How A Grandmother Overcame Depression And Found Her Purpose

The brief


Phyllis had sunk into a deep depression. She felt there was no way out of it and was ready to leave this world.

The Approach

Using the Fearless Living Training Program

Phyllis discovered how fear had been controlling her thoughts, feelings, and actions --and how to break free from it using the Wheel of Freedom.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Phyllis found a reason to live and her purpose in her life. She even launched a new career as a life coach, helping others who struggle the way she did.

“I sunk to the lowest point in my life...”

Phyllis Eddy fell into a deep depression during the 2020 pandemic.

She felt like nothing in her life was working. She was ready to end things and even made a plan to take her own life.

This wasn’t the first time Phyllis had suicidal thoughts. She had gotten help from doctors and therapists in the past. Yet this time, she felt hopeless. As she says:

I was done with this world... I was going to commit suicide...

...I was so depressed I couldn’t see any hope, and I didn’t want my family to see me like this.”

Phyllis shares her struggles before joining the Fearless Living Training Program.

“Rhonda helped you once...”

Phyllis had gotten one-on-one coaching from Rhonda Britten over a decade earlier. Rhonda helped Phyllis through a dark time in her life. And Phylls’ husband remembered this, and he suggested she work withRhonda once more.

Phyllis decided to give it one last chance. During her sessions with Rhonda, Phyllis remembered how she had wanted to be a Life Coach ever since she saw Rhonda on NBC’s Starting Over.

However, Phyllis felt like she was too screwed up to ever help anyone. Yet Rhonda told her that her struggles could make her a great life coach.

Rhonda mentioned how Phyllis could learn to overcome her depression and struggles while gaining the skills to help others do the same. And she could do all that through Rhonda’s Life Coaching Certification Program.

So Phyllis joined the program. And the first step in that program was to go through the Fearless Living Training Program [FLTP].So that’s what Phyllis did.

“My #1 goal with Fearless Living was to find a reason to live. [And] that happened within 6 months...”

Phyllis shares how she got started with the Fearless Living Training Program.

“The Wheel of Fear made sense of my life”

Phyllis had always thought there was something wrong with her.

She didn’t understand why she did the things she did. Or why she couldn’t be a happier person. Through FLTP, Phyllis finally began to understand herself..

During the Wheel of Fear exercise,Phyllis realized that fear had secretly been running her life.

Phyllis learned she had a deep-rooted fear of being seen as a “loser”. And she lived her life hoping nobody ever saw her that way.

She began to notice that anytime she was frustrated or confused, it was because her fear of being seen as a loser was activated.

And she saw how her negative self-talk was also a result of that fear.Phyllis began to see that many of her thoughts and behaviors weren’t actually her --they were driven by this deep-rooted fear.

“The Wheel of Fear helped me understand how I tick... I realized that all my negative self-talk was not coming from me, it was coming from fear.”

Phyllis shares how the Wheel of Fear helped her.

“When I’m in Freedom, I can soar...”

Along with the Wheel of Fear, Phyllis discovered how to tap into her true self using the Wheel of Freedom.

She learned to get in touch with parts of herself that she had cut off for decades. And how to feel whole and complete with herself.

One tool that helped her step into that state of freedom was “proactive behaviors.”

For example, Phyllis learned how breathing a specific way or listening to specific music could help her go from a state of fear to freedom. And through FLTP, she discovered dozens of other tools and behaviors to help her escape fear and step into her true,authentic self.

This completely changed Phylls’ life. She went from living in darkness to light. And she started to share her light with others.

“I love my life when I’m in my Wheel of Freedom and doing what I’m supposed to be doing”

Phyllis shares how the Wheel of Freedom helped her.

“The tools work...”

Along with the Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom, Phyllis got additional tools to help her feel confident, happy, and enjoy life.

For example, she started using the Daily Training Manual, which consists of intention statements, acknowledgments, gratitudes, and the Life Log --all tools taught inside FLTP.

