When do we know we are ready to change? Is it when the pain gets bad enough or when we get sick of being sick of it or what? Many people come to me professing a desire to change yet they aren't ready to do the work necessary to actually make the change.

They want to read a book and have the change happen.
They want an insight and believe the insight is the change.
They want the outside world to alter than they don't have to change at all.

One must be ready to change at a moment's notice if one is going to fully embrace the life that has been given to them. In order to do that, one must be flexible, open, aware, available, curious, detached, engaged and proactive. How many of us rate a 10 on that scale for all of those qualities?

I say this because right now the world is in flux. (That is good news by the way.) If we are going to make the world better we must be willing to change. Change our mind. Change our ways. Change our attitude.

We must be willing to give up rigidity and close-mindedness and instead, embrace inclusivity and spaciousness.

Lately, I've been talking about moving slow in order to go fast. I do believe wholeheartedly that slow is the new fast. When you move slow, you catch your life. You catch your breath. You catch the moments.

There is nothing better to me than being in the moment and if you are living there, again, you must be ready to change.

The question is: Are you really ready to change? Change your way of thinking, moving, living?

I don't ask this lightly. I ask it with a sincere desire to extend compassion and a deep knowing that each of us, every single one of us, can and does have the power to change our life. And it all starts with a decision.

A tiny, small, seemingly insignificant decision. It could be as simple as saying hi to someone you see around the office who you've previously ignored or waving at the car who's berating you or offering a smile to the counter help while grabbing your next cup of coffee. It is that simple.

And that simple act will start a revolution. A revolution inside your heart because it will not want to be constrained anymore. It will want to blossom and be true. It wants to be more of you, not less.

Today I ask you what change, if any, do you want to make in your life? What is the one change that could have the most impact? What would happen if you became more patient? Starting painting again? Read to your children regardless of your busy schedule? Opened the curtains every morning to let the sun in? What could happen?

I know the answer to that. The answer is you would fall in love with your life, your beingness and you would be the one living each moment as your heart desires. How amazing. What a miracle. And it all starts with a simple decision.

Say yes to yourself today. No one else. Just you. Say yes.

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