My Mother made this 40 years ago…

My Mother Made This 40 Years Ago - Rhonda Britten

It’s December 23rd and over here in Virginia we are ramping up for Christmas.

Ahh….Christmas. The whole roaring fire thing. Putting my cup of tea on a poinsettia coaster (you know the ones my own mother made!) Lights on the Christmas tree with a gazillion presents underneath for the little ones. Oh I love all of it.

And yes, you heard me correctly.

My mother made the coaster you see in the middle photo. She cut the pattern and sewed it forty years ago and every Christmas I can touch it and use it and feel the stitches she made as she created every single flower petal.

It may be a little worse for the wear – the gold sparkles are falling off – but that is nothing in comparison with the goodness and happiness I feel every time I rub the velvet with my finger tips.

You see, my mother loved Christmas. Every single thing in our home was decorated. From the toilet top to the coffee table to the wall full of Christmas artwork.

My mother was the only mother I knew that would gingerly place all of the art work that we had made up on the dining room wall. And it was a big wall. From my first macaroni Christmas tree spray painted gold when I was in third grade to the angel my sister Cindy made from a scrap of wallpaper.

It was a beautiful tradition and one my sister Cindy has kept up.

Holidays always meant church choir Sunday, the candle light Christmas Eve Service and game playing on Christmas Day. And, of course, that one special Christmas present under the tree.

My mother always made it a point to gift each of us the one thing we had been begging for. Well, except for the one time I felt completely betrayed by her. But, I don’t want to get sidetracked. Let me tell you that story tomorrow…

Bottom line:
Even in the midst of all the tension and walking on egg shells, my mother still managed to stay focused on her intention: have a happy Christmas Day. No matter what.

With Christmas Eve just one day away, I want to ask you: What’s your intention?

How do you want to move through the holidays?

What do you want to practice?

It could be your intention is to “be lighthearted.” Perhaps it is that “you will be open to give and receive.” Or maybe it is that you will “be kind regardless of how others treat you.” Any of those could be your intention this holiday season.

When you live from intention, you immediately have a focus. When you have focus, you are able to stay centered regardless of the mess going on around you.

That’s right. You can stay centered. When you are clear on what your intention is, you don’t have to get caught up in this year’s family squabble or who didn’t buy what for whom and you don’t have to feel less than divine on the holiest of days.

So what is your intention? Will you “celebrate this Christmas with gratitude no matter what happens?” Will you “say ‘yes’ to the love that you do receive no matter who gives it?” Will you “rejoice in just being alive?”

Fearless Tip:  I’ve made it a preface my intention with the words “I am willing to practice…”

Those five words help me remember that this is something I must actively decide to do.

Intention: This holiday season, I am willing to practice…..

This holiday season we have a wonderful opportunity to give from a deeper place than ever before.

This is the time to say “yes” to life, “yes” to the holidays and “yes” to the love the surrounds the season. You can stay focused on love. It is within your power. It is your choice.

Choose your intention from your heart.

How would you be forced to stretch if you decided to choose love this holiday season?

Post in the comments below and tell me what your intention is this holiday season. I want to hear how you’re doing with it.

Anywoo, I better get going and start wrapping presents. And I won’t forget that I promised to tell you about my mother’s devastating choice tomorrow.
Until then…be Fearless this Holiday Season.

Sending you fearless love,

p.s. Be sure to post in the COMMENTS below and tell me your Holiday Intention. What are you going to focus on over the next few days? I can’t wait to hear from you…
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