For Coaches who want to increase their confidence, influence, and impact:

Master the "Art of Coaching" with Rhonda Britten's
Master Coach Mindset Manual

Proven over 28+ years with thousands of coaches, therapists, and managers. This manual gives you the mindset of a Master Coach, so you can:

  • Skyrocket your confidence as a coach (and know you can help anyone)
  • Help clients have life-changing “ah-ha” moments (and take action to change their life)
  • Deeply embody the 8 Coaching Skills so you can work with any client, anytime
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Yes! I want the Master Coach Mindset Manual

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Imagine having the mindset of a Master Coach.

You have the confidence to coach anybody.

You have the skills to guide anyone through virtually any problem.

And you end up with a roster full of clients who love working with you. So you have a thriving business helping others become the best version of themselves.

It takes many coaches decades to get the skills and confidence of a Master Coach.

Yet you can embody what it takes to be a Master Coach in a few short weeks using the Master Coach Mindset Manual.

By the way, this is for you if you have a burning desire to be the Best Coach You Can Be with your clients, kids, or coworkers!

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Introducing Rhonda Britten's
Master Coach Mindset Manual

Gain the confidence and skills of a Master Coach
-- even if you’ve never coached anyone before

The Master Coach Mindset Manual is a full-on coaching program in itself.

Inside the The Master Coach Mindset Manual, you’ll gain access to:

  • Our 8 Proprietary Coaching Skills ––Feel fluid in your coaching sessions as well as in your daily conversations
  • 39 Worksheets ––Proactively practice what it means to be a Master Coach
  • 200+ Questions ––Integrate the experience and knowledge to ask the questions that matter
  • Companion Audios ––Listen to the lesson while you dive into the Manual

    The Master Coach Mindset Manual lets you go beyond passively absorbing the material in the podcast. Instead, you start to embody the lessons.

    You’ll gain the skills to coach yourself. So you can overcome your biggest struggles while stepping into the best version of yourself.

    Then, you can turn around and coach others. And help them become the best, most powerful version of themselves.

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Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Discover:

From Season 1: The 13 Qualities of a Master Coach

  • How to Heal and Awaken Yourself (as well as your client)
  • How to Feel Confident on every Coaching Call by “redefining success” (no more worrying your clients won’t get results)
  • How to Handle Coaching Mistakes (oops!) (and use them to make your sessions more powerful and impactful)
  • The Fastest Way to Build Confidence -- Rapidly build confidence in yourself and your clients using the art of acknowledgment
  • How to listen “beyond the words” and get to the Heart of your Client’s Problems Fast

From Season 2: The 8 Coaching Skills You Can't Get Anywhere Else

  • How to Connect Deeply with your Client so they open up and see you as the only coach that “gets” them
  • How to help your client Unlock their Inner Wisdom and find answers to their biggest struggles
  • How to help your clients Break Free from the Past and build a life they love
  • How to help your clients beat procrastination, stop making excuses, and Take Action to transform their life
  • How to help your clients Uncover their Passions and Purpose in Life

From Season 3: The Making of a Master Coach

  • How to show up as Your Best on every Coaching Call
  • How to Book more Clients without sounding salesy
  • How to Handle New Clients who are resistant to coaching
  • The 5 common mistakes almost every coach makes -- and how to avoid them
  • How to ensure clients get the most out of yours sessions and you get paid what YOU decide works for YOU! You're in charge of your abundance.
Plus a TON more..
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Who is this For?

This is for you if:

  • You are curious about becoming a Life Coach and want to “dip your toe in the water” to see if it’s for you
  • You are already a Coach and want to up level your skills and confidence
  • You are a manager, executive, business owner, or other professional and you want to be a great leader
  • You want better relationships with your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues, and family

Who is this Not for:

This is not for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to be positive and support others
  • You're looking for an "easy" button and don't want to leave your comfort zone
  • You have no interest in developing yourself and growing as a person
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Grab Your Manual Today

I love nothing more than coaching Coaches!

