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Terry A. Sayre

ACFLC, CFT, BA in Early Childhood Education, MA in Reading Instructor, Leadership facilitator for class at the Chamber of Commerce, Consultant for team building and business development.

Tulare, CA

Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach
Certified Fearless Trainer

Specializes In: Negotiating change during personal challenges, relationships, family, business and work environments. One thing we can count on is change! Growth comes from change.

Do you dread change? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, “Change Happens!: As your Coach 4 Change I can help you negotiate fear, dread and expectations. As a “More Mature Lady”, I have faced the fear and dread of change: death of loved ones, career changes, divorce, empty nest syndrome, retirement, grief, caring for aging parents, financial challenges, loneliness and the feeling of worthlessness. Through the concepts and strategies of Fearless Living you can thrive in the face of change and connect with your goals and dreams. Let’s work together to see the opportunities that change can bring to you.

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