Fearless You

A Monthly Membership Community with Rhonda Britten

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Join a virtual membership community for folks who are done letting life pass them by — and are ready to live the lives their souls intended.

Receive the exact teaching, tools, and training you need to live your life with power, passion, and purpose.

Have you been putting your dreams on hold, living your life for other people?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, unable to move forward until you’re completely clear about your true purpose?

Perhaps you’re afraid to make a “mistake” — so you’re waiting until taking action feels risk-free…

Are you feeling called to break through the negative self-talk that’s keeping you stuck — and start thriving, because you deserve it?

It’s time to learn how fear is undermining your forward momentum. To break the cycle so you can live the life you were intended to live — as the powerful, courageous person you know you are.

You’re invited to join a community of heart-aligned,  like-minded folks just like you — as Rhonda Britten, one of America’s original life coaches and America’s #1 Fear Expert, teaches you how to be fearless.

Fearless You features focused teaching, coaching, and mentoring from Rhonda and her Certified Fearless Living Coaches. You’ll access proven tools to help you get clear on what’s next for you — and receive the exact support you need to make sure you get there.

The Fearless You membership is a holistic framework for transforming every area of your life with the tips, tools, and training you need to master fear and build unshakable confidence. 

This program is the closest thing to having Rhonda as your own Life Coach. Together you’ll work on one key life area after another — so you can make actual life transformations every single month.

As a member of Fearless You, you’ll:

  • Find your purpose — and live it, every day 
  • Take bold steps toward what you most want for yourself and your life 
  • Grow spiritually as life opens up like never before
  • Become financially free doing work that lights you up (whether that means changing careers or starting a business — you’ll go from dreaming about it to doing it)
  • Have more energy and feel proud of your body
  • Create a fulfilling, supportive, romantic relationship — whether that’s finding love or bringing the passion and intimacy back into a 20-year marriage
  • Master your fears and live the life your soul intended
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Plus! A Never-Before-Seen Training, Every Month

Each month, you’ll receive a brand-new training from Rhonda.

And when you register now, you’ll access this exclusive in-depth workshop (ONLY available inside Fearless You!):

Next Month in Fearless You:

Empowered Truth
Thursday, July 6, 2023
5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET

What would your life look like if you took the courageous step to surrender who you believe you "should" be and claim your true destiny? It's time to experience the true freedom that awaits us in the space of surrender and embrace the paramount acceptance of "what is." Understand that surrender does not mean forsaking your Essential Nature; instead, it beckons you to embrace it wholeheartedly.

This month, let self-acceptance reign in your life as you surrender to the authentic essence within. Release the desire to be different and instead embrace yourself with understanding, love, and gentle kindness.

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“Everyone Needs Fearless Living”
- Oprah Winfrey

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Dear Fearless Friend,

You’ve spent years “working on yourself”, yet you still feel stuck.

Every day feels the same. You wake up… slog through the work day… have dinner… watch TV or exercise… go to bed…

You look around and think, “Is this it? Is this all there is to life?”

You feel like you were meant for something more… but you don’t know what that is.

And you don’t know the steps to take to get there.

Some days, it feels like life is passing you by.

It’s especially frustrating because you’ve done SO MUCH self-help work.

You’ve gone to countless workshops. You may have even tried therapy.

You learned things like “focus on gratitude” — yet doing that still doesn’t keep sadness from creeping in moments later.

You’ve done the visualizations, yet you don’t have that beach house or millions of dollars in the bank.

You may have even achieved your external goals — you have a great job, great family, good income — yet a part of you still feels empty.

You blame yourself. You think there’s something wrong with you. Or you’re not doing it right.

I get it. I’ve been there, too. And I’m here to tell you that it isn’t your fault.

Hi, I’m Rhonda Britten. You may have seen me on my Emmy-winning NBC show Starting Over. Or read my #1 best-seller Fearless Living.

If you want to stop jumping from one self-help workshop to the next and finally move forward in your life, there’s one thing you need to know…

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- Marianne Williamson
Multiple New York Times best-selling author and Oprah's spiritual advisor
Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means.

What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.
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Why All the Self-Help Work You’ve Done Isn’t Working

None of the work you’ve done has stuck for one simple reason

Your brain is designed to keep you alive. So there’s a part of it that spends all day looking for potential danger.

We know this part of the brain as FEAR.

And fear’s job is to keep you safe. It doesn’t want you to learn, grow, or thrive. Fear wants you to stay stuck right where you are.

