Denise Duran

Denise Duran

Specializes in: Life Transitions, Multi-Generational Living, Relationship Building

The one thing we can all count on is CHANGE!

Life is constantly in motion whether we are taking action or navigating reaction. When we're not exactly sure what to do, it can feel like wheels spinning without forward motion. Or worse yet. like we're going backwards.

What if you could step into a private space created for your unique journey? - A space where you can explore the tough questions or the scary questions without judgement or consequence?

What if, through your willingness to explore, you could open new doors, expand your opportunities, and gain confidence in the face of the unknown?

As a Certified Fearless Living Program Candidate, I have the privilege to work with people just like you who are ready to move into their next chapter. Yes, it can feel scary or unnerving; change typically is. Yet, I know this to be true, as we work together to discover your highest truth, you will find clarity, confidence, support and best of all; you will build a complete skills toolbox that will serve you for a lifetime!

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