National Thrift Shop Day!

Date Published: Aug 17, 2014


Oh I love nothing better than a good bargain! Growing up in the midwest, I was raised on Saturday morning garage sales and stops at the local Thrift Stores. Nothing better than the hunt of finding a great dress - but it’s too big and some buttons are missing - that I can sew up into a dress that fits me just fine.

My mother made all our clothes and I was pushing the pedal on the sewing machine by the time I was 9 years old. How else was I going to make my Barbie’s look fabulous? A few mismatched tiles found in the clearance bin became the floor of Barbie’s house. A plastic telephone key chain became Barbie’s home phone. Old scraps of fabric that folks would practically be giving away turned into tents and blouses and even, blankets for Barbie, Ken, Skipper and me too!

Today is National Thrift Shop Day so you know I gotta show you my favorite find:

I scored this baby when I was in Upper Michigan last year for FinnFest. Yep. FinnFest. Who knew right?

Wicker Purse two dollars

Finnish folk from all over the world gather to celebrate all things Finnish. The event was being hosted in my little tiny town so the hotels were sold out and every restaurant was packed. I knew I had to get to the Thrift Stores before the tourists got there.

The minute I hit town, I scrambled to borrow my Uncle Dave’s car and traipse up to the hill where three thrift stores stand right in a row. One. Two. Three. BOOM! Hit them all.

Look at this baby I found for TWO DOLLARS! I used it all last summer and this summer too! A two buck purse that I have used a minimum of of a hundred times! Now, that’s good value! Go get a treat today at your local thrift store. You’ll never know what you find.


xoxo Rhonda

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