The Fearless Comedienne: Joan Rivers


No one can ever say Joan Rivers wasn't fearless. In fact, she is the epitome of fearless.

Fearless people go first.

And Joan did it all the time. She broke glass ceiling after glass ceiling. Thank you Joan for showing us the way.

Fearless people say what's on their mind. Sure, some people may be more diplomatic than Joan was but she was a comic and a truth teller. And what she had on her mind was brilliant!

Fearless people live their purpose.

Joan knew what she was here to do: make you laugh.

Fearless people do not take themselves too seriously.

Joan would make herself the brunt of the joke just as often, if not more so, than others.

Fearless people have heart.

In the midst of all her material girl attitude, she loved people deeply. You could see it in her generous spirit with younger performers, her daughter, and with her fans.

Fearless people keep growing, keep learning, keep trying....

Joan could have easily called it a day after her husband’s suicide, after the ridicule of her plastic surgery, after turning 80.... but not Joan.


Thank you Joan Rivers for showing us all how to be fearless! I can hear the laughter from heaven...

xoxo Rhonda

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