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- Alice Coleman
CFLC, Project Manager

It hit me like a lightning bolt. I wanted to become a Certified Fearless Living Coach.

But when I scheduled THE CLARITY CALL with the Fearless Living Admissions Associate…I began to doubt myself.

I didn’t know if I could manage a certification with my job, raising my kids….could I even go back to school at my age? Could I afford this? You name it, every doubt and excuse was screaming at me.

I kept going back to that lightning bolt…I KNEW this was something I wanted but….

I had so many insecurities; I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Not only did I have a Clarity Call with Fearless Living Admissions Associate, I had THREE.

Now, I am a Certified Fearless Living Coach… I not only made amazing changes in my life, I am helping people change their lives too! (oh, and I’m a better parent, and my kids can totally tell the difference!)

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- Jeanette Swantek
Program Candidate, Teacher

I was curious. I was excited. Yet, I was also very hesitant.

My heart told me “This is a path I want to take”, but- thoughts ran through my brain… “Can I do this? I have so much I need to work on within myself. How can I become a Life Coach?”

After talking with Sheri (my Admissions Associate), I knew. I had to embrace the moment. Not only would I be building coaching skills so I could reach out to help other people in our world, I would also be building skills that would affect my own journey in life.

I had the desire. I knew I had to take that first step. The gentle voice in my head was now clear. I had to take action. And that is what I did. And I'm so happy for it!