So even in those self-help workshops, fear is lurking in the shadows fighting against you.

That’s why you can spend all day saying affirmations like “I’m confident” yet still feel like you’re about 6 inches tall.

It’s why you can feel like a million bucks when a workshop ends — then find yourself crying on the couch stuffing your face with Nutella feeling like a loser 3 weeks later (Or was that just me?)

Neuroscience says that the only way to make lasting change is to learn to see yourself and the world differently.

If you want to be more confident and authentic, that means no longer letting fear control how you see things. And instead, learning to see the world through the eyes of freedom.

When you make this shift, fear dissolves. You’re left with an unshakeable, lasting confidence. And the whole world opens up to you…

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As A Member of Fearless You, You'll Receive:

  • Live trainings & Q&As with Rhonda
  • Monthly coaching from Rhonda and her team of Certified Fearless Living Coaches (many charge $200+ hour, and you’ll work with them for free) — and get personalized support and all your questions 
  • Access to every course Rhonda has ever created — to help you master fear and unleash your confident, authentic self
  • Monthly checklists to hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Daily practices to get this material in your bones — you’ll find yourself being confident, authentic, and fearless naturally.
  • A loving community to help and inspire you, including access to the private Fearless You Community

Here's how the 4-Week Cycle unfolds each month Fearless You Membership:

Week 1

Live Training with Rhonda

Discover the “theme” for the month. Then, use the trainings inside the Fearless You Membership to start making progress in that area. (For example, the theme may be “loving yourself,” “fearless body,” “finding your purpose,” “letting go of the past”, etc.)

Week 2

“Get-It-Done” trainings with Faculty

Implement the “theme” in our hands-on trainings facilitated by Certified Fearless Living Coaches who know the work inside and out. You’ll discover new secrets to help you get faster, longer-lasting results in that area.

Week 3

Live Q and A with Rhonda

This is when you have an opportunity to ask me anything. Bring your questions and toughest problems. I will be right there to coach, support, and love you up with honest-to-goodness feedback and advice.

Week 4

Monthly Reflection with Certified Fearless Living Coaches

Get personalized support from trained Life Coaches who have mastered these lessons and live them every day.

Plus! A Never-Before-Seen Training, Every Month

You’ll get a brand-new training from Rhonda that goes with the monthly theme.

When you register now, you’ll receive exclusive access to this brand-new workshop Thursday, June 15, 2023: 

Clear Your Path to the Present Moment: A Spiritual Agility Skill

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- Sha Sparks
on her experience in my community

“I felt like I was wrapped in a hug.

It was such a warm and loving and inviting and supportive environment that I thought, “I need this”… it was so inclusive, too. People from all walks of life, men, women, from other countries. I’ve never felt like that in a group setting before, and I continue to have that same feeling every time I step into the community.”

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In as little as 30 days, you’ll find yourself finally writing that book you’ve always wanted. (And not long after that, wake up to emails saying “ You made a sale!” as people buy your book and leave raving reviews.)

You’ll get clear on what career path is right for you (should you start your business or take that new job?)

And you’ll get your head, heart, body, and spirit in alignment. So you can fall asleep easy rather than tossing and turning second guessing every decision.

These courses are proven over 25 years, with tens of thousands of students.

They combine neuroscience breakthroughs to help you create real, lasting change.

No more writing gratitudes only to slip into sadness the rest of the day. These exercises will fundamentally change you at a cellular level. You’ll become more confident, authentic, grateful, optimistic, loving, and fearless naturally.

The Premium Programs include:


Fearless Living Training Program - ($1997 value)

The world’s #1 fearbusting program to get unstuck, gain unshakeable confidence, and experience peace of mind.

You’ll stop beating yourself up and start being your authentic self.

Within 10 weeks or less of using this course, you’ll know how to master fear. So you can:

  • Pick up the phone to call potential clients and ask for the sale without fear of rejection.
  • Move to a new city and feel perfectly at ease.
  • Walk into a networking event full of strangers and talk to anybody about anything
  • Go from being single for years to finally finding your soul mate
  • Become a strong leader co-workers turn to for help (and actually follow your advice)
  • Attract the love and friendship you deserve
  • Stop “people-pleasing” and give yourself the love and acceptance you crave (so you no longer seek it from others)

No more procrastination. No more holding back due to fear. With this, you’ll start to live each day fearlessly.


