Are You Ready to Start Over?

You CAN have a fresh start, hit the reset button and have the life change you’ve been praying for…

Based on the Emmy-Award winning show, Starting Over.

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- Marianne Williamson
New York Times Best-Selling Author And Oprah’s Spiritual Mentor
“Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.”
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Dear Friend,

I've got a hidden talent. And I want to share it with you. Keep reading to discover what it is...

Have you ever wanted to Start Over? Me too! (More than once.) And so did the women of the Starting Over house, the hit daytime reality show that aired on NBC for three seasons, Monday through Friday.

I had the privilege of being the only Life Coach for all three seasons (more than 500 episodes) and the Life Coach on the first-ever life-changing reality show in the world called "Help Me, Rhonda."

Why do I tell you this?

Because shooting two television shows on two continents allowed me to discover a hidden talent. Here it is:

I'm good, I mean really good, at creating unique visceral exercises that will alter the cells of your being, opening you up to make the changes that have previously seemed impossible.

In fact, I'm so good at it that I've created over 1600 visceral exercises to date, and they work like magic. I don't know how else to describe it. I hear a problem, a visceral exercise pops into my brain (Thank You, God!), and I assign it to my client, and voila...they change. Right. Before. My Eyes.

That's what this Starting Over course is all about.

Visceral exercises will help you shift the things that may, in the past, have felt unshiftable.

If you secretly wanted me to be your Coach inside the Starting Over house, you'll LOVE the Starting Over course.

If you love creating crafts and are open to your cells bubbling up with more passion for life, you'll LOVE the Starting Over course.

If you're dying for a change but are sick of all the "talk" about change and nothing feels like it's worked, you'll LOVE the Starting Over course.

For years I was asked by so many people to create a Starting Over course. Frankly, I didn't think it was possible. I held in-person Starting Over events in my home but online?! Would the visceral exercises have the same impact? I didn't know.

After much hemming and hawing, I gave it a shot, and the online version of Starting Over produced incredible results beyond what I thought was possible.

That's why I KNOW it will work for you.

Enroll now, and you'll receive all 10 Modules that contain a visceral exercise, and the replay of the accompanying debrief and Q&A session. (This is so much fun because you'll get a glimpse of other people's projects!) I know you'll feel like you're right there with me.

I invite you to enroll. But only if you want your cells to wake up and align to the truth of who you are.


See you inside the course,


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Join Rhonda Britten as she guides you through 10 life-changing exercises that will give you the steps you need to Start Over.

Learn by Doing

Confusion and feeling stuck are solved by Visceral. Focused. Action.

And you’ll be taking actions that will heal your heart and give you the courage to reset your life. Between throwing rocks, writing on popsicle sticks and more! And when you give your all, you’ll experience a visceral change that will shift how you see the world (and yourself) faster than any words could.

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Build your Confidence

Clarity and confidence go hand-in-hand

You don’t get confidence by wishing for it. You have to DO something. You have to RISK! But who wants to risk alone? Not me! You’ll be supported every step of the way throughout the 12 weeks and you’ll learn how to increase your confidence whenever you need a boost. Oh, and when you believe in yourself, saying yes to your heart’s desire and trusting your decisions becomes a whole lot easier.

Achieve Better Results

Do you want different results in your life?

Hit the refresh button and your results will change immediately. It’s guaranteed. When you have access to support and receive the right exercises in the right order, you will increase your positive self-awareness, decrease your shame and regret, and build a better future that you’ll be proud of! Your results will blow you away!

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About Rhonda Britten

As the Master Life Coach on the hit daytime series, “Starting Over” and founder of the Fearless Living Institute, Rhonda knows a thing or two (or a million) about how to change your life. It’s actually what she’s been trained to do while changing lives in over 600 episodes of television.

Over the past 25 years, she’s created transformational exercises that help you find love, lose weight, get over an ex, forgive, build their confidence, unleash your purpose, start a business, change your perspective, uncover your hidden secrets and anything else you can imagine.