Our Life Coaching Certification Program is 9 months long and costs thousands of dollars...

Everyone doesn't have the time or the funds. I wanted to help coaches who can’t commit to such a rigorous training right now.

That’s why I created the Master Coach Mindset Manual.

When you grab Master Coach Mindset Manual, I will be in your ear lesson after lesson guiding you...

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You can save 99% compared to what you would invest in our Life Coach Certification Program.
Save big when you grab our:

Master Coach Mindset Manual

for just

$ 297

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About Rhonda Britten

Hi, I’m Rhonda Britten, Emmy Winning Life Coach, and multiple bestselling author.

I’ve been a Master Life Coach for 28+ years and have been featured on 600+ episodes of reality TV, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Starting Over, and Oprah.

I’ve coached tens of thousands of clients, including Olympians, top CEOs, moms, and bus drivers. And I’ve taught thousands of coaches, therapists, managers the art of coaching.

Now, I want to help you develop the confidence, skills, and mindset of a Master Coach.

The Master Coach Mindset Manual is a peek into how I think and coach. These are the same skills and tools I use in my private coaching sessions.

They can catapult you from an insecure “newbie” to a confident coach who can help anybody fast.

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Here’s What Coaches I’ve Trained Have To Say:

“It helped me realize I can be a good coach”
Amy Mead
Certified Fearless Living Coach
korina elliot profile picture
- Korina Elliot
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“I’m walking away feeling I can be a successful, confident coach”

“I am walking away feeling that I can be a successful confident coach. I now have the tools to reach out to others and help them see their greatness, help them see their potential.

The tools that you will get here will help you in so many ways. They will help me in my relationships with my family, in my work situation, with my fellow Coaches, and with people in general.”

bex burton profile picture
- Bex Burton
Bex Burton Coaching

“The solutions come from inside them…”

“The information presented in the Fearless Conversations Workshop is not only giving me that framework for my own coaching sessions, but is also giving me ways of being to show up for my clients. So the solutions that they source from within really are grounded in coming from a place that is repeatable and not just like a whim or a great idea, but it's really coming from a deep place inside of them.”

I thought I knew how to coach, and now I know, because of Fearless Conversations, I had NO IDEA how to coach.

Communication And Mindset Coach
Communication And Mindset Coach

“Everything I learned I can apply to my coaching practice, to work, to conversations with my partner, families, and friends… I [learned] a new way to communicate.”

Monica Cortes
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“These are the 8 steps to deep meaningful conversation both in coaching and in real relationships”

Sylvia McIntosh

“I couldn’t more highly recommend it for coaches who want to deepen their practice and connect more fully with their clients.”

Besty Rosenfeld
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“I know that I’ll have a positive financial impact from what I’ve learned and gained this weekend because my skills have changed. I know my income will go up.”

Julie Jackie

“If you ever coached for another program, I can tell you from direct experience that coming here will up-level your game, no question.”

Jessica Shaanan
Martha headshot
- Martha Pasternak
Life Coaching Certification Program graduate

“I earn more as a coach than I did as a nurse…”

“In two years as a coach I earned more than I did as a nurse practitioner… and it’s so much more relaxing than nursing. I can meet someone, be who I am, love who they are, and if there’s anything I can do to support them I’m ready for it.”

sarah profile picture
- Sarah Manly

“Rhonda blew my mind every day”

“I loved practicing coaching with other people and getting feedback. It was a really comfortable supportive atmosphere and who doesn't need that? It makes you feel good to be surrounded by support, and you're learning so much, and Rhonda blew my mind every day.