Change Your Life in 30 Days - ($497 value)

If you find yourself stuck in a rut of indecision — or can’t seem to put any action behind your dreams — I’ll help you get unstuck and create momentum to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to fit into that dress you haven’t worn in 20 years but keep in the closet “Just in case”…

…build a business that gives you the freedom to take Wednesdays off and meet friends for lunch anytime you want (and brings in enough to pay the bills and stuff your savings account…)

…or anything else… I’ll help you go from thinking about it to finally doing it 🙂


21 Days of Self Love - ($297 value)

I’ll support you to “fill up your love tank” so you feel open, energized, confident, andn self-assured.

No more “pity parties” alone on the couch eating spoonful after spoonful of Nutella (like I used to.)

Instead, you’ll have the confidence and energy to spend your time doing what lights you up — throwing a dinner party for friends, curling up on the couch with a good book… and simply feel proud of who you are.


The “How to Overcome Fear” Series - ($970 value)

A science-based way to overcome 10 of the biggest fears holding you back… including your fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being judged by others, fear of the unknown, and fear of intimacy.

No more biting your tongue at work meetings. No more freezing up when it’s time to hit “publish” on your blog — only to delete the whole thing and continue hiding your brilliance from the world. You’ll confidently do things that used to terrify you.


Create a Year that Matters - ($497 value)

The same year-planning process I used to win an Emmy, be on Oprah twice, receive 6-figure advances for each of my four bestselling books, create an Ivy League Life Coaching program with thousands of students, and so much more.


How to Find Your Purpose - ($297 value)

Imagine looking at your calendar and feeling thrilled at every single thing you got to do that week. You’re fully booked up with projects and clients you love.

The day ends, and you don’t slump on the couch. You rush off to the gym or have dinner with family because you’re charged up from doing what you love all day.

The truth is, YOU have something you were designed to do — something that will click and make your whole life suddenly come into focus. I’ll show you how to find what that is. No more feeling like a rudderless ship, it’s time to plot your own course.


Starting Over - ($597 value)

Based on the ground-breaking work from my Emmy-winning NBC show, I’ll walk you through 11 visceral exercises that can help you shift on a cellular level.

As you bypass your brain while crafting your way to change, you’ll feel your jaw and shoulders relax, and your chest expand with love as these exercises open your heart and keep it open.


The Freedom of Forgiveness - ($297 value)

If you’ve ever been hurt, betrayed, or abused by someone, this is for you.

I’ll help you let go of that pain, shame and anger you’ve been carrying with you. In as little as an afternoon, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll feel lighter, more joyful, and your life will be free from the demons of your past.

Oh, and I will share the exclusive forgiveness exercise I created to forgive my father, my mother, and myself finally giving me peace with my past. It will do the same for you.


"Fearless Living for Life" Series - ($1164 value)

The 12 classes are the foundational principles of Fearless Living. You will know how to move through life with grace and ease and a whole bunch of fearlessness. And you’ll be that person who walks down the street with a bright smile and bounce in your step for seemingly no reason


Fearless Body - ($297 value)

You’ll discover how to be healthy and happy with your body no matter your size or age. We cover:

  • How to feel confident and proud of the way you look starting today
  • How to lose weight without dieting or “willpower” using the Fearless Body Formula (you get 13 simple tools we’ll use together — many of these you only need to use once)
  • How to stop comparing your body to others and love your body as it is
  • Give you a simple exercise to release any shame you feel around your body (you’ll feel lighter and more energized almost instantly

Letting Go - ($297 value)


Soon-to-be-released: Fearless Spirit! - ($297 value)

Fearless Spirit! Hit courses that will soon be yours!

And Don’t Forget Your “Masterclasses” for Instant Confidence And Momentum


Stretch, Risk or Die
($47 value)

Break through the barriers that have stopped you from turning any dream into a reality. Things that used to scare you like public speaking or telling someone “it’s not okay to speak to me that way” will become second nature.


Finish Your Year Strong
($97 value)

No more looking back and realizing none of your New Year’s Resolutions came true. Make up for lost time and use those last few months to write that book, lose 10lbs, get your business website up, and more.


Getting Your Needs Met ($47 value)

Do you put other people’s needs ahead of your own? And have you done that for so long you don’t even know what your needs are?

Don’t worry, I got you. You’ll discover how to get your voice heard and your needs met without coming off as selfish or rude.


Deep Dives
($997 value)

Masterclasses that help you get to the heart of topics the Fearless Living way. Topics include Values, Feelings, Fearless Formula Enrolling Conversation, How Being Specific Changes Everything, and more.

These courses a various combination of video, audio, transcripts, workbooks or email.

