Starting Over Intensive & Coming Home To Your Fearless Self Retreat


The passing of Robin Williams deeply impacted me. It made me once again reaffirm my love of meeting you in person.

I'm glad I've spent the past three years building online Courses. It hasn't been easy being so far away from you but for many people it's the only way they can do the Fearless Work so I hunkered down and made videos, and recorded audios and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.

Online Courses are convenient because you can do them in your home, in your pj's and at your own pace. (By the way, I have whole brand new website coming that's super fancy. You'll hear more about it in September. I'm so excited!) So yes, online courses are great and necessary....AND.....

What I'm trying to spit out is I WANT TO HUG YOU. I am not kidding. If you aren't sure why I want to hug you, go here.

And the only way I can actually get my arms around you is if you and me meet LIVE. Yes, you and me in the same room.


Me and some AMAZING coaches!

I haven't done many public events in the last five years.

(It's been a time of much inner work and course building.) and now, I am raring to get you in my arms, share what I know and love on you.

Because that is one thing you will feel: You will feel loved up.

Yes, of course, I'm going to teach you some mind-blowing amazing things that will change your life immediately.

Yes, we are going to go deep and you are going to be awe-struck and inspired. Yes, it's going to be fun and you're going to pee your pants laughing. Yes, yes, yes..all of that is true.

But really, don't you just want to be face-to-face in this world of computers and cell phones pic 3smaller

Don't you yearn to grab someone's hand because you (or they) are either laughing so much or crying so much you just wanna connect?

Don't you just want to work alongside people who GET YOU? Who are like you? Who will LIKE YOU for real?

If the answer is YES, then you have two opportunities to join me LIVE. Keep reading to find out how you and I can meet LIVE.

Would you like to be invited to my home?

Yes, you and 7 other lovely fearless souls will join me in my home where we will break through your biggest problem. (I am not kidding about that. Give me your toughest issue. I got this.)

And because it's so in-depth and gives you a restart like no other, I'm not gonna mince words, it does have a big price tag.

AND, if you want the most personalized experience, if you've got the desire to work with me in an intimate setting and be hugged all day long, go here to learn more.

FIRST PUBLIC WORKSHOP in years!!! Be surrounded by love and like-minded fearless folk.

I'm so excited to invite you to my first public workshop in years (and over 30 Certified Fearless Living Coaches will be there too.)

Imagine the support and level of coaching you will receive!

Just feel into this:

Come Home To Your Fearless Self...

No more dimming your passion to make others feel comfortable.

No more faking confidence.

No more dumbing yourself down or pretending you actually want to sit on the couch and watch another episode of Friends (again).

The feeling of being home...

You can’t buy it. You can’t manufacture it. You can’t fake it. It’s gotta come from within. It’s gotta be authentic to you because it IS you.

That's what “feeling at home” is, isn’t it?

Being comfortable in your own skin regardless of the circumstances you are in, the people you are surrounded by or whether life is going your way or not.

Feeling at home means you feel safe enough to share yourself


appreciate and respect yourself enough to honor who you are…

Your needs

pic4smaller2 Your wants

Your preferences

Your desires

Your passions

Your priorities

Your values...

The real, honest-to-goodness Fearless YOU.

That’s a mouthful for sure.

But it’s what you and I both want, it’s what everybody wants because if you want to live as your Fearless Self (the best version of you), you must feel comfortable being you, as you.

You must believe that you have RIGHT to be you and not show up as being some water-downed fear-driven version that clings to the edge of conversations, relationships, opportunities.

Let's face it, if you don't feel comfortable being you, you are going to hesitate in making decisions, feel overwhelmed way too often and wait on the sidelines waaaay too long.

When you come home to your Fearless Self...

You become energized by every authentic move you make.

You release your passion and drive and joy.

You join forces out of love.

You realize, and appreciate, who you really are.

If you've ever seen me live, you know that when I speak, I give you everything I've got. I leave nothing on the table.

That's what you'll experience in Denver, Colorado the last weekend in September.

We've got inexpensive hotel rooms. (If you need a roommate, we can help.) Prices for flights right now are cheap.

No excuses on this one. Sign. Up. Right. Now. Come....Click here.

By the way, I've got early bird prices for another couple weeks.

So please, grab your ticket now.

Because I want to hug you up and love you up and smarten you up and appreciate you up and expand you up and...and...and...

Go here to learn more.


Laugh like you’ve never laughed. Cry like you’ve never cried. And find yourself being you more than you ever thought possible. The real, true, authentic, empowering, “I love myself I can’t stand it” YOU!


And I will be right there loving you up as you learn, grow, change, settle in to yourself and gain CONFIDENCE.


Let’s do this…together.


All you have to decide is which one (or both) you want to attend:


Come to my home with 7 other folks for an intimate, highly personalized experience?


Go here to get more info and watch graduates talk about their experience plus listen to the PREVIEW CALL replay.


Or join me and the Certified Fearless Living Coaches for a weekend of coming home to yourself…


Go here to find out where and when and how.


I can’t wait to love on you and have you experience my unconditional acceptance. Because you will feel it. Now, go on and love somebody (yourself maybe?)


Sending you the courage to love fearlessly,

p.s. I know it’s scary to come to a LIVE event and I encourage you to do it. This is the safest place you could be. Surrounded by support and I will be right there.
I have your back on this…you’ll be okay. Promise! :)R

The Foundation of It all

In her groundbreaking seminal work, Rhonda Britten shows you how to master the emotional fears that keep you stuck in old cycles. Fearless Living is the foundation for all of Rhonda’s work, and it gives you an overview of her philosophies on how fear can take your life captive.

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