How An Engineer Found His Purpose By Becoming A Life Coach

The brief


Garo felt like his life was wasting away. His job wasn’t fulfilling, and he had a nagging thought that he was meant for something more — but he didn’t know what that was.

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The Approach

Using Rhonda Britten’s Life Coaching Certification Program

Garo learned how to help people overcome their biggest fears and challenges using the Wheel of Fear. He also got one-on-one coaching to help him develop the skills needed to be a successful life coach.

The Solution

Successful Outcome

Garo’s clients began to get incredible results with his coaching. Garo now feels he found his true calling — to help others overcome fear and create lives they love.

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“I felt like I was rotting inside…”

Garo Yessayan is a field engineer in Boston, Massachusetts.

He worked 96 hours a week at a job that didn’t fulfill him.

He felt like he was meant for something else. But he didn’t know what that was or how to find it. As Garo says:

“One day, I was sitting in my truck thinking, “Is this all there is to my life? Is this it?”

“I felt like I was rotting inside…”

Garo shares his struggle before joining the Life Coaching Certification Program

“I was scammed a lot…”

Garo began to change his life. He wrote out his goals and started to exercise and volunteer regularly.

All this helped, but he still felt like something was missing.

Then, Garo’s friend recommended he become a Life Coach.

Garo had always been big into personal development. He loved to encourage and empower people. And he liked the thought of being on stage giving an inspirational talk to thousands of people.

Garo checked out a few life coaching programs. But he didn’t join any of them because he was skeptical. He had tried personal development programs in the past, but they were rarely worth it. He wanted to make sure that if he joined a program, he would be able to use what he learned.

“I went to all the guru seminars where they upsell you everything. I found the programs were just guys quoting books you already read. They weren’t giving you value for the money.”

Garo shares how other self-help programs let him down.

“I took a leap of faith…”

A few months later, Garo once again found himself sitting in his truck, wondering what he should do with his life.

He realized he couldn’t figure it out himself. He needed help.

His friend’s mother had gone through Rhonda Britten’s Life Coaching Certification Program (LCCP). She raved about it, so Garo decided to take a closer look into the program.

It wasn’t as cheap as other options. But Garo didn’t want cheap. He wanted something he could use, that would call him to be more.

He loved how LCCP including working with a Mentor who would work with Garo one-on-one through the entire program. And he was excited to see that he would get real clients to coach

The amount of support showed Garo that Rhonda cared about her students’ success. So Garo took a leap of faith and joined LCCP.

“The support Rhonda offers is huge. The fact I could get on a call with a Mentor and listen to tapes of me coaching means they actually care about the people in the program.”

Garo shares why he joined LCCP over other programs.

“I didn’t have the skills
to help people…”

Before joining LCCP, Garo began to post inspirational messages on social media. Doing this, he realized he didn’t have the skills to help people.

But thanks to LCCP that soon changed.

To start, Garo went through the Fearless Coach Primer course. This is included in LCCP and helps you get ready for the program.

In the Fearless Coach Primer, Garo learned how to guide someone through a problem. He learned the different types of questions to ask and when to ask them. This gave him a foundation to coach clients and get results.

“[They give you] guidelines for how to coach someone through a problem or situation…”

Garo shares his experience with the Fearless Coach Primer.

“I almost quit the program…”

Once the Fearless Coach Primer ended, the Life Coaching Certification Program began.

LCCP is a 9-month training program. In it, you get a Mentor who works with you one-on-one every other week. You also get real clients to practice on and two in-person workshops lead by Rhonda.

The first thing Garo did was go to one of the live workshops. Once he got there, he wanted to quit.

Garo learned that he had to lead a practice coaching session during the workshop. This terrified him. He was afraid he would do a bad job, and everyone would see what a bad coach he was.

But Rhonda said something that helped him overcome that fear. She said that “You need to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable because that is where you grow and change.”