So you can listen to these trainings while driving in your car or doing the dishes. And you can scroll through lessons while waiting in the dentist’s office. As you do, you’ll feel your heart expand with a newfound sense of love and confidence.

They also come with workbooks and daily practices.

So you’re not having “ah-ha” insights only to do nothing with them and find your life doesn’t change. These exercises are designed to help you ingrain these concepts into your bones.

You’ll find yourself walking tall with your head high and a smile on your face. You’re no longer worried what others think. You’ve become more confident, authentic, and loving naturally.

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What Graduates Say About These Courses

debbie profile picture
- Debbie Vaillancourt
Emergency Room RN

“I’m happier and more fulfilled… [and] my husband and I are like honeymooners again”

“I came to Fearless Living because I didn’t know how to love my life anymore. As an Emergency Room RN, I was having troubles leading my team and the stress made my marriage rocky.

I thought I needed a change. But what I learned instead, is how my fears were running my life and keeping me stuck. I am much happier and more fulfilled now that I know how fear works and what to do when it pops up. And my family, friends, co-workers, and patients all feel the difference.

I’m also happy to report my husband and I are like honeymooners again. I never thought that would be possible. He’s very thankful to Fearless Living”

sarah profile picture
- Sarah Hallman
Beyond the Core Pilates Studio

“I’ve made more money than I thought possible…and found my purpose.”

I was so inspired and motivated that not only did I start believing that maybe I could do it, I DID it!… Not only have I been able to afford my rent month after month, but I’ve made more money that I ever thought possible plus I am attracting celebrity clients and found my purpose working with clients experiencing severe pain.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but money is no longer an issue in my life. And it gets better. With my new self-confidence, I’ve attracted the man of my dreams and am engaged to be married. Something that I also didn’t think was possible two years ago.

andy profile picture
- Andy Paige
Inventor Girly Go Garter and Author, Style on a Shoestring

“Revolutionized every aspect of my life”

I always knew that fear governed most of my decisions. I read “Fearless Living” in two days. I now see each day as a series of choices and intentions, not fear and reactions. Life has become victories small and great, not fear of failure.

sarah james profile picture
- Sarah James Williams

Found her heart’s purpose…

“After 3 weeks and lots of inner work my hearts Purpose, the thing that drives me, grounds me, keeps me anchored to reality is this: To be true to myself in all that I do.

As it turns out… this, or a variation thereof, has always been my heart’s purpose. It has always been the thing I believed in, went back to in times of joy, grief, loss, excitement, success and love. It makes sense to me. Moving forward in the world with this acknowledgment, this knowing inside me, is so powerful it’s difficult to contain sometimes.

cledra profile picture
- Cledra McCullers
Life Coach

“My coaching practice took off…”

“As a Coach myself, I wanted to start sharing my message with more and more people but wasn’t confident that I could attract people to my workshops.

After ONE CLASS of Create-A-Year, I scheduled my first workshop and guess what? 35 people showed up. My coaching practice took off and so have I. Take Create-A-Year, it will change your life.”

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Fearless Living “Deep-Dive” Trainings

deep dive image

Get trainings by Certified Fearless Living Coaches.

These take you deep into specific parts of the Fearless Living material. So you embody it even deeper.

Some trainings include:

  • How to create a vision board (want that beach vacation where you lay under the sun, have margaritas brought to you, and see rainbow colored fish as you snorkel in the warm ocean? It can happen sooner than you think…)
  • Your path to purpose (do work that lights you up and has people all over saying things like, “I’m so glad I found you! You changed my life!”)
  • The power of language — The words you think and speak will fill you with confidence. Even if someone is yelling in your face trying to tear you down, you’ll have a calm, peaceful smile knowing nothing they say can cut you.

Oh, What the Heck, VIP Members
Can Have All This Stuff, Too…

Bonus #1

Love Notes from Rhonda - ($1111 Value)

You get access to a new uplifing, inspiring, soul-touching message every morning through Rhonda's Private Podcast. These short audios can snap you out of a funk and put a smile on your face in less than a minute. They remind you of your importance and place in the world while guiding you to love yourself more deeply.

(And they’re pretty funny if I do say so myself.)

phyllis eddy profile picture
- Phyllis Eddy
Grace Life Coaching

"I can't start my day without listening to my Love Note from Rhonda."

Bonus #2

The Rhonda Britten Library - ($55)

You’ll get access to the audio version of my #1 best-selling book Fearless Living. And my favorite chapters from Fearless Loving, Do I Look Fat In This, and Change Your Life in 30 Days.