I have so much more freedom and feel more grace. This workshop really struck me hard. Absolutely you will not walk away disappointed. It's impossible!”

bisi mcgregor profile picture
- Bisi McGregor
Life Coaching Certification Program graduate

“I hit my first 5-figure month as a coach… it was incredible”

laurie marie profile picture
- Laurie Marie
Life Coaching Certification Program graduate

“It’s made me a better human”

“It's made me a better human, a better coach, a better partner, a better daughter… it's affected my entire life. Not just from a like coach standpoint, which is great, but the fact it affects all areas of my life is even better.

kristin brenkus profile picture
- Kristin Brenkus
Owner, Real Estate Coach

“I can confidently say I’ll fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice”

“The difference between Fearless Conversations and the previous coaching program I graduated from was I realized very quickly how little I actually learned from that program and how much Fearless Conversations is needed.

To be able to immerse in it and be able to practice the eight coaching skills with other people was helpful beyond words. It was night and day to what I’d experienced before.

I can’t put a price tag on what Fearless Conversations is worth because I know how much it will impact my personal relationships, my family, my friends and absolutely, it will impact my clients.

And going forward, I can confidently say I will fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice. That’s exciting.”

Vicki Garcia
- vicki garcia
Life Coaching Certification Program graduate

“I’m helping people become who they were meant to be”

[My clients and I] have a deep, meaningful relationship… I am helping people every day become more of who they're meant to be. And at the same time, I'm becoming more of who I'm meant to be because of them. So it's just this amazing win-win situation.

garo yessayan profile picture
- Garo Yessayan
Life Coaching Certification Program graduate

“I’m the best coach I can be”

“I'm the best life coach I can be right now. I could say that with confidence for sure... This feels like what I'm meant to do, and it's exciting.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use the Manual?
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Great question. Research says that listening and reading - at the same time - is the best way to embody the material you’re focused on. This theory is what’s behind the Master Coach Mindset Manual.

Your first step is to download the Manual.
Next, turn to the page of the first episode.
Now, see the button on the top right-hand corner.
When you begin to do your work inside the Manual, click that button, and you’ll hear the content that goes along with the page you’re on.

Listen and answer the questions. That’s how you’ll embody the work.
How will it help me be a better Coach?
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The key to being a Master Coach is the foundational coaching skills that no one teaches - and I mean, no one - except us. The knowledge, and the practice, of these skills will catapult your confidence in your ability to connect and coach.

But that’s not all we cover.

You’ll also have an entire series dedicated to the 13 Secrets of a Master Coach and another set of episodes devoted to The Making of a Coach.
When will I be able to charge for Coaching Sessions?
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That’s up to you. Students take on their first Client inside the Life Coach Certification Program, usually around the 1-month mark. Check your confidence to determine when the best time is for you to schedule a session with your first Client.
Will I get certified upon completion of the Manual?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open

When you are a student in the Life Coach Certification Program, you are quizzed and tested throughout the program as well as receive coaching session supervision. Because of our rigorous program, students who pass and graduate receive the distinction of being a Certified Fearless Living Coach.

Because this is a self-study, there is no testing or supervision. Therefore, there is no certification.

Does the Manual contain business advice?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open
Inside the Manual, episodes include The Making of a Coach, How to Coach while Triggered, First Time Client, The Coaching Contract, and others that address the mindset of becoming a professional Coach and tips on how to be successful.

There is no marketing, funnels, or sales training.
What if I don’t end up using it?
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That will be a shame because, with just a little effort, you’ll be a better coach in no time.

Are there refunds available?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open

There are no refunds available due to the nature of delivery.

Upon completion of the Manual, would I be a good candidate for the Life Coach Certification Program?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open

Absolutely. In fact, you’ll be ahead of the game, which means, your confidence will rise faster, your results will come quicker, and your business will accelerate with more ease!

Do you have scholarships available?
accordion faqs closeaccordion faqs open

From time to time, we have scholarships available for certain events, workshops, or programs. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Want to Become a Better Coach?

It's time to do more than listen. It's time to embody the work.
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Master Coach Mindset Manual

Download the Complete Manual - Only $297
Start today with our "Advanced" Self-Study Coach Training and master the "Art of Coaching" to be a more successful Coach by tomorrow!
Yes! I want the Master Coach Mindset Manual