And now, she’s gonna share her Starting Over exercises with you! And be your Coach! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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What You Get by Enrolling

Exclusive, proprietary tools and exercises for each lesson only found in the Starting Over Course created by Rhonda Britten!

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Exclusive How-To Video Tutorials

This is where the magic happens. Just like on her hit daytime reality show, Starting Over, Rhonda designed visceral exercises to get you out of your head and into your body and heart. She’ll show you how to do each weeks’ action step through her How-to Video Tutorial. Take the actions outlined with your full heart and change will happen. And, of course, if you have a question join us in the Facebook Group where our Fearless Living Community is there to love you up.

Reflection and momentum are vital for success. That’s why when you complete each module Fearbuster™ Worksheets (created by Rhonda Britten exclusively for this Course), you’ll reflect on your insights while at the same time, be given the proof you need that it’s working!!! Plus, each worksheet will hold you accountable to your dream and give you stepping stones to a better future!

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Community Support

As Rhonda always says, “No one can be fearless alone” and that goes for Starting Over too. The more engaged you are, the more results you’ll get. It’s just a fact! (See how much power you have!) Join our Facebook Group Community to get support from your fellow students and guidance from Certified Fearless Living Coaches!

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What Are Rhonda's Students Saying

karen hudson profile picture
- Karen Hudson
Certified Health & Fearless Living
Coach/Counselor Clinic Director
“I’ve lost weight [and] stopped being in unhealthy relationships…”
I used to dream of a life I never thought I could have; I am living that life now. Rhonda and Fearless Living gave me the tools, the support and the encouragement to show me how to become the person I always wanted to be. I’ve lost weight. I have stopped being in unhealthy relationships and have more healthy ones than I ever dreamed possible. Fearless Living works!”
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- Victoria Alsabery
Program Manager

“Rhonda’s simple truths continue to teach me every day. She showed me how exhausting it is to live in the past and that facing my fears is a lot less painful than living with sadness and guilt from my past mistakes.

The past no longer serves me and I try to recognize it by not being a victim and loving myself every day.”

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- Beth Lozier
Former Miss Ohio

“The most amazing thing I can say about Rhonda is that through my darkest hour, I learned how to accept love, support and to use the tools that Fearless Living provided so I could change my life for myself. That has been the greatest gift of all.
It is from this change that I have found my love for myself, my power and my light and I know now, truly know, that I am enough and deserve to be happy. I am now able to say that fear no longer runs my life, I run my life. I make decisions based on my own truth and that is the most empowering gift she has taught me.

It’s because of that empowerment that I look forward knowing that the best is yet to be.”

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- Cledra McCullers
Owner - Exceptional Lifestyles
“Thanks so much Rhonda!!! It’s like someone turned the lights on what was once a dark place…I can see now…I can see! Thanks again!”
deirdre van nest profile picture 69x69
- Deirdre Van Nest
Owner - Fire Your Fear LLC
“Rhonda is a master at taking what others tout as theory and breaking it down into actionable steps that get results and change lives! Mine included!”
kelly ford profile picture 69x69
- Kelly Ford
Radio Host

“Rhonda is an inspiration! She has given me tangible steps to seek out joy instead of being ruled by fear.

Her approach has helped me hold my hands up high in the air and enjoy the ride on the roller coaster of life. Wheeeeeee!”

mark davis profile picture 69x69
- Mark Davis
Operations Supervisor

“I love Rhonda’s approach on how we look at our self and others. I have to thank her for the tools that she gave me to live fearlessly.

Thank you Rhonda! You saved my marriage and you changed my life. You are AWESOME!”

linda silvertsen profile picture 69x69
- Linda Sivertsen

“My life has catapulted since working with you (Rhonda). Things that I used to fear barely get my attention. You have freed me to succeed. I believe you are the answer to a lifetime of prayers.”

Is Starting Over For You?