You’ll even get my Daily Training Manual. This can help you free up as much as 10 hours a week. You go from feeling “constantly busy” and overwhelmed to calm, confident, and in control of your daily life. Plus, there are daily exercises to help you “lock-in” feelings of confidence and gratitude in less than 5 minutes a day

Bonus #3

The Fearless Living Toolkit - ($997 value)

Get the same exercises I used on my Emmy Award-winning TV show, Starting Over and with my VIP clients (who pay $30,000/year to work with me.)

For example, you’ll get the “Control” tool that helps you get ahead in your career, business, and financial life.

Using this one tool, a private client went from getting rejected by every director in Los Angeles to landing gig after gig and fulfilling his dream of becoming a working actor.

We’re always adding new tools that can take your career, relationships, finances, health, and happiness to the next level.

Bonus #4

The Vault

The Vault is my work from way back including clips from NBC's Starting Over, my keynotes to major corporations, sermons shared with congregations across the USA, and classes not for sale anywhere. Access is only for Fearless You members.

I'm in! Sign Me Up!

Meet Your Coach

Rhonda Britten – named “America’s Favorite Life Coach” – is an Emmy Award-winner, repeat Oprah guest, and Master Coach who has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television, authored four bestsellers including her seminal work “Fearless Living” (translated into 16 languages), and founded the Fearless Living Institute, home of Fearless Living Life Coach Certification Program, considered the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training.

She was the first Life Coach on television in the world and appeared for three seasons as the head Life Coach on the hit daytime NBC show, “Starting Over” and named its “Most Valuable Player” by The New York Times.

She’s been a Master Life Coach for 25 years, received the “Coach of the Year” Award, and spoke for organizations such as Southwest Airlines, Blue Shield of California, Northrop Grumman.

Rhonda has devoted her life to one thing: to teach people how to master fear.

Whether that’s a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, she brings the neuroscience of fear down to earth giving you a path out of “not being good enough” using the “Wheels” technology she developed that saved her own life. What she teaches is what she’s lived.

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rhonda books background image
rhonda books image v3
A Sense of Freedom

Who is this For?

This is for you if...

  • You're done being stuck and want to be the person you were born to be
  • You’re ready to do the work to be more confident and less stressed
  • You want to feel alive, thrive and give meaning to your life

Who is this Not for:

This is not for you if...

  • You believe the problems you have now are not your fault
  • You think other people are the reason you’re so frustrated and unhappy
  • You think everyone has it easier than you and want to be saved.
Sad woman looking through the window
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Become a member of Fearless You today!

Per Month
  • Monthly LIVE training call with Rhonda
  • Monthly LIVE Q and A Calls
  • Monthly LIVE "Get-It-Done" Session with Faculty
  • "Monthly Reflection" with Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Private Fearless You Community
  • 11 Fearless Living Programs
  • Quick-win Masterclasses
  • Daily “Love Notes from Rhonda”
  • Rhonda’s book, perks, and more
  • Priority access to Rhonda's 1:1 Laser Coaching Sessions*
  • Invites to all VIP Trainings
  • 3 "Find Your Wheels" Coaching Sessions with your own Certified Fearless Living Coach
I WANT TO JOIN FOR $39/month
Get your first month for
Then $99 Per Month After
  • Monthly LIVE training call with Rhonda
  • Monthly LIVE Q and A Calls
  • Monthly LIVE "Get-It-Done" Session with Faculty
  • "Monthly Reflection" with Certified Fearless Living Coaches
  • Private Fearless You Community
  • 11 Fearless Living Programs
  • Quick-win Masterclasses
  • Daily “Love Notes from Rhonda”
  • Rhonda’s book, perks, and more
  • Priority access to Rhonda's 1:1 Laser Coaching Sessions*
  • Invites to all VIP Trainings
  • 3 "Find Your Wheels" Coaching Sessions with your own Certified Fearless Living Coach
*First month of Fearless You for $49 and renews every 30 days for $99.
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By the way, if you've seen me on TV, stage and know that what I teach can transform your life, then join today! There's no better time to get fearless!

More Student Success Stories from my Online Training Courses

Kristina Gilman
Project Manager

“My life is so full of loving relationships now…”

“What I really learned was how to be loving to myself, others and in life. My life is so full of loving relationships now from family to friends to romance! Amazing!”

Cathay Mckewon

“I feel more grounded and accepting of myself.”