That stuck in Garo’s mind. And he began to realize he wasn’t the only one afraid. The other students were scared too, but they pushed through it.

Watching them, Garo felt inspired. He faced his fear and completed the workshop. And because of all the love and support he felt from Rhonda and the other students, he decided to continue the program.

“Rhonda’s humanness, compassion, and love captured me.”

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Garo shares how he almost quit the program.

“The most important life
coaching skill…”

As the program went on, Garo learned to master Rhonda’s 8 Skills for Life Coaching.

The most important skill, according to Garo, was this: Speak as if the client is innocent.

Garo discovered how to speak to clients without any judgment. And how to be open and curious without projecting his thoughts and feelings onto them.

This helped Garo get a clearer understanding of his client’s problems. And this one skill became the cornerstone that all the other coaching skills were built on.

Anytime Garo had an issue with a client or person in his life, he would talk to his Mentor about it. Garo discovered that seeing the other person as innocent was always a big help in overcoming any issue.

“The more I brought up questions and topics on my Mentor calls, the more I saw where innocence plays in. I kept coming back to that as an overarching theme.”

Garo shares why seeing people as innocent is critical

“Wow, this really works!”

Along with the 8 Skills for Life Coaching, Garo learned “an insane amount of tools” and strategies to use with clients. These include gratitude, acknowledgments, RISK formula, the 4 A’s, forgiveness letters — and most importantly, the Wheel of Fear.

The Wheel of Fear is a cycle everyone gets stuck in. It causes us to make decisions based on fear and leads to self-destructive behaviors.

Garo learned how to help people overcome fear and, instead, make decisions based on what they truly want. That way, they could create better lives for themselves.

Wheel of Fear

via Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten

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For example, one of Garo’s clients had a difficult relationship with her mother. She couldn’t even hug her mom or tell her mom she loved her.

Rather than judge her client or tell her to “suck it up”, Garo saw her client as innocent. He then used the other Life Coaching Skills, along with the Wheel of Fear, to help his client break free from her fear of showing her mother affection.

Within 3 months, Garo’s client hugged her mom and told her she loved her for the first time in years!

“It was so cool to see those results. It’s like, “Wait, I thought this was out of your comfort zone, and now you’re doing it!”

Garo shares the results he helped his client achieve.

“I can open up more…”

Garo didn’t just learn skills for life coaching. Thanks to all the practice and coaching he received, he began to embody those skills. That has led to major positive changes in his life.

For example, Garo’s LCCP Mentor showed him how to use the Wheel of Fear to conquer his own fears. Now, when Garo gets scared, he knows how to work through it so it doesn’t hold him back.

Garo’s relationships are better, too. Because he learned how to communicate his needs and feelings without arguing so people don’t walk all over him. And he can work through relationship problems without anyone feeling anger or resentment.

He even learned how to stop beating himself up. So he’s become more confident and positive as a result.

“Before this program, I was a ‘Ra Ra! Get-up-in-your-face’ kind of guy. But now I’m more practical, more real, more in tune with what the other person needs…

It was a big turning point for me to go away from the “Ra Ra!” and instead, be true to myself and be true to my clients.”

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Garo shares how the LCCP improved his personal life.

“This feels like what I
was meant to do…”

During the 9-month LCCP, Garo logged over 75 hours of Life Coaching practice sessions with real clients with real problems.

He currently has 6 coaching clients. Some he got directly from LCCP. Others came through referrals.

And one client hired Garo after finding him on social media.

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Garo’s social media posts help him attract clients.

His goal is to leave engineering and be a full-time Life Coach. As we grows his business, he plans to give talks to college kids and young adults.

Garo knows Life Coaching is his calling for one simple reason: When Garo was a kid, his older brother passed away.

That led Garo to experience a lot of dark days. He felt alone and even had suicidal thoughts.

