Create A Year that Matters

Are you ready to live your best year?

I’m going to share with you the EXACT PROCESS that I use to have the CLARITY & CONFIDENCE to Create My Year, MY WAY!

And achieve unbelievable success with unshakable peace of mind. Because how you end one year is how you start the next one!

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Do you ever wish you had a blueprint, a guaranteed plan to turn any year into your best year yet?

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Imagine for a minute what you could accomplish if you had a time-tested PLAN, some TOOLS that work (thousands have gone before you and tested the crap out of them) and SUPPORT to keep you motivated and on track?

Here’s a few things I’ve achieved using this system:

  • Been a repeat guest on Oprah
  • Changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television
  • Achieved bestseller status with four books (over 750K in advances)
  • Built an Ivy League Life Coach Certification Program
  • Had my own PBS Special
  • Won an Emmy… That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Let’s not forget about fun. I went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, visited Machu Picchu in Peru, redecorated my home and took a month off.
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I am going to walk you through…


I know what it’s like to be told that “you have so much POTENTIAL.” The cursed word. Are you like me?

I was so good at “having POTENTIAL” but could never quite get it together to manifest my heart’s desire. I didn’t know how to make money, start a business, or make a plan.

I was one of those people who HOPED things would work out, but predictably, I had only hit-or-miss success.

I had good times and bad times. And I was so frustrated that I couldn’t make my life happen as I thought it could.

The way I thought it ‘should.’

I would go back and forth between beating myself up and blaming myself for another crappy decision and then making up excuses why it wasn’t my turn and life isn’t fair anyway. I would go from being motivated like crazy, & then soon enough, I’d be frozen, confused, and sometimes, even angry that I got myself into another mess.

Until I figured it out…

…and that process is now called: Create A Year That Matters

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By the way, my high level of accomplishment isn’t luck.

It comes from the EXACT PROCESS I’m about to share with you.

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Module 1

In Module 1, we’ll set the stage to release the last 12 months and open up to what’s possible. You may know precisely what you want to create, and maybe you don’t.

Some people are natural visionaries and goal–setters while others are in place searching for their “what’s next.”

No matter where you are, in Module 1, we will establish a plan that will take you from point A to point B, as well as discuss the three types of people (which one are you?) to get you unstuck fast and uncover how the power of specific will accelerate your success.

Module 2

In Module 2, it’s time to give yourself credit – real, authentic credit – that settles into your heart and soul and will build confidence for a lifetime.

Discover the #1 question Rhonda uses when she finds herself triggered or stuck, the #1 tool to build your confidence fast and understand the true meaning of “Slow is the new fast.”

Lastly, we’ll address the grief of letting go of the past and the scary and exhilarating freedom it creates in your life.

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Module 3

In Module 3, we’ll dissect your life to find the one area that is causing the most frustration and harm to your future.

You’ll learn how to create a plan to address this area and, more importantly, how to break down any plan into concrete steps for doable action, giving you the momentum you need to create a fearless future.

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Module 4

In Module 4, we’ll capture the elusive and sometimes challenging skill of focus. It’s been called the key to our ultimate success. Without focus, we get diluted, sidetracked, and scattered. This is where we capture our focus and put it to work on our behalf.

You’ll learn the different types of priorities, how to break up any plan into skills, logistics, support, and tasks, and what to do if stress and perfectionism come calling.

When you complete Module 4, you’ll have a solid plan to build your future on that you can repeat each and every year for decades to come.

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And that’s not all… 

A Workbook filled with Fearbuster Exercises™

27 Days of awe–inspiring Fearbuster Exercises to reinforce and expand what you’re gaining in each module and to help you establish a daily practice that will help you embody the work with greater ease.

Print it or open the PDF and complete your homework on your device!

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BONUS: Build Your Year

Step–by–step directions on how to get the most out of our famous Fearbuster Exercise™ “In the Year to Come.”

Designed and conceived by Rhonda, it helps you focus on what matters and get to the heart of what’s been getting in your way.

With Rhonda’s guidance, you’ll know how to apply it to the life you want to create now.

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What our Students are saying…

- Cledra McCullers
Life and Business Strategist

“As a Coach myself, I wanted to start sharing my message with more and more people but wasn’t confident that I could attract people to my workshops.

After ONE CLASS of Create-A-Year, I scheduled my first workshop, and guess what? 35 people showed up.

My coaching practice took off, and so have I. Take Create-A-Year-that-Matters, and it will change your life.”

