What We Believe

The Fearless Living Institute (FLI) is an international support network for mastering the emotional fears that keep us from being our very best. We work with thousands of people who strive to embody Fearless Living in their homes, their boardrooms, and beyond.

Who We Are

FLI was founded by Rhonda Britten, bestselling author and Emmy Award–winner for the daytime reality drama Starting Over. Her groundbreaking Fearless Living principles have gained international renown and have inspired countless individuals to embrace the human-potential movement. Thousands of those individuals have joined our FLI support network—they include:

Fearless Coaching Members Fearless Coaching Members have a chance to learn directly from Rhonda through her “Topic of the Month” Webinars and weekly emails that build on the topic of the month and each one includes a Fearbuster Exercise so you can integrate the work into your life. Plus Fearless Coaching Members have access to a private Community where they can ask Rhonda anything. And, of course, Fearless Coaching Members are the first to find out about any new program and the first to be invited to any VIP events.

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Fearless Book Group Leaders and Participants Our Fearless Book Groups meet regularly, in person or by phone, to support one another and study the principles of Fearless Living. Many of our Fearless Book Group Leaders go on to become certified coaches. Click here to receive a Free Audio Training on how to become a Fearless Book Group Leader. Have questions? Email Martin Wenger at MartinWenger@FearlessLiving.org

Receive Free Audio Training on how to become a Fearless Book Group Leader

Certified Fearless Living Coaches Our coaches undergo the most rigorous selection and training process in the industry today that qualifies them to act as personal coaches for site members and members of their community who would like to transform their lives.

Become a Certified Life Coach There is no other Coaching Program in the world that stands up to our in-depth training, hands on one-on-one mentoring and community support. Whether you are already a coach or therapist and want to incorporate Fearless Living into your practice through our Wheels Certification Program OR have just started thinking about making coaching a career and are interested in building your confidence, gaining clients and joining a world class organization with monetary support built right in and want more information on our Life Certification Program, the Fearless Living Institute has crafted programs that not only show you how to support your clients but also support you every step of the way.

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Corporate Training FLI has ongoing relationships with dozens of managers and leaders in business. Our personalized programs increase profitability by helping employees to become more productive, creative, and committed through Fearless Living.

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How We Work

FLI’s core mission is to provide a pathway for anyone who is willing to do the work to free their lives from emotional fear. That might include fear of rejection, fear of incompetency, fear of looking stupid and many more. Our job is to give you the skills, the support and the love required to get you on the path of living the life your soul intended(tm).

Through Rhonda’s bestselling books, our website, social media, Fearless Book Groups, live events, home study courses and one-on-one coaching, we provide every possible tool you need to start your journey.

Truly Life Changing!

I am compelled to write a review of Fearless Living because my experience of its content has absolutely rocked my world and changed my life! It's not just about releasing fear, it's about true freedom from old cycles. Moving up... moving on! The words are to be savored and the exercises experienced!

Josie Sullivan

Rhonda Britten is a woman who walks her talk. Her methodology is exact, and her sources come from her own life experience, as well as her work as one of the premier life coaches in practice today. I personally felt a jolt of conviction and exhilaration as I read chapter after chapter into the wee hours of the morning.

C. Cunningham