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Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself? Do you feel trapped in your current work situation? Do you set goals and then beat yourself up for not reaching them yet again?

Would you like more possibilties and opportunities at work and in relationships with family and friends? Are you ready for a positive change in your life, if so, then I'm your coach.

“I said yes to my coach, Dionetta, with the hope that I would learn to live fearlessly, I didn’t really know what exactly living fearlessly would look like for me. Would I come out the other side being a completely different person? Perhaps a svelte, rich, brunette? (I’m definitely blonde, slightly overweight, and I do ok financially, but … those student loans, right?) The point being, what would living free look like for me? Well, I did not turn into a completely different person – I grew and evolved into a healthier, happier, freer version of who I have always been. (And I’m definitely still blonde!)"

My coach (Dionetta) gently guided me through this learning process in a way that encouraged my own thoughts and discoveries along the way. Her support, encouragement, and total and complete lack of judgement allowed me to be completely open and honest, and to be willing to share new insights and awareness and even new struggles as they came. We worked through the struggles and celebrated the victories together. She helped me build on ideas and concepts, and asked questions that caused me to think beyond where I was in the moment – this resulted in many insightful moments. She was really there to help me do the thinking and processing, not tell me what to do or how to do it. Through our conversations, she skillfully led the conversation to places that I wouldn’t have thought to go. Sometimes this was exciting, and sometimes more difficult. This resulted in a greater depth to the conversation and thought processes, which led to greater insight, which for me, has ultimately led to the realization that I can choose. I’m not dependent on my fears, complaints or excuses to make my decisions for me. I can make the choices that are best for me. My partnership with Dionetta as my Fearless Living coach has empowered me to make choices that lead me to being the best version of my authentic self and it feels wonderful!" --Kristen, age 29, Registered Nurse, BSN, MBA, Clinical Program Manager, Regence Blue Shield
“You’ve had a positive influence in my life. I feel surer of myself and calmer after each of our sessions. I enjoy your down to earth, practical coaching style. I tend to over-complicate what I am trying to express and you help make it simpler and clearer. When I met my coach, I was beginning my new career in nursing. I was excited to have finally reached this goal but also felt nervous. Transitioning from being a student nurse to a working nurse was very scary for me. Nursing is a challenging and demanding career, especially for a new nurse starting out. Working through Fearless Living during this time provided me with tools and support to face the challenges I encountered. I have learned to reframe my fears into opportunities to learn and grow. I feel stronger and more empowered to live the life my soul intended, rather than jumping aboard my Wheel of Fear when I feel inadequate. I plan to continue working on living fearlessly. " --Veronica M, age 42, New Registered Nurse, ADN
“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Fearless Living coaching. This program is for anyone who wants to live a life without limits. I feel like I have a great foundation and tools to move forward and create the life I want, thank you Dionetta! I couldn’t have gotten where I am without you. A truly priceless opportunity. Without Dionetta I don’t think I would have been able to sort thru my thoughts enough to come up with my fear trigger and essential nature…. This is huge and a lightbulb went on once she did”… In a nutshell I would say that this experience has given me the tools to recognize and manage fear that keeps me from living to my fullest potential – that this experience has made living a life without limits possible.” --Steph Age 36, (New Registered Nurse, ADN and Rodan and Fields Consultant/Entrepreneur)

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