There’s Only You


There’s only one person you have to be today.


Sure, you can be a great business person, a fabulous parent and a wonderful friend. All those things are delightful and amazing. But none of those matter if you compromise yourself to get the title “fabulous” or “wonderful” or “great” because when you do compromise yourself, you don’t believe any of those compliments anyway because you know you are lying. Not a lot but enough.


Lying to your friends about what you think or what you desire or love.

Pretending to care about what you don’t.

Compromising what you do and how you think or what you believe to get ahead, to get love…


Being fully you is the only way you can truly embody all those wonderful compliments and believe them to your bones.


I want you to believe me to your bones…


21 Days of Love with Rhonda Britten




By Rhonda Britten

Rhonda, voted America’s Favorite Life Coach is here to help you get unstuck. “Everyone needs Fearless Living”- Oprah Winfrey With her acclaimed method called Fearless Living, Rhonda Britten has helped thousands of people let go of indecision, gain clarity of purpose, and take life-changing risks. Her work exposes the roots of fear and gives you the tools to move beyond that insidious universal feeling of “not being good enough.” The result is unstoppable confidence and a world of unlimited possibilities.

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