This course is for you if you…

  • Are ready to make a significant shift in your life
  • Are open to getting support
  • Are willing to do what’s necessary to change your life
  • Are sick of being sick of it
  • Want to scream if you stay the same one more minute
  • Have tried other ways to help yourself but they haven’t been quite successful
  • Want more out of life but aren’t sure how to get it
  • Crafting your way to freedom sounds fun!
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course is not for you image v2

This course is not for you if you…

  • Are prone to get defensive and reactive
  • Feel punished by the world
  • Are waiting to be saved
  • Wish your life was different but haven’t done anything about it
  • Regularly get annoyed with others and it’s their fault
  • Feel bitter about your lot in life
  • Hate to craft or have fun
  • Wish your life was different but aren’t up to changing!
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Choose the Best Option for You!

Starting Over Course Only

Total value: $1,997

Includes access to:

  • Replays of 10 Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions led by Rhonda herself
  • 10 How-to Video Tutorials of each weeks’ exercise delivered to your inbox
  • 10 Downloadable Fearbuster Exercise™ Worksheets
  • Video and Audio Replays of everything
  • Exclusive, proprietary tools and exercises for each lesson
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Community
(Cancel anytime)
Fearless You

Total value: $13,008

Includes access to:

  • The entire Starting Over Course
  • Access to the exclusive Fearless You Community
  • Access ALL 12 of Rhonda’s premium online courses, including Fearless Living Training Program, How to Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life in 30 Days, and more. ($6,504 value)
  • Access to Quick-win Masterclasses ($1,188 value)
  • New LIVE trainings each month with Rhonda to help you live fearlessly ($1,000 value)
  • Monthly Q&A Calls with Rhonda ($1,000 value)
  • Monthly "Get-It-Done" Sessions with a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach ($200 value)
  • Monthly "Reflection" Sessions with Certified Fearless Living Life Coach ($400)
  • Fearless Living Toolkit — exercises Rhonda gives to her VIP clients to help you master fear ($997 value)
  • Love Notes from Rhonda — daily inspirational messages ($1111)
  • Access to The Vault (priceless)
  • Access to Rhonda's books, perks and more!
  • Exclusive discounts on Live Events
  • Priority invites for Laser Coaching with Rhonda
  • Priority invites to private events at Rhonda’s house
Upgrade to Fearless You 
to save money while getting even more
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What Are Rhonda's Students Saying

andy profile picture
- Andy Paige
Inventor Girly Go Garter and
Author, Style on a Shoestring
“Revolutionized every aspect of my life”

“The passionate experienced wisdom in the Fearless Living Training Program revolutionized every aspect of my life. Fearless Living cracked my code of people resistance and offered me a path to connection and loving, nourishing relationships that I follow every day.

I no longer isolate and I now have the skills to make friends, keep friends, and work through the bad times of any relationship. To see the world through a fearless lens is a gift I wish for every human being.”

kim waines profile picture 69x69
- Kim Waines

“I have achieved much success, faced life-threatening situations, and survived terrible loss in my life. I am called strong and courageous by many people — however, all my life I have lived in a constant state of fear. FFW has given me specific tools and skills to now realize what fuels this fear as well as how to manage it— so I can live the life I am truly meant to live. Every human on the planet should take this workshop!”

- Cynthia Seely
Life Coach

“The Fearless Foundation Workshop was life-changing for me. I came back and looked at my husband and 17-year-old daughter with so much more compassion. I feel as though I actually see them differently and so I am behaving differently and they’re responding so positively. Mostly I see myself differently. I see the possibilities.

I have always said I would do what I want as soon as I figured out what it is. Well, the truth is, I have always known what I want to do… because I do it all the time, and whether I get paid for it in the future or not, I will always be doing it. I have just been afraid of not being good enough, but that has changed now. I realize now that I don’t have to be perfect. That I don’t have to force anything. I can just move forward in my life and just do the things today that I am committed to and all of this other stuff will work itself out. It’s like, gee, you mean I can stop agonizing and start living? I can actually have peace with myself? What a concept!


“Insight that I received? I now understand better why I get stuck. The big piece is Step 2, Brain Power, and learning that my feelings are running the show. I feel hopeful.

Thank you!”

larissa jaye profile picture
- Larissa Jaye
Singer-Songwriter, Creative Artist

“The Fearless Living Training is wisdom to build your life on! Rhonda’s training has played a crucial role in my triumph over challenges that have involved everything from body image to grief to relocating, to the completion and release of my first album! If you’re finally ready to live big and turn up the brightness of your own light, this training will fundamentally impact every area of your life in wonderful and powerful ways.”