At first, she felt like this manual was too much work. Yet as she used it, she got hooked.

She found her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors began to shift naturally. She stopped beating herself up, became more positive, and started to enjoy life again.

These tools helped her build a strong, positive mindset. And her suicidal thoughts melted away.

“The tools work... Living in peace and grace is something I never imagined...

I haven’t thought about suicide at all since I entered this program. I want to live now. I get to live this wonderful life. I get to live my dream and take it further and further.”

Phyllis shares how the tools in FLTP helped her.

“I found my purpose...”

By stepping out of fear and into freedom, Phyllis connected to who she is and what she wanted from life.

She realized she always had a deep desire to help people. And she saw that her purpose in life was to help others overcome the same struggles she’s overcome.

Phyllis experienced abuse early in life. That led her to shut herself off from her emotions. And she felt like a victim with no control over her life.

Yet through FLTP, she was able to break free from that. She learned to connect with her emotions. And she went from feeling like a victim to being in control of her life. This helped her break out of her depression and live with joy and peace.

FLTP gave her the tools to transform. And through the Life Coaching Certification Program, Phyllis developed the skills to help others make the same transformation.

Once she finished those programs, she launched a career as a Life Coach.

“I reached my dream to become a coach... [it] brought me to the light inside of me.”

Phyllis’s life coaching business
Phyllis shares how she found her purpose and became a Life Coach

“You need to write a book”

Phyllis got clients through the Life Coaching Certification Program, and they continued to work with her after she graduated.
And other clients began to find her and asked to work with her as well.
As her business grew, Phyllis decided she needed to write a book.
So she started working on a book to help people get in touch with and understand their emotions --something that she learned to do through FLTP.
Within two months, she finished her book.
This book will help her touch even more lives. And it allows her to share the transformation she made through Fearless Living with her friends, family, and strangers.

“The book is my gift to people who don’t know what they're feeling...It’s been amazing to [write] it and to [write] it that quickly.”

Phyllis shares how she wrote her book in 2 months.

“It affected my relationships...”

Phyllis was delighted to find that FLTP had a huge impact on not just her happiness, but her relationships as well.

Before FLTP, Phyllis felt she had to do everything around the house herself. Because in her mind, that’s the only way things would get done correctly.

This stressed her and everyone else in the house out. And it led her family members to feel like nothing they did was good enough.

However, Phylis learned this drive to make sure everything is done “correctly” was actually fear in disguise. She was afraid that if things weren’t done a certain way, people would think she was a “loser.”

Once she recognized that fear, she was able to let go. She became less controlling, which led to better relationships with her daughter, granddaughter, and spouse.

“I spent so much time trying to control everything that I wasn’t even enjoying life...

I was trying to be perfect so nobody would find out who I really was. Once I got that, it was easier to let it go.”

Phyllis shares how FLTP improved her relationship with her family
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Through FLTP, Phyllis overcame depression, found her life’s purpose, and launched a career as a life coach.
She discovered who she is and learned to be her true self. And she now experiences more peace and joy in her life than ever before.
She even has better relationships with her daughter, granddaughter, spouse, and sister because she learned to communicate and live from a place of freedom.
You can get similar results by joining the Fearless Living Training Program.
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You’ll discover how fear has secretly been influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions --and how to break free from fear to let your true self shine. Just like Phyllis did.
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Watch Phyllis' Full Interview

You can watch Phylis' full interview with a member of our Fearless Living team here.

This interview covers:


How working with Rhonda and Fearless Living helped her in a way doctors and therapists were not able to


How Phyllis learned to forgive herself --and how that was a key moment in her transformation


How Phyllis learned to stop fighting with her daughter and build a better relationship with her

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Using the Fearless Living Training Program

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What Can You Expect

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  • Work with a Coach to Identify your unique "Wheel of Fear" and "Wheel of Freedom"
  • Gain invaluable tools and power-building skills you can use over and over again
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