. 

Days of worry, anxiety, glimpses of depression…gone. Yes, fear shows up and it’s amazing to be managing it, and not it driving me! 

Rhonda Britten is a truly brilliant woman with an incredible gift to have created this work out of her own life tragedy. 

This is has become a resource to go back to again and again and spurred my pursuit of more at The Fearless Living Institute. 

Every individual in this world can benefit from FEARLESS LIVING and what a better world we could have if we all practice being fearless.”