Garo doesn’t want anyone to feel as alone as he did. He wants everyone to feel they have a friend to lean on. By becoming a Life Coach, Garo has become the supportive figure he wished he had when his brother died

 “I want to help people avoid the darkness I was in. Life coaching feels like home to me.

I feel like this is what I was meant to do.”

Garo shares what motivates him to be a great life coach

“Your heart will open…”

If you’re thinking about joining LCCP, Garo has a special message. In the video below, he shares what you can expect from the program — as well as some unexpected benefits you get when you go through it.

“Trust the process and put in the effort. Your heart will open, your mind will expand, and you’ll grow…

…with your heart opening, your mind expanding, and the right support anything is possible.”

Garo shares the unexpected benefits of joining LCCP.
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Ready to become a
Certified Life Coach like Garo?

Before joining the Life Coach Certification Program (LCCP), Garo felt like his life was wasting away. But now, he has a renewed sense of purpose.

He’s more than a “Ra-Ra!” Life Coach who shouts inspirational quotes. Instead, he has a proven method to guide people through their biggest challenges.

And because of the experience, support, and one-on-one coaching he got through LCCP, he has seen huge changes in his life as well as the lives of his clients.

If you want to help yourself and others live without fear, the Life Coaching Certification Program is for you.

Over the past two decades, hundreds of people have gone through this program. But it only opens once or twice a year. Click the button below to learn more and see if this program is for you.

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Garo Yessayan

Certified Fearless Living Coach & Certified Fearless Trainer


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Watch Garo’s Full Interview

You can watch Garo’s full interview with a member of the Fearless Living team below. In it, you’ll discover:


How Garo learned to stop beating himself up


An “eye-opening” exercise that helped Garo be a better coach and avoid getting stuck during his calls with clients


The Forgiveness Letter Garo did with Rhonda that helped him let go of pain he had been carrying for years after his brother died

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Using Fearless Living's Life Coach Certification Program

If you're ready to reboot your career or create a legacy that impacts thousands, or you've been called to do something more.... Then it's time to give yourself the skills, the support, and the structure to become the Coach everyone wants!

We are called the "Ivy League of Coaching" because we're the only program in the world specializing in fear, the only thing that truly stops anyone. Plus, we provide an extraordinary level of support, more than any other certification program.

Check out this overview:

  • Build Your Toolbox: Time-proven proprietary coaching method includes 12 Coaching Session Templates

  • Grow Your Skills: Embody our 8 Coaching Skills so that you can coach anyone, anywhere, at any time, about anything!

  • Own Your Business: Learn how to coach individuals, groups and give talks to prospective clients

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What Can You Expect

You will feel supported.

Many of our graduates say they feel more supported than at any other time in their life. So why do we surround you with so much support?

We fundamentally believe that "no one can be fearless alone;" When you feel supported, you will be able to dig deeper, integrate faster, and build confidence sooner than without it.

Here are just a few ways we love you up and hold you tight:

  • 18 Mentor One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Meet up with other students in your Power Team

  • Invitation to meet our Community at our annual Coaches Retreat

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Find out if you're meant to be a Life Coach

“Are you ready to leap towards a life that you love? Well, you’re in the right place!”

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Rhonda Britten

Founder, Fearless Living Institute

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Camila Hanisch

Certified Fearless Living Coach & Certified Fearless Trainer


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Master CFLC,


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Amy Mead

Certified Fearless Living Coach & Certified Fearless Trainer


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Lajuana Radcliffe

Certified Fearless Living Coach


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Daniel Fung

Danny Fung

Certified Fearless Living Coach & Certified Fearless Trainer


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Jennifer Joy "JJ" Frederickson

Master Certified Fealess Living Coach

LCCP Mentor Coach


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Let’s Go!

Want to become a
Certified Life Coach?

Your past does not dictate your future. Who you’ve been has little to do with who you’re becoming. Your journey to be the Life Coach everybody wants starts by clicking the button below to gain access to our free video series!

We can't wait for you to join our Coach Community.