Carolyn Maguire

Carolyn Maguire

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Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer?  I know first hand, as an Oncology Certified Nurse and a daughter (both parents had lung cancer) what a toll it can take on you and the entire family.  Let’s work together to develop your emotional fitness so you can master anything in your life.  Yes, even cancer!

CANCER … the number one fear-inducing word in our lives today.

Recent studies have shown that the two main components needed to successfully get through cancer treatment are physical fitness and emotional fitness.  Emotional fitness is where I come in.  Mastering your internal dialogue, thoughts, emotions and moving you FORWARD through the treatment, instead of letting FEAR zap every bit of energy out of you.

I saw it with my dad.  In 2013, both of my parents were diagnosed with lung cancer (within two weeks of each other).  My mom breezed through surgery and my dad had many serious complications.  At one point, he was ready to “give up.”  They told him he likely wouldn’t live long.  After a simple shift in his perspective and allowing himself to be coached to believe that he would get better and his health soared.  Today, at 78 years old, he’s out there loving life as he continues to do what he was gifted for, sales.  It’s a testimony to the power of your mind and mastering fear.

You are NOT your illness!!  Let’s wake up your cells and fight cancer from the inside!!

As your Coach, I’ll support you at any stage of you and your loved one’s disease and provide you with tools to help you make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!


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