- Dawn Denise Jayne

“Rhonda, for the first time ever in my life, I feel like I can live. I feel like I can breathe and experience the breath in my body in oneness and wholeness. Is my system totally shocked by all of the information I received this weekend? Absolutely! Did I get to see and experience myself? Yikes, yes I did. Today I woke up with clarity and fire. I had no desire to hurry up and do and tell because now I have the answer. Instead I enjoyed the freedom in taking my time with choice.”

carey delaney profile picture 69x69
- Carey Delaney

“I’ve read Rhonda’s book twice before and never ever, ever would have imagined that I would have walked away from this weekend with so much insight as to just how much control fear plays in my life. One of the most valuable lessons I learned is just how important and rewarding of an experience it can be to lean on others for support. Having 130+ women and men all in one room supporting each other through this process really shows off Rhonda Britten’s brilliance.”

- Miranda-Kalomira Zannos

“The Fearless Foundations Workshop is a self-awareness bootcamp! I must say it was humbling and painful, and I found it very hard (like I thought it would be for me personally) and a bit embarrassing, but of course, it was all very effective! Actually, days later I’m still reeling from the shock and I am telling all my friends about how brilliant you are, Rhonda.”

- Lindsay Boyack

“Fearless Living has changed my life! The Fearless Foundations Workshop was awesome! I now have words, feelings, and reasons to describe what I have been going through.Rhonda is brilliant and has saved my life! There is nothing I could ever say to thank her as much as she deserves. She deserves a medal for all she does, she is changing the world, one fearless, compassionate person at a time. Thank you, Rhonda and team!!!”

Video Bites of the Start Over Course

Check it out for Yourself.

It’s Your Chance to Start Over

enroll now
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Course Work?
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On Starting Over, the most dramatic changes to a woman’s life came when a visceral exercise was committed to fully while being supported by their Coach. The same goes for you.

It’s hard to do this stuff alone.

That’s why you’ll receive a how-to video giving detail instructions on that weeks’ visceral FEARBUSTING Exercise as well as a companion Fearbuster™ worksheet.

Next, you’ll be supported and loved up when you watch Rhonda as she coached a group of students during the Group Coaching Session. This is where you’re ah-ha’s turn into solid change.

Exclusive How-to Videos and companion Fearbuster™ Worksheets plus, Replays of Group Coaching with Rhonda and access to our community will give you the results you’re looking for.
I Know I Should Take This Course But I'm Scared...
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As you should be. You want to make a change right? You want to hit the restart button. You want a second chance at life YOUR WAY!

I’m assuming you’ve tried to figure this out on your way but haven’t been successful, right? But you still want to solve it, correct?

Then it’s time to try a new way, a way that’s proven and that works.

Why not work with someone who will hold your hand every step of the way?

You can do this and I will be with you ever step of the way. Not only are you going to shift your life, you’re going to shift how you see yourself!

Probably the most important shift of all!
Will I Have To Do Stupid Things?
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Well, I can absolutely assure you that they will not be stupid exercises. And I can assure you that if you’re open and willing they will change your life. But could you FEEL stupid doing them? Maybe. That’s determined by your mindset. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about that as we go.
You Keep Mentioning Visceral Exercises, What Do You Mean?
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A visceral exercise is one where your whole being is part of it. Not just your head. In fact, no thinking is allowed. You’re just gonna DO.

You will bring your head (and heart) into it when using the companion Fearbuster Worksheet and, of course, diving deeper in our Group Coaching Sessions led by Rhonda.

Why Visceral Exercises?
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Think about it. Has thinking about your problems over and over again giving you the results you want? I rest my case. 🙂

What Is Your Refund Policy?
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You may request a refund anytime during the first seven days. All you have to do is email [email protected] before the 7th day receive a full refund.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, you can email us anytime!

You’ll find our Customer Happiness Team ready and waiting to support you. You can ask them anything.