Sarah Manley,Owner of The Body Lab LA
- Sarah Manley
Owner of The Body Lab LA

“I had a dream of opening my own Pilates Studio for years but I didn’t know how to do it and I certainly didn’t have the money to do something so big and crazy. It felt completely out of my reach.

After the first class of Create-A-Year I was so inspired and motivated that not only did I start believing that maybe I could do it, I DID IT!

The very next day after listening to the first class, I started calling on some studios for rent and found one that was perfect for me. I had been sitting on this dream for more than a year and truly not believing it was possible.”

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Choose what’s right for you…

Save $200
Create A Year That Matters
Total value: $497

Includes access to:

  • Create A Year That Matters Online Course
  • 4 Module Course: Bite-size videos so you can move forward even if you're short on time!
  • A 27-Day Workbook filled with Fearbuster Exercises™: Print it or open the PDF and complete your homework right on your device!
  • Transcriptions of the Entire Course: Research shows that retention increases when you read along while watching or listening!
  • Access to the Fearless You app! Download the IOS or Android version and access the course anytime, anywhere!
  • Rhonda’s Exclusive Vision Process 
  • Bonus Course: How to Build Your Year
  • Lifetime access and free course upgrades…

    - 2 LIVE Group Coaching Classes with Rhonda on November 30th & December 14

    - Invitation to join Rhonda for her New Year "Confidence Activation Workshop" on January 6th

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Upgrade to Fearless You to save money while getting even more

Total value: $13,008

Includes access to:

  • Create A Year That Matters Online Course (including everything from the self-study course)
  • The Fearless Living Community
  • All bonuses listed on this page


  • Access ALL 12 of Rhonda’s premium online courses, including Fearless Living Training Program, How to Find Your Purpose, Starting Over, Change Your Life in 30 Days, and more. ($6,504 value)
  • Access to Quick-Win Mini-Courses and Master Classes ($1,188 value)
  • New LIVE trainings each month with Rhonda to help you live fearlessly ($1,000 value)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls with Rhonda ($1,000 value)
  • LIVE Monthly Reflections with a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach ($200 value)
  • LIVE Fearless Living “Deep-Dive” trainings from Fearless Living Coaches ($400)
  • Fearless Living Toolkit — exercises Rhonda gives to her VIP clients to help you master fear ($997 value)
  • Love Notes from Rhonda — daily inspirational messages ($1111)
  • Access to the Fearless You Community
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More from our Students….

- Jill Kerry
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Since I took Create-A-Year last year, I’ve lost thirty pounds, changed my job, and started dating.

I truly did create a completely different year. And it’s been a lot easier than I thought. I was one of those people who was waiting for the timing to be right. But the timing was never right. I dove in last year with nothing to lose. Thank you, Rhonda.

Create-A-Year was the best investment I ever made in myself.”

- Kathy S.

“Within 24 hours of the FIRST CLASS of Create-A-Year-That-Matters I GOT MY DREAM JOB!

I had been unemployed for a year and a half. This was a miracle.

Rhonda coached and showed me where I was going wrong. The next day, I had an interview and nailed it. Thank you, Rhonda.

I am fully employed and doing what I love all because of you and Create-A-Year-that-Matters.”

- Erin Sabota
Tampa, Florida

“I didn’t know what I wanted to create in my life. I just knew I wanted my life to be different.

Well, not only did I find my purpose, I started to actually DO IT.

Talk about a miracle.

Create-A-Year changed my life. Do whatever you can to take it. Your life won’t be the same.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
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Immediately upon signing up, you’ll receive a Welcome Email for Create a Year that Matters telling you how to access the 4 Module Course and the Bonus: Build Your Year. Each Module includes Videos, Audios, and Transcripts.

PLUS, you’ll gain access to the Create a Year that Matters Workbook that contains 27 days of Fearbuster Exercises, prompting you to answer the Question of the Day (and some deep-dive homework!), keeping you focused and on track.

Remember, how you end one year is how you start the next one.

Is this a live class or a replay?
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It's both!

All Course content was recording during a LIVE class so you get all the interactions and questions students were asking me in the moment. You’ll hear the complete replay and get the full benefit they did!

And this special round of Create a Year that Matters not only has TWO Live Group Coaching Calls but we'll also be meeting up LIVE in the New Year for my 3-hour Confidence Activation Session.

Replays for the Modules. Live Classes for Support!
What if it doesn't work for me?
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Well, I have a hard time believing it won’t work because this Course has been time-tested and proven with hundreds of students. If you follow my guidance – and complete all the assignments – I know it will work.  
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