“I thought self love was about treating myself to bubble baths and a bunch of hollow affirmations…the things rhonda said were mind blowing and stuf fyou can get nowhere else… I have a blueprint for self love I will have for life. It was like food and nourishment i didn’t know i needed. I feel more grounded and accepting of myself. I feel less dependent on others opinions of me.”

Jacquie Christensen

“30 days ago I was low and stuck… Now [I have] the tools to be my true self.”

“I never imagined 30 days ago how different I would be today! 30 days ago, I was so low, and stuck. I felt alone and lost. I barely knew myself so how could I possibly be true to myself? Now I’ve gained the tools to find myself and become true to myself, I have goals to move forward, I have amazing support through our Facebook group, and I have joy . . . JOY!

I commit to continuing this journey as I know there is so much more to come for me and if I can shift this much in 30 days, what can I do in a year, or two, or five years? How exciting a thought is that? Rhonda, thank you for sharing you and your gifts with me! You are an angel here on earth and you have made an incredible difference!”

Cindee Ball
Dental Hygienist

“I discovered who I am and I like me!”

“Fearless Loving has given me the confidence and the tools to date for the first time in 8 years. More importantly, I have discovered who I am and I like me!”

Jo Lynn Bartlett
Registered Nurse

“Fallen in love all over again…”

“I wanted to improve my relationship with my husband and I just didn’t know how. By following these 8 Simple Truths we have recommitted to our relationship and fallen in love all over again.”

- Karen BroeN

“My life is so full of loving relationships now…”

“What I really learned was how to be loving to myself, others and in life. My life is so full of loving relationships now from family to friends to romance! Amazing!”

Tama J. Kieves
Author of, This Time I Dance

“Flood your life with love and gratitude”

“Rhonda Britten boils down the great wisdom teachings into simple doable practices that can flood your life with love and gratitude. Her tools are easy to use and take you past self-help jargon –into the heart of your own daily transformation.”

Sarah Spell

“My darkest days are behind me…”

“I truly, fully believe that my darkest days are behind me. Will difficulties come? Yes. The difference is that now I have the tools that work and the confidence to use them. I have support and know how to ask for it. This deep knowledge –beyond intellectual knowing – this is heaven.”

Jill Kerry
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Lost 30lbs, changed my job, and starting dating.”

“Since I took Create-A-Year last year, I’ve lost thirty pounds, changed my job and started dating. I truly did create a completely different year. And it’s been a lot easier than I thought. I was one of those people who was waiting for the timing to be right. But the timing was never right. I dove in last year with nothing to lose. Thank You Rhonda. Create-A-Year was the best investment I ever made in myself.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Becoming Fearless Mean I Will Have No Fear?
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That’s a great question. Fear is wired into our neurobiology so there’s no getting rid of fear yet, you can master it. That’s where we come in. We’re the only program in the world that specializes in showing you how to identify, process, and move beyond any fear so you will never be stopped or stuck again. If this sounds like something you want, join today so you don’t waste another moment.
Is Becoming A Member Of Fearless You For Me?
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That depends. Do you want to live on purpose, with purpose… feel comfortable in your own skin… and access your personal power whenever you need it so you can go anywhere, do anything, and meet anyone…fearlessly?

If you want to live more aligned with your souls calling and live the life your soul intended, then Fearless You membership was made for you!
How Does The Membership Work?
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Fearless You is a membership (like a gym membership), you have unlimited access to all the courses, trainings, Q&A calls, and everything else the membership has to offer as long as you are a paid member.
Can I Cancel Anytime?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open

Sure. But you won’t want to because Fearless You is that good. I promise if you show up the best you can, you will get results.

If you cancel, you lose your current rate for good and your membership is disabled at the end of the last month you paid for, and you will no longer be able to log in to the membership site.

When you want to rejoin, you will pay whatever the current monthly rate is on the day you sign back up.

When Do I Get Access To The Membership?
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Great question. Your membership access will be sent to you within 15 minutes via email after you become a member of Fearless You. Be sure to move our emails to your inbox to ensure delivery. So how fast can you start getting fearless? Start today!
Do You Offer Scholarships For Those In Financial Need?
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For those in need? Absolutely. If you’ve been hit hard by the pandemic, lost your job, or are in dire straights but are motivated to get certified Fearless…Click here to apply for a scholarship now. When you’re serious about investing in yourself, we will invest in you. There are a limited number of scholarships so apply today.

Do You Offer Discounts For Medical Professionals, First Responders, Teachers, Military?
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Yes! You can get Fearless You at a special price. Click here to get your discount code to be entered